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Hippy landings
A video of a heron surfing across a lake on the back of a hippopotamus is proving a viral hit online.
More than a quarter of a million people have watched the clip, which was filmed in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.
The heron appears to be somehow skimming across the surface of the lake under its own propulsion at first. But it soon becomes clear that the bird has a hidden helper as the hippopotamus rears its head from the water.

Years add-ers up
Fossilised remains of four ancient snakes have been dated between 140 and 167 million years old – nearly 70 million years older than the previous record of ancient snake fossils.
Led by scientists at the University of Alberta, the findings were published in the journal Nature Communications.
The four snakes were found in two locations in the UK, Kirtlington Quarry in Oxfordshire and Swanage, Colorado in the US and Leiria, in Portugal.

Snap, crackle ‘n’ eyes poppin’
It was a surreal start to the day for a bleary-eyed night shift worker who got a lot more than he bargained for with his morning cereal.
Jarred Smith, 22, woke up at about 3pm and headed into the kitchen at his home in Davidson in Sydney’s northern beaches.
He took some food from the fridge and walked over to the kitchen counter when he saw something scaly sticking out of a Corn Flakes box.
According to a report in the Daily Mail Australia, Jarred said he stared at the box for about 15 seconds before he realised it contained a snake.
Jarred called the NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service (WIRES) and explained to the lady on the other end of the phone where the slithery reptile was hiding.
The snake handler turned up minutes later and was surprised to see the size of the diamond python, which was about two metres long.
Diamond pythons are known for being timid and the snake handler told Jarred that the species was harmless and only attacks when aggravated.
Although Jarred had never seen a snake before, he was impressed with how attractive the reptile was.
“He’s a good looking snake so if he comes back it’s fine – I just didn’t expect to find it in my
cereal,” he told the Mail.

Facebook Lorry driver hailed a hero after saving kitten on motorway


CoCoMutts - virgin coconut oil for dogs - FREE next day delivery for trade customers
Gablestock - superior wild bird food
Kent Pet Care - microfibre towels for dogs
LiveStock World - suppliers of unusual birds, small mammals and reptiles
Oasis London - wholesaler to the aquatic trade
Peter Golding - national aquatic wholesaler and distributor
PolyBag - high quality polythene and paper carrier bags - £80 discount on a 3,000 bag order
Worldwide Tropicals - suppliers of acclimatised fish to the aquatic trade
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Do you have a winning business? Entries have now opened for the 2015 Pet Industry Awards, organised by the Pet Industry Federation. Entry is free by clicking on the link below.

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Gelert Giveaway

Two lucky retailers each stand to win a Gelert Country Choice product bundle worth £250.

Gelert Giveaway

World Feeds takes over New Era Aquaculture

New Era Aquaculture has been bought out of administration by a newly formed business following investment from Finance Yorkshire, which will ‘facilitate a major expansion plan for the re-born operation’.

Mighty Mutts launched for aggressive chewers

Pet Love is introducing a new chew-proof dog toy range, Mighty Mutts.

Pet trade body jointly runs grooming school

The Pet Industry Federation and Hadlow College have formed a partnership to manage a dog grooming school offering City & Guilds qualifications for groomers.

Stressed vets!

Vets are generally positive about the future of the UK veterinary profession, with 59% saying they are very or fairly optimistic in a new survey of more than 600 veterinary surgeons and students.

Pooch & Mutt features on Microsoft video

Pooch & Mutt has been chosen by Microsoft to highlight the advantages of successful, small business in the UK.

easi promotion for Claire Hayward

Equine and poultry bedding specialist Claire Hayward has been promoted to a new role as product sales manager for the easi range of bedding products.

Shark dies in traffic accident

A shark has died in a traffic accident in Florida.

Staffies top list of breeds that go missing

Staffordshire bull terriers are more likely to go missing than any other breed of dog, reveals Petlog, the UK’s largest lost and found pet database.

Natures Menu grows pet food pouches range

Natures Menu has introduced a new range of complete and balanced high meat content cat and dog food pouches.

Pets living the high life

Passengers who fly on private jets increasingly bring their pets along for the rid

CCTV puts smile on Grumpy’s face

A CCTV camera put in place to combat drug-taking and other anti-social behaviour outside a pet shop in Cambridge has been hailed a success.

Groomers joins fight against fleas

Groomers has launched the RidASect range, designed to combat every aspect of an insect invasion. It includes: Laundry Wash for any fabric, including bedding and clothing; Insecticide Powder for virtually any indoor or outdoor surface; Flea Repellent Soft Spray; Flea Eliminator Powder and Flea Repellent Mousse.

Paragon PE invests in a automated filling line

Paragon PE has invested heavily in a fully automated filling line at its Cheshire site to keep up with demands for its pet products – both its own in house brands and those of some of the largest pet retailers in the UK, Europe and Dubai.

Fire destroys roof of pet shop

A fire has destroyed the roof of a pet shop in Beccles, Suffolk.

HOWND launches jumbo-sized dog wipes

Natural pet care brand HOWND has launched a range of emergency dog wipes.

Living Wage rate will lead to fewer jobs, says bira

Small shops will have to cut jobs or hours, or both, as a result of the new National Living Wage announced in the latest Budget, according to a survey of retailers.

Dapper launches ‘indestructible’ ball cover

Dapper Pet Products has become the UK distributor for the Loopies range of pet toys.

Digital water test analyses water conditions

Tetra has launched a free Tetra Digital Water Test app, which analyses water conditions and recommends solutions to hobbyists.

Gurkhas to the rescue!

Pet Professionals, trading as Dog Rocks, says it is proud to be supporting local Gurkha communities.

Investigation launched into cat litter mill tragedy

A joint investigation is under way between police and fire services and the Health & Safety Executive to establish the cause of two explosions and a fire that ripped through a Cheshire wood mill just after 9am on Friday.

Muesli gets a makeover

As part of a move towards ‘advanced nutrition’ in the small pets sector, Supreme Petfoods has phased out cold-pressed pellets in its Tiny Friends Farm rabbit mix – where selective feeding is more of a concern – and has also significantly reduced pellets in its Charlie Chinchilla and Gerty Guinea Pig products.

Authorities battle in vain against fish ritual

Thousands of fish have been stunned and killed in an ancient ritual in northern India, in which up to 10,000 villagers sprinkled a bleaching powder into the Aglaar river before catching the fish, which were then cooked.

Tetra introduces new way to feed fish

Tetra has launched Tetra FunTips, which offers an interactive way of feeding fish.

Overfishing threatens 90 European marine species

More than 90 species of marine fishes in Europe’s waters are threatened with extinction, according to a report published by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

FishScience launches Malawi cichlid flake food

FishScience has launched a flake food formulated specifically for Malawi cichlids. 

Scientists find coldwater corals off Ireland

An international team of scientists has discovered a new coldwater coral habitat in Irish waters.

Evolution Aqua takes on new range of Koi food

Evolution Aqua is now distributing the Japanese-manufactured Koi food range from the FD Food Company.

Scientists find more than 100 new marine species

Scientists are celebrating the discovery of more than 100 marine species in the Philippines. Among the new species are sea slugs, barnacles and heart urchins, all which will be studied in the coming months.

London Zoo celebrates birth of endangered fish

London Zoo is celebrating bumper broods of two endangered freshwater species.

Boxfish proves to be a prickly customer

A spiny boxfish, which was donated to Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium, is living up to its name and proving to be a prickly customer for aquarists.

Prisoner given aquarium ‘to pacify him’

A violent prisoner in an Irish prison has been given an aquarium on his landing to help pacify him, it has been claimed.

PFMA launches group to look at fish food

The Pet Food Manufacturers Association has launched a Fish Group dedicated to issues surrounding the manufacture of fish food.

It’s raining eels!

Alaska’s Department of Fish and Game has received a number of calls saying Arctic lampreys are dropping from the sky. One foot-long eel was found in the car park of a store far inland, reports the Tech Times.

Large number of new exhibitors flock to AQUA 2015

AQUA 2015, the UK’s premier water gardening and aquatics trade event, will welcome a number of new exhibitors to its October exhibition.

Singer Miley Cyrus pens tribute song to pet fish

Performer Miley Cyrus has penned a song in memory of her pet fish, Pablow the blowfish, which died. She’s even had its likeness tattooed onto her arm.

Animal rights members free lobsters from restaurant

Members from three animal rights organisations entered a busy Chinese restaurant in Dublin, took nine lobsters from a tank in the window, and released them into the sea.

A LEGO chance to become a deep sea explorer

Sea Life Great Yarmouth is hosting a special treat this summer… a chance to explore the secrets of the ocean and become a LEGO City Deep Sea Explorer.

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