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I bet he drinks Carling Black Label
A junior doctor, who was attacked by a shark in New Zealand, sewed up his wounds with a first aid kit before going to the pub for a beer.
James Grant, 24, had just entered the water at Garden Bay in Invercargill, when the shark clasped its jaws around his leg, according ot a report in the Southland Times.
The fisherman grabbed his diving knife and tried to fight off what he believes was a broadnosed seven-gill shark.
“I sort of just fought the shark off. The shark got a few stabs. The knife wasn’t long enough though,” James told the newspaper.
Following the incident, the young doctor was joined by his shocked friends who thought he was just messing around. When they realised the severity of what had happened they took him to the pub for a beer before going on to hospital to have his wounds checked.

Der farter land!
A build-up of methane gas from a herd of flatulent cows has caused an explosion on a farm.
The blast, caused by a concentration of gas emitted by 90 cows, damaged the roof of their cow shed and one cow had to be treated for burns.
High levels of the gas had built up in the structure in the central German town of Rasdorf, according to the Mirror. Then ‘a static electric charge caused the gas to explode with flashes of flames’, police said in a statement.
Methane emitted by cows worldwide is believed to contribute to global warming. Just one cow giving off enough methane gas in a day to fill 400 litre bottles.

Lobster plot
A man with a phobia for lobsters was the victim of a cruel prank which saw him tied up in a bath with some of the crustaceans.
The American was told he would be taking part in a video for new comedy website They tied him up and then got him to read out a fake skit. But while practising his lines, one of the prankster’s dads walked into the room with a tray full of lobsters.
A video of his horrified reaction has been uploaded to YouTube and is quickly going viral.

116-year-old tortoise has lived through six different monarchs
Dog refuses to leave spot where owner died despite 100F heat
Project Piaba, buy a fish save a tree
Competition crowns German Shepherds Britain’s naughtiest pet
Has your pet got dementia?
Goldfish brain slur is myth as scientists discover they have long-term memory

The UK’s first ever park for dogs
The dognap that earned owner a small fortune
Frisbee is a ‘health and safety’ risk for dogs, Kennel Club claims

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The cat treat market is the fastest growing sector in the UK pet food and treat market and this month Wagg Foods is giving Pet Business World readers the chance to take advantage of this fantastic growth by winning stock bundles of its new ranges of cat treats.

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Clean up with free stock from Sharples n Grant!

Sharples n Grant has developed an innovative new range of health and & hygiene products under the clean n tidy brand.

Sharples n Grant Giveaway

Win a vivarium from Crocodile Joe’s Wild World

To celebrate World Snake Day on July 16, Crocodile Joe’s Wild World is giving away three vivariums and a selection of accessories worth a total of £500 from its latest reptile pet care range.

Crocodile Joes

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Veterinary shampoo range updates its look

Florida-based SynergyLabs has given its Veterinary Formula Clinical Care medicated pet products a new look.

Water works cause desert conditions on high street

Shop owners in a Welsh town are calling out for residents to ‘spend local’ after roadworks have seen their trade fall.

Owners open second store within a year of first

Jurassic Bark , which opened its first shop in Downham Market, Norfolk, in July last year, has opened a second store in Littleport, Cambridgeshire.

JBL brings out CO2 injector

JBL has launched the JBL ProFlora m001 duo pressure reducer, for hobbyists who want to inject CO2 into two tanks.

Manchester pet show appoints marketing partner

The Family Pet Show has appointed North West broadcast, media production and strategic marketing company Redolution to support the event’s second year at Event City, Manchester with a brief to help deliver 15,000 visitors.

Management buys out Ceva Santé Animale

French private investment company Ardian has provided €255 million in financing to back the management buyout of global veterinary health firm Ceva Santé Animale in June.

Pet fostering scheme reaches 10-year milestone

Cats Protection is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the start of its successful partnership with the Dogs Trust Freedom Project – a pet fostering scheme providing help for those experiencing domestic abuse.

New way to create waves in tanks

Zoo Med Labs has launched the Aquasweep Rotating Filter Attachment.

Rare smuggled iguanas fly back to Bahamas

Twelve critically endangered iguanas seized from smugglers by Border Force officers at London’s Heathrow Airport have been returned to their native Bahamas.

Webbox patents rawhide-free bone

UK pet food brand Webbox has launched a patented rawhide-free dog treat DreamBone.

New pet show to open in Portsmouth

A new pet show, the Hampshire Pet Fair, will be held in Portsmouth on Saturday, August 30.

Hat-trick for Charles Owen as BETA sponsor

Charles Owen & Co (Bow) is notching up a third year of sponsorship at BETA International as it lends its backing to the Horse Demonstration & Seminar Arena once again for the 2015 trade fair.

Malaysian Airlines tragedy hits Pet industry

A key figure on the international pet and aquatics scene has been identified as one of the victims of the downed Malaysian Airlines plane over Ukraine.

Symply Pet Foods launches corn-based cat litter

Symply Pet Foods has expanded its product range to include a cat litter.

Anabantoid association issues caresheet

The Anabantoid Association of Great Britain has issued a Betta caresheet with husbandry guidelines.

Romsey World Of Water gears up for Koi show

Romsey World Of Water will host the ZNA South of England Koi Show over the weekend of August 9-10.

Aquatic business founder dies in fire

Graham Cox, founder of Waterlife Research, has died in a fire at his Dorset home. Up to 40 firefighters battled the flames for several hours, but could not save Graham, 77, who was still a director of the company.

JBL brings out summer food for Koi

JBL’s Reseach and Development Department has developed a Koi Summer floating premium food.

Fish fossil could be ancestor to all vertebrates

A 500-million-year-old preserved, soft-bodied fish could be the ancestor of almost all living vertebrates, reports NBC News.

Eheim launches into food and treatments

Eheim has for the first time launched into food, water and plant care products, unveiling its new range at Germany’s Interzoo.

Fishkeeper Inverness celebrates first year

Fishkeeper Scotland by Maidenhead Aquatics has celebrated the first anniversary of its Inverness store with a weekend of activities, giveaways, competitions, prizes and special offers as well as a raffle in aid of charity.

Hagen Exhibition confirms comedian Kevin Bridges

Scottish comedian Kevin Bridges will perform at the Hagen Exhibition later this year. The trade event returns this year after a one-year break to attend AQUA 2013.

Putting the fun into feeding goldfish

Tetra has launched the Goldfish FunBalls, a new feed for goldfish which it says is ‘designed to inject some fun into feeding time and appeal to younger fishkeepers’.

Arcadia introduces full-spectrum LED light

Arcadia has launched the Arcadia Jungle Dawn, a full-spectrum LED lamp designed for plant growth. This energy-efficient product emits light at 6.5K-7K Kelvin, which is commonly thought of as the colour of natural sunlight.

Waterzoo goes the EPoS route

An aquatics retailer has installed an EPoS system to keep track of stock levels and orders more efficiently.

UK aquatics industry praised at global meeting

The UK aquatics industry – along with those in Europe, Canada and the United States – has been praised at an international meeting in late June for helping to raise awareness about invasive species.

American teen scoops up three-foot carp

An American teenager is reeling in attention for a big catch after he spotted a three-foot carp swimming in receding floodwaters in northern Ohio.

Italian scientists identify new jellyfish species

Scientists in Italy say they have discovered a new species of jellyfish in the Gulf of Venice.

All-women team breed clownfish

An all-women ornamental marine fish production unit has been set up in Tamil Nadu, south India.

‘Bishop of bling’ spends £176,000 on fish tank

A disgraced German bishop, who resigned over his misuse of Church funds, spent £176,000 on an ornamental fish tank.

Interpet brings out user-friendly River Reef tanks

Interpet’s new River Reef LED Aquariums are tall aquariums with a black finish and curved glass. Mark Dalton, Interpet brand manager, said they offer ‘the latest technology in filtration and LED lighting to ensure even novices can successfully set up and maintain a thriving high-performance aquarium’.

NT Labs revamps website to help retailers

NT Labs has a number of features on its website to help independent aquatic retailers, including a stockist finder to direct customers to their nearest store and technical back-up support for products.

Bringing a pond to the smallest of places

The Velda Fountain Pond is a lightweight, mini-pond with pump and plant basket. These mini-ponds can be installed easily in the garden, terrace or on a balcony, or even used indoors. Available either as a round or square shape, and each in two sizes.

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