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Lethal bark as bad as bite for breakfast
A shocked mum was left horrified when she spotted a lethal scorpion scuttling across her kitchen floor as she tucked into a bowl of cereal.
Carol Cook was midway though a bite of Weetabix when she spotted the deadly three-inch creature creeping around below her.
And the 51-year-old screamed in fear of her life when the stinging predator reared up at her in her home in Stansted, Essex.
Wildlife experts have identified it as a lethal bark scorpion – whose sting is powerful enough to kill children and elderly people.
Incredibly the scorpion is thought to have been living in Carol’s home for more than three months, according to the Daily Mail.
She believes the insect stowed away in her luggage when she returned from a dream holiday to Australia last year.
Husband Gary, 51, tackled the mini-beast, scooping the unwelcome house intruder into a glass.
The couple have now nicknamed the creature the ‘Beast of Stansted’ and it is currently lodging in a rectangular plastic takeaway tub until a new owner can be found.

Police bring up the rhea in bird chase
An escaped rhea – a six-foot tall flightless bird – has given police officers the slip after almost a year on the run.
The rhea, which is closely related to the ostrich, is believed to be one of three which escaped from a farm in February last year.
The three giant birds, named Mary, Mungo and Midge, escaped from Graham and Julie Fleming’s land in Wicken Bonhunt, Essex.
Midge was captured in June last year, but Mary and Mungo remain at large, surviving in the wild for a year.
East Herts Rural Police tweeted: “PC Watson & PCSO Steve have located the rhea, the problem is they can’t keep up with it…They’ve some video footage to share, it’s very fast.”
It is the second time an escaped rhea has had the police in a flap, after one called Rita escaped from a farm in nearby Clavering, Essex. Rita – also known locally as Chris Rhea – was on the loose from March until May, when she was shot dead and turned into gourmet sausages.
The owner of the three Hertfordshire rheas told the Daily Mail: “I suggest they are left to live their life and not hounded and shot like the one that escaped last year. They are not a danger to the public and pose no greater threat to motorists than deer.”

Facebook Driver nearly crashes after snake slithers out from underneath seat


CoCoMutts - virgin coconut oil for dogs - FREE next day delivery for trade customers
Gablestock - superior wild bird food
Kent Pet Care - microfibre towels for dogs
LiveStock World - suppliers of unusual birds, small mammals and reptiles
Oasis London - wholesaler to the aquatic trade
Peter Golding - national aquatic wholesaler and distributor
PolyBag - high quality polythene and paper carrier bags - £80 discount on a 3,000 bag order
Worldwide Tropicals - suppliers of acclimatised fish to the aquatic trade
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Town and Country Petfoods is giving away three cases of premium HiLife Indulge Me! cat treats to each of 10 lucky retailers, worth a combined prize total of more than £500.

Town and Country Petfoods Giveaway

Pet accessories expert Ancol is giving away two fully-stocked Viva display stands

Ancol Giveaway

Pet Charity elects animal behaviourist as trustee

The Pet Charity has appointed Professor Peter Neville as a trustee.

London Zoo hails endangered frog breeding success

Keepers at a London Zoo have become the first in the world to breed a critically endangered frog which has no tongue, the Lake Oku clawed frog

Peregrine Livefoods to host third Open Day

Leading UK reptile wholesaler Peregrine Livefoods is holding its third Open Day on Sunday, July 12.

Pet care franchise wins business award

Multi-award-winning pet care and well-being specialist The Dog Walker has won Best Small Company at the Harrogate Business Awards 2015.

US canine flu outbreak traced to Far East

A canine influenza strain infecting dogs in Chicago and surrounding areas originated in South Korea and China, and could have been introduced to the US through a military dog, a person or a rescued dog.

Retailers urged not to sell dyed fish

The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association is calling on its members not to import or sell dyed or tattooed fish.

Pet crematorium opens in Gloucestershire

CPC has opened its second pet crematorium, complete with a memorial and wildlife garden designed by local children.

Zoo Med gears up for Turtle Week

Zoo Med Laboratories and dedicated conservationists the Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group are teaming up for the third year in a row for Turtle Week.

Jeweller brings out equine themed earrings

Hiho Silver has launched a new range of sterling silver jewellery, the Clip-Clop collection of clip-on earrings, which include ovals, flowers, half balls, two tone and hammered styles, retailing between £35 and £40.

Major fish kill at Texas aquarium

Close to 400 fish including nurse sharks, lionfish, amberjacks and sand tiger sharks have died at Texas State Aquarium following a treatment to kill parasitic flatworms.

Sneyd’s re-formulates premium food

Sneyd’s Wonderfeed says it had made ‘a major improvement’ to its already successful Premium Chicken & Rice VAT Free dog food.

Sea Life invites families to explore Ancient Oceans

Sea Life Great Yarmouth is hosting a half-term event for families to learn about the history of the ocean and the evolution of sea-life creatures, some of which have been around for over 200 million years, outliving the dinosaurs.

Owner uses 3D printer to print fake legs for pet

Sherry Portanova, who directs a 3D-printing firm, used the technology to design and print prosthetic legs for her dog, Derby, whose front legs are underdeveloped, reports the New York Daily News.

Flying fighting fish lands paratrooper in trouble

A paratrooper who took a Betta fighting fish on his last jump before he left the army has been punished with an extra 12 days of duty.

Ancol brings out new catalogue

Ancol has launched its 2015/16 trade catalogue, which is packed with new products.

Meet the Buyer event to open industry forum

The UK’s Pet Industry Federation (PIF) is hosting a Meet the Buyer afternoon at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Liverpool on Monday,November 16 – a fitting opener to the Pet Industry Forum & Awards event, which will run from Tuesday-Wednesday, November 17- 18.

Nutriment earns place on Startups 100 list

Surrey-based raw pet food business Nutriment has been listed in this year's Startups 100.

Volunteers swap warm beds for cat comforts

A group of volunteers celebrated the refurbishment of Yorkshire Cat Rescue’s rehoming centre with an organised sleepover in a block of new cat pens – fit for human inhabitants.

Pets at Home looking for product ideas

Pets at Home is once again preparing to open its doors to creative and innovative product entrepreneurs.

Interpet brings out starter aquarium

A new starter aquarium has been launched by Interpet, designed to ‘make fishkeeping really easy and fun for all ages’.

Courier aims to resume operations this week

A courier company temporarily stopped shipping live fish in the UK this month, causing disruption to the ornamental aquatics trade.

J&K Aquatics offers retailers chance to win £1,000

Aquatic wholesaler J&K Aquatics has launched a new website allowing retailers to browse its product range and place orders quickly and efficiently.

Fancy being crowned UK aquascaping champion?

J&K Aquatics is launching its first UK Aquascaping Championship, which will culminate in a live ‘scape off’ on its stand at AQUA 2015 in Telford in October.

Exhibitor stand space at AQUA 2015 ‘sold out’

AQUA 2015, the UK’s premier water gardening and aquatics trade event, will stage its biggest ever show in October with a record number of 82 companies showcasing their products and services.

Steve Backshall raises funds for rainforests

Maidenhead Aquatics has committed £7,500 in match funding for Steve Backshall’s kayak challenge for World Land Trust.

Call to support ‘no fish as fair prizes’ message

The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA) is asking local authorities to support its position that fish such as goldfish should not be given away as prizes at places like fairgrounds.

Fish in a dish

A Japanese fishkeeper has written a book recommending that hobbyists should keep goldfish in a bowl rather than a fish tank.

Evolution Aqua adds freshwater nano to range

Evolution Aqua has added a freshwater nano tank and cabinet to its growing aquarium range.

Hydor launches third-generation Koralia pump

Hydor has launched the energy-efficient, silent-running Koralia Third Generation circulation pump line for aquariums.

Charity uses online platform to raise funds

A Norfolk conservation group is using an online donation platform to raise funds to help deal with invasive species in its rivers.

Shrimps, anyone?

German shrimp expert Chris Lukhaup has conducted several workshops on why shrimps are such a fascinating subject for aquatics enthusiasts.

Tokyo aquarium hit by mystery deaths

Nearly 160 fish involved in a breeding program in a Tokyo aquarium have died suddenly since December, and staff are baffled to explain why.

Evolution Aqua grows marine tank range

Evolution Aqua has launched the eaReef marine aquarium which has a sump contained in the cabinet.

CCTV catches man stuffing two Koi into pocket

A man has been caught on CCTV walking into a Welsh aquatics store and pocketing two fish.

Global group examines benefits of aquatics industry

OATA’s chief executive has been invited to sit on an international group looking at how the home aquarium industry can help protect the environment and prevent poverty.

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