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Wood you fancy helping mums?
Animal charity Wood Green is looking to recruit more feline-foster carers, also known at the charity as Moggy Midwives.
Every spring, the organisation witnesses an influx of cats at its units in Godmancheser, London and Heydon – including many in the late stages of pregnancy. To help cope with the demand on their resource, and to ensure mother cats are found the most calm and comfortable birthing environment possible, Wood Green introduced its Moggy Midwife initiative back in 2002.
It places pregnant cats, or those who have very recently given birth, with willing and loving foster families who can help socialise the animals and make this special period a very relaxed and nurturing time.
Wood Green provides a foster family with all bedding, boxes, toys, feed and litter for the cat and her kittens, as well as covering all medical requirements and being on the end of the phone for any issues or concerns.
“The feedback we get from families is just superb,” said Genevieve Samson, fostering development officer at Wood Green. “In fact, many of our Moggy Midwives are on a constant cycle of bringing back one litter and being asked to take away another.
Wood Green is keen to hear from anyone interested in becoming a Moggy Midwife. Typically they would expect to have a cat and her kittens for up to 12 weeks, and most cats will give birth to between two and six.


Mickle makes a macquackle
A husband and wife in India say they are going to leave all their money to their pet monkey.
Brajesh and Shabista Srivastava say they owe their wealth and success to the primate, who they believe has enriched their lives.
The couple, who have no children, want to make sure Chunmun is looked after if they die before he does so they have set up a trust fund for the long-tailed macaque, which they adopted after it was orphaned and consider to be like a son.
Chunmun is 10 years old but its breed has been known to live up to 40, so it could well outlive the Srivastavas.
The couple own their own home in Northern India and have a number of businesses, all of which are named after the monkey. The animal lives in style, with its own air-conditioned room where it enjoys Chinese food and tea and mango juice.
After Chunmun dies, any money left will go to a charity that looks after the welfare of monkeys in India.

Facebook Wake up without coffee by watching viral cat videos


CoCoMutts - virgin coconut oil for dogs - FREE next day delivery for trade customers
Gablestock - superior wild bird food
Kent Pet Care - microfibre towels for dogs
LiveStock World - suppliers of unusual birds, small mammals and reptiles
Oasis London - wholesaler to the aquatic trade
Peter Golding - national aquatic wholesaler and distributor
PolyBag - high quality polythene and paper carrier bags - £80 discount on a 3,000 bag order
Worldwide Tropicals - suppliers of acclimatised fish to the aquatic trade
Conditions may apply to the above offers.

Benyfit from a fantastic stock giveaway
Benyfit Natural is offering two lucky retailers stock bundles worth £250. The prizes will comprise a variety of products from the manuafcturer’s range, including its newly-launched treats.

Benyfit Giveaway

Pet Remedy enters the USA market

Pet Professionals, trading as Dog Rocks, is exporting Pet Remedy into the North American market.

Accapi offers free collars to charities

The accapi group is offering free dog collars to animal charities or rescue shelters.

PetQuip to host Meet the Buyers session in October

The latest opportunity to meet with buyers from across Europe is now open to manufacturers of pet care products.

Pawflex launches equine stretch bandage

Pawflex has launched a horse version of its award-winning patented PawFlex bandages for pets.

Gardman signs five-year deal with bird trust

Wild bird care and garden products supplier Gardman has signed a five-year partnership deal with the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), renewing a relationship that stretches back almost 20 years.

Bira bank marks 60 years with record lending level

The bira bank celebrates 60 years of supporting independent retailers this month, coinciding with record levels of lending to independent retailers.

Lily’s Kitchen grows single-serve range

Lily’s Kitchen is extending its range with a new Natural Range of complete recipes for cats and dogs to complement its award-winning, organic pet food line-up.

Wagg starts work on new warehouse and HQ

Yorkshire-based Wagg Foods plans to double the size of its business as it starts building a new 100,000 sq ft, state-of-the-art distribution centre and offices near its current headquarters, outside Thirsk.

Ceva tackles fireworks fears via retailer webinar

Ceva Animal Health, manufacturer of Adaptil and Feliway, is hosting a live webinar series on fireworks fears and sound sensitivities to help retailers offer advice to customers on preparing their pets for the fireworks season.

Hong Kong street cat wins photo competition

A picture of a Hong Kong street cat, affectionately known as Shy, has taken first place in the 2015 ‘The Beauty of Cats’ photography competition.

PATS Telford stand space sold out

All exhibitor stands at PATS Telford have now been sold.

Bern Pet Foods distributes ACANA pork recipe

Bern Pet Foods has introduced ACANA Pork & Butternut Squash dog food to the UK.

PDSA hunts for pets with miracle survival stories

The search is on for miracle pet survivors that have beaten death by a ‘whisker’.

Retailers ‘must keep up with payment methods’

International courier ParcelHero says SMEs and start-ups must keep on top of changing trends to ensure they are not left behind in the build-up to Christmas.

Go Green & Wild’s in the country!

Green & Wild’s products are now being stocked in dog-friendly hotels across the UK including two top ranking hotels, Rick Stein’s in Cornwall and Lucknam Park country Estate in Wiltshire.

US airliner throws open first class to pets

American Airlines is rolling out a pet cabin service in first class, allowing owners to take their pets and carriers into the main aircraft cabin

Loving Pets MD ties the knot

Loving Pets MD Jonathon Moyce and his bride, Kirsty Strangwood, who were married at Henley in Arden, before celebrating at a reception for 111 guests at Walton Hall, Warwickshire, and a honeymoon in Hawaii.

Trash or treasure? The weirdest charity shop finds

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but it’s hard to imagine that some of the weird, wonderful and downright gruesome items handed in to charity shops could ever be treasured by anyone.

Superdrug to trial pet products in 200 stores

High street health and beauty chain Superdrug has said it will be trialling pet health and well-being products in its 200 pharmacy stores as well as on its online site.

Lack of dog-friendly venues affect holiday choices

The UK tourism industry is losing out on wealthy holiday makers, as more than three-quarters of the UK’s highest-earning dog-owners say they holiday abroad because there are not enough dog-friendly options.

Wales opens Veterinary Science Centre

The new Wales Veterinary Science Centre has been launched by Welsh Government Deputy Minister for Farming and Food Rebecca Evans.

VetSpec works to improve mobility in dogs

VetSpec has launched Omega-3 Joint Mobility + Gravy, which can help improve joint mobility in dogs.

Forward Dimension Capital acquires MedicAnimal

Online retailer MedicAnimal and its sister brands, Pet-supermarket and Petmeds, have been acquired by Forward Dimension Capital.

Quiz aims to match pet to lifestyle

Property website Rightmove and animal charity Wood Green have joined forces to help would-be pet owners find the perfect pet for their lifestyle.

Animology launches entry-level dog shampoo

With a global reputation for developing innovative pet products, the creator of Animology, Group55, has introduced its new ‘entry level’ brand, DogStar.

Scotland says hello to the Ginger Cat

Scotland’s Pets’n’Vets Family network has introduced a new character, the cartoon Ginger Cat, created by Scottish cartoonist Malky McCormick.

Human vitamin company moves into pet market

Human nutritional supplements business Health Plus has launched a new range of products for pets.

New weighers smash weight targets

Two multi-head weighers from Ishida Europe are providing solutions for the packing challenges of both fragile dog biscuits and tough, awkwardly-shaped chews at leading Swiss pet food manufacturer Eric Schweizer.

Splendid eels go on display at Blue Reef

Four Splendid garden eels are set to go on display at Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium.

Wholesaler J&K Aquatics strengthens sales team

Specialist wholesaler J&K Aquatics, based in North Petherton, Somerset, has enhanced its sales team by appointing Jack Kelly and Hannah Morgan. Jack’s area is the South East of England & Hannah’s is Ireland. Nina Barnard has succeeded Candice Lewis as marketing manager.

Agency reveals ‘secret seven’ list of rare fish

The Environment Agency has revealed its ‘secret seven’ list of the country’s rarest fish to show how work is helping save them.

Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre hits 25th milestone

Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre celebrated its 25th anniversary in July with a day of fun, nostalgia and spectacle.

US officers seize swimbladders

US officials in Puerto Rico have seized over 600kg of swimbladders from an endangered species that were destined for Hong Kong.

North Korean terrapin farm owner executed

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has had the manager of a terrapin farm excuted.

Group spotlights social good of wild-caught fish

The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association has welcomed a report from the ICUN’s Home Aquarium Fish Sub-Group following its inaugural meeting at Singapore’s Aquarama.

US pet store under fire for binning live fish

A PetSmart store in the US has apologised after a video was posted on social media that showed live goldfish swimming in a bag alongside dead fish, and had been thrown away in the store’s rubbish bin.

Swordfish washes up on English beach

A massive swordfish has been washed up on a British tidal riverbank in South Gloucestershire.

Tetra lists select range with Argos

Leading high street catalogue retailer Argos has recently brought on board a selection of Tetra products to its in-store and online offering.

OATA creates guide on selling fish online

The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association has created a new guide to help people sell fish responsibly online and transport them correctly to customers.

World Feeds takes over New Era Aquaculture

New Era Aquaculture has been bought out of administration by a newly formed business following investment from Finance Yorkshire, which will ‘facilitate a major expansion plan for the re-born operation’.

Shark dies in traffic accident

A shark has died in a traffic accident in Florida.

Digital water test analyses water conditions

Tetra has launched a free Tetra Digital Water Test app, which analyses water conditions and recommends solutions to hobbyists.

Authorities battle in vain against fish ritual

Thousands of fish have been stunned and killed in an ancient ritual in northern India, in which up to 10,000 villagers sprinkled a bleaching powder into the Aglaar river before catching the fish, which were then cooked.

Tetra introduces new way to feed fish

Tetra has launched Tetra FunTips, which offers an interactive way of feeding fish.

Overfishing threatens 90 European marine species

More than 90 species of marine fishes in Europe’s waters are threatened with extinction, according to a report published by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

FishScience launches Malawi cichlid flake food

FishScience has launched a flake food formulated specifically for Malawi cichlids. 

Scientists find coldwater corals off Ireland

An international team of scientists has discovered a new coldwater coral habitat in Irish waters.

Evolution Aqua takes on new range of Koi food

Evolution Aqua is now distributing the Japanese-manufactured Koi food range from the FD Food Company.

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