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Tetra refreshes AquaSafe and EasyBalance formulae
Tetra has refreshed two of its most popular water care solutions

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Teddy bear is no picnic for hungry husky
When a hungry husky was rushed into surgery with stomach cramps vets had no idea what to expect.
But when surgeons opened up Ramsez’s stomach they were shocked to find he had swallowed teddy bear, the Daily Mirror reports.
The two-year-old stray was whisked into theatre for life-saving surgery after he was taken to the vets suffering with diarrhoea.
But surgeons in Canterbury, Kent suspected a large fur ball so cut him open under anaesthetic to remove the mass.
They were left stunned to find the remains of the 15cm teddy bear, which had made its home in the poor pooch’s intestines.
Thankfully the stray is now back to good health and has been found a loving home by the Dogs Trust charity.

Put it down, do you hear me!
A livewire puppy – who is fascinated by her owner’s hearing aids – was rushed to veterinary charity PDSA after swallowing one whole.
Domino the Labrador has mischievously tried to get her paws on owner Norma McKenzie’s hearing aids several times before. But this time it ended in near-disaster when she managed to pull them out of their hiding place and chew them up before gobbling one down.
Stunned Norma, who needs hearing aids for occasional use, said she returned home to find six-month-old Domino chewing on one of her aids, with no trace of the other one.
The 63-year-old quickly realised what had happened and rushed Domino to PDSA’s Dundee Pet Hospital, where vets gave the cheeky pup medication to induce vomiting.
Norma said: “The injection did the trick and within five minutes Domino had brought up all the different bits of the hearing aid, along with the battery! We also discovered that she’d swallowed bits from a comb, the jewel from a hairclip and even been munching on prawn crackers!”

Purrfect politician
Residents of a Siberian city are so disillusioned with human politicians that they have pinned their hopes on a fluffy feline alternative.
Barsik the cat has been propelled to stardom after finishing far ahead of his human rivals for the post of mayor of Barnaul in an unofficial poll run by a regional social media page, the Guardian reports.
Political apathy and resentment over corruption scandals at city hall helped the 18-month-old Scottish fold claw gain nearly 91% of more than 5,400 votes cast.
The poll, launched by the Altai Online page on Russian social network Vk, has become the talk of the town in the city of 700,000 people located some 2,250 miles (3,600km) east of Moscow.

Pet Business World turns the spotlight on companies that exhibited at the world’s largest pet trade show in Nuremberg May 26-29

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Pet Business World is flying the flag and celebrating companies that are proud to be based in Britain.

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CoCoMutts - virgin coconut oil for dogs - FREE next day delivery for trade customers
Gablestock - superior wild bird food
Kent Pet Care - microfibre towels for dogs
Oasis London - wholesaler to the aquatic trade
Worldwide Tropicals - suppliers of acclimatised fish to the aquatic trade
Conditions may apply to the above offers.

Trilanco has unveiled its latest exclusive brand, Clipperman, which has been created in conjunction with clipper expert Eddie Palin.
After searching for the pet that epitomises ‘small is beautiful’, NOAH, the Rabbit Welfare Association Fund and Small Furry Animals Magazine have found it – or them – in Beckett and Brave, Rex rabbit brothers, from Newquay, in Cornwall.
Royal Canin has appointed Katy Smith as veterinary support manager at its head office in Castle Cary, Somerset.
The International Society of Feline Medicine is running a campaign highlighting the need for all cats to receive post-neutering pain relief.
Pet retail trade show and conference SuperZoo has had its largest event to date at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas with a four per cent-plus increase in attendees and an eight per cent increase in companies attending as well as nearly 1,200 exhibitors participating.
A new business is opening in Rainhill, Merseyside in September offering luxury accommodation for all types of animals.
Equestrian specialist Moorland Rider has launched the Dog Stuff Big Bag, to stow the products riders’ other four-legged friends need.
A panel of four independent judges reviewed and scored nominations for applicants in five categories.
Tel Aviv celebrates a special day for dogs on Friday (August 26) for the first time in Israel.
According to Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, there are five emotions our furry friends truly feel.
A unique art exhibition, The Hidden Paw, is bringing together a collection of paintings depicting cats, with funds from sales going towards the work of International Cat Care (iCatCare).
Today marks the launch of a healthy eating and lifestyle campaign for dogs – the brainchild of Forthglade.
The Orbiloc safety light – an LED light for dogs of all sizes - and breeds – is now available exclusively from Pedigree Wholesale in two new colours.
Researchers at the University of Southern California have found that fish are susceptible to arthritis
Loving Pets has launched its product range with Just for Pets.
Mars Petcare has launched Pedigree Puppy Tasty Bites, designed specifically for puppies in response to a demand for dog treats that are more suitable in texture and size for younger dogs.
NOAH has partnered with the PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals), Cats Protection and RWAF (Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund) for the latest phase of its ‘I Heart My Pet’ Campaign.
The archerfish can tell one human face from another despite lacking a brain section that humans use for this task, scientists say.
The Scottish SPCA is warning members of the public in Ayrshire to be on the lookout for an ostrich that has been spotted in Patna.
More than 400 guests attended Bestpets’ annual southern trade day at Bristol Zoo.
Charlie and Oscar are apparently the unluckiest pet names in Britain and cost owners hundreds in vets’ fees, a new study has revealed.
Water treatment specialist Tetra has put forward some theories as to why the Olympic pools suddenly turned green this week.
Caitlyn Cannon, a registered veterinary nurse at The Pets’n’Vets Family, a network of veterinary practices with surgeries in and around Glasgow, has been appointed the BVNA (British Veterinary Nursing Association) Scotland regional co-ordinator.
The biggest PATS yet, taking place at Telford International Centre on September 25-26, will be the only place this Autumn to see all the new pet products to be launched in the UK.
Nutriment is being listed for sale with online grocery supplier Ocado.
Fishkeeper Scotland will open its flagship store in Edinburgh as part of a £1m, 11-store roll-out plan, creating 30 new jobs across the country.
A Zoo is investigating the deaths of about 200 cichlids in its rainforest exhibit.
Popular aquatic plant water hyacinth will soon disappear from UK ponds after the European Commission published its list of species of EU-wide concern, as part of the Invasive Alien Species Regulation.
Tetra has refreshed two of its most popular water care solutions, AquaSafe and EasyBalance.
Chopped barley straw made into pouches for ponds is no longer covered by the Biocides Regulation in the UK, according to the Health and Safety Executive.
A trade body has criticised a popular statistic on the mortality rates of exported fish as ‘unsubstantiated’.
Eco Pond managing director Francis Saunders has completed an epic 700-mile bicycle ride with two friends from the Channel coast of France to Narbonne Plage on the Mediterranean in seven days.
Aquarian is recalling Aquarian Tropical Flake Food and Aquarian Goldfish Flake Food products on a precautionary basis due to the possible presence of salmonella.
A rockfish at a Canadian aquarium has been given a fake eye to stop tankmates bullying it.
Jump Jet has launched jumping water jets that feature a pre-set display of crossing and jumping jets for garden ponds, but at a ‘fraction of the cost’.
Eco Pond managing director Francis Saunders plans to cycle 700 miles from the Channel coast of France to Narbonne Plage on the Mediterranean in just seven days.
The World Land Trust is an international conservation charity, which aims to protect and sustainably manage natural ecosystems around the world, with an emphasis on threatened habitats and endangered species.
An abandoned goldfish found under a railway bridge six months ago has been re-homed.
The national media has had a field day warning of an invasion of ‘blood-sucking parasitic fish’ returning to British rivers.
A new start-up has come up with an alternative solution for taking fish home following a sale – a cardboard carrier incorporating a locking groove and handle.
The release of the new Disney Pixar movie Finding Dory could lead to a decline in certain fish populations, say researchers at two prominent Australian Universities.
An aquatics shop has celebrated its 30th anniversary by hosting a special celebration weekend.
A housing association has demanded that a tenant demolish his fish pond due to safety fears.
Thieves made off with koi, fish food, pond equipment and plants after two break-ins at Grimsby Garden Centre last month.

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