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Two legs and I’m waggin’ an’ I’m just rollin’ along
A two-legged chihuahua and a chicken have become best friends at an animal hospital.
Penny, the chicken, was part of an experiment and at nine weeks old was rescued by Alicia Williams, an employee at the Duluth Animal Hospital, in Georgia, USA.
The dog, Roo, was taken in after being abandoned in a park on a freezing February night last year. It is believed he was deformed from birth, possibly as a result of his breeding, and is now on wheels!
“Penny gets excited when Roo is around because she knows he’s got treats and food all of the time,” Alice told the Gwinnett Daily Post.
“Whenever she hears him being fed, she steals his food. He loves snuggling with her because that’s his big teddy bear.
“He runs over her sometimes because he doesn’t realise how big his wheels are.”

Scary web sight
A family were forced to flee their home when they discovered hundreds of potentially deadly spiders crawling out of a bunch of bananas.
Father-of two Jamie Roberts told the Daily Mail he noticed white patches on the bananas after placing them in a bowl but assumed it was simply mould…until hundreds of spiders began scuttling from the fruit.
Jamie, who already suffered from arachnophobia, said he then rang the store he bought the bananas from, which organised for pest control to visit the house.
The Staffordshire home had to be evacuated for three days as toxic fumes were used to kill the spiders.
Although they creatures have not been formally identified, experts believe they could have been Brazilian wandering spiders, which appear in the Guinness World Records from 2010 as the most venomous spiders.

Early plunge for Cowes weak
The RSPCA co-ordinated the dramatic rescue of a female calf that fell 100ft over a cliff during a landslip.
The heifer, a seven-month-old Dexter, became stranded in an inaccessible cove below the Lizard lighthouse in Cornwall.
Although the calf miraculously appeared relatively unharmed, planning her rescue was to take
several days. So, wet hay was dropped over the cliff to ensure she had adequate food and hydration while the rescue was worked out.
The calf was eventually rescued with help from Cornwall Fire and Rescue, the Royal Naval Air Station at Culdrose and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.
 “The calf was remarkably uninjured and clearly had been able to drink from rainwater puddles as well as eat the hay thrown down to it.
“It weighed around a 100 kilos so it took a number of us to catch it and guide it into position on a tarpaulin placed over a cargo net. It was then sedated by the vet and airlifted to safety by a helicopter.”
“The whole on-site rescue team were extremely soggy and some very muddy at the end but all were happy that the rescue had been a success,” a spokesman said.

We now Lykoi
A new breed of cat with a likeness to the X-Men character Wolverine is fast becoming the latest craze for pet owners.
The werewolf-like Lykoi cat is a natural mutation from a domestic shorthair that resembles the movie character, played by Hugh Jackman.
It is now being championed by a group of breeders spearheaded by Tennessee-based Lykoi specialist and vet Johnny Gobble and his family, according to website
He says Lykois began as a mix of a natural occurring sphynx cat mutation and a black domestic shorthair, with the first litter being born in July 2010.
They decided the name Lykoi was fitting because it is the Greek word for ‘wolf’.
Johnny had the cats tested to ensure their unusual coat wasn’t a sign of disease but they were given a clear bill of health.

Sally finds key to loch lonesome
A broken-hearted swan found covered in cooking oil has been released back into the wild after finding love with a new mate in the Scottish SPCA’s care.
The swan was rescued from Loch Lomond after concerns were raised by staff at a holiday park.
Locals told the charity that Spike had recently lost his mate and seemed very sad. He soon brightened up when the SSPCA paired him with a female swan named Sally after he was washed in a specialist oiled bird cleaning unit. The female swan had been rescued after swallowing fishing tackle.
Spike and Sally have now been returned to the loch.

Dogs get back to school blues when young owners go to class
Amazing underwater waterfalls
Pet pug dies on P&O ferry after it wasn’t allowed out of car
Doting dog owners splash £10k a year on their pampered pooches

Celebrity owners who give their pugs facelifts
Animal lover tells of horrifying moment he found bin bag full of cats’ heads

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Win a fully-stocked point-of-sale display
Natural pet grooming product company Butch & Bess is giving away two fully-stocked point-of-sale displays for pet businesses, each worth more than £300 at retail.

Butch & Bess giveaway

Win a bumper stock bundle from Scruffs
Scruffs is offering a bumper stock bundle to three lucky retailers this month. Each winner will receive four Scruffs Balmoral Pillow Beds, one nest of four Balmoral Oval Beds and four Balmoral Boot Beds – each prize package worth nearly £560, a total retail value of £1,679.64!

Scruffs giveaway

Doodle Bone offers high-value stock bundles
Doodle Bone is offering two fabulous prize packages through Pet Business World this month with a total value of more than £1,750!

Doodle Bone giveaway

Be part of a British success story
Animology is giving £500 worth of its multi-award winning product range, with two prizes up for grabs for Pet Business World readers.

Animology giveaway

PATS awards attract high-calibre entries

The winners of the PATS Harrogate 2014 New Product Awards were chosen by a team of pet retailer judges today (Sunday, September 14) to make their choices from more than 270 entries – a PATS Harrogate record.

PATS is moving from Harrogate to Telford in 2015

PATS is moving its September trade show from Harrogate to the Telford International Centre next year.

Fire kills 60 dogs in arson attack

More than 60 dogs have died in a blaze that ripped through Manchester Dogs’ Home on Thursday evening. The death toll is expected to rise further.

Partnership creates new raw dog food

Natural Pet Pantry has teamed up with Smart Barf to introduce a complete raw dog food.

The Pet Hut enters exclusive pet insurance deal

NCI Vehicle Rescue has entered into a partnership with The Pet Hut, which will see the retail chain exclusively offer NCI’s pet insurance throughout its 68 stores nationwide.

J&K Aquatics holds Open Day at new centre

Aquatic wholesaler J&K Aquatics will host two Open Days at its new distribution centre in Somerset to kick off the autumn season.

Treats manufacturer offers samples to charities

A natural dog treats manufacturer is offering free hampers and samples to dog rescue and similar societies for their fundraising events

Scottish Terriers see spike in interest

Interest in Scottish Terriers, the breed which made a starring appearance in the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, has increased dramatically in just one day, with searches for the breed on the Kennel Club’s Find a Puppy service going up nearly seven-fold in 24 hours.

Pets at Home to sponsor Paul O’Grady series

Pets at Home has entered a partnership with the award-winning ITV show, Paul O’Grady: For The Love Of Dogs.

Nine out of 10 top pet names are also baby names

New research from Pet Insurance has revealed the top UK pet names of 2013, finding a striking similarity with the top baby names for the year.

Police horses on the beet

British Horse Feeds, maker of Speedi-Beet, is supporting the mounted unit of the City of London Police.

Petition calls for regulation of pet shampoos

ASCAS (Animal Shampoo and Cosmetics Association Standard) and WildWash have created a petition calling for the regulation of the non-pharmaceutical pet products industry in the UK.

Shop Talk: Digby’s Pets & Aquatics

There’s hot competition for pets in the coastal town of Skegness. Sandra Pearce visits Digby’s Pets & Aquatics to see how the Wests are holding their own.

Industry Profile: Supreme Petfoods

From its base in Suffolk, Supreme Petfoods exports to 22 countries – but the interests of the UK independents remain a key priority for this global player.

Royal Canin Roadshow to help drive footfall

Retailers throughout the UK can sign up for Royal Canin on the Road – a mobile theatre unit designed to bring in new customers and drive sales, with the intention of bringing precise, tailored nutrition to cats and dogs.

Pet store hits back against Phoenix breeding law

The owners of Puppies 'N Love pet shop in Phoenix, USA, have filed a federal lawsuit against the city over a new law that bans pet shops from selling dogs and cats from commercial breeders.

New aquatics shop to offer a number of firsts

A new aquatics shop throws open its doors on September 9 in Cheadle Hulme, Stockport, and its owner promises it ‘will be one of its kind’.

Record number of entries for PATS product showcase

A record 266 new products will be showcased when the doors open to PATS Harrogate on Sunday (September 14).

8in1 offers new bite-size treats

8in1 brings out a new treat for dogs of all sizes this month.

Sea Life team uses riot gear on crocodiles

Nervous staff at Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre had riot shields at the ready for a close encounter with crocodiles recently.

New ornamental fish species found in India

The Zoology department of India’s Jawaharlal Nehru College says it has discovered a new ornamental fish species, Microphis ignoratus, in a river.

Synthetic colouring agent approved for fish food

The Panel on Additives and Products or Substances used in Animal Feed (FEEDAP) has found that synthetic astaxanthin is safe for salmonids and ornamental fish up to 100 mg/kg complete diet.

Eheim brings out aquarium app

Eheim has launched an Aquarium App with tools including water analysis, a volume calculator and a reminder centre which can, for instance, send alerts when it is time to change water.

Tropical fish trader pleads guilty to benefits fraud

A fish trader has admitted cheating the taxpayer out of more than £22,000 by fraudulently claiming benefits.

New Era Aquaculture’s sales up 40%

New Era Aquaculture says it annual sales are growing at 40% per year, with overseas sales representing more than 40% of turnover. The company recently celebrated its tenth birthday at Interzoo with its worldwide distributors.

Koi take over Bangkok shopping centre

An abandoned shopping centre in Bangkok, Thailand, has turned into a massive aquarium filled with thousands of fish, reports New York Daily News.

Tropical fish migration affects ecosystems

The migration of tropical fish, caused by ocean warming attributed to climate change, is having a harmful impact on marine ecosystems, a study has found.

Man fined for neknominate goldfish challenge

A man bought a pair of goldfish with the ‘sole intention of drinking them’ as part of a viral internet craze, a court has heard.

Tetra re-launches TetraMin Menu

Tetra has relaunched its tropical flake food TetraMin Menu. The ornamental fish food is now separated into four chambers, each housing flakes containing various vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Hikari launches turtle sticks

Hikari has launched a probiotic enhanced nutrient mix for turtles in the Saki-Hikari brand.

Maidenhead Aquatics branch moves to new home

A Maidenhead Aquatics outlet that was forced to move into temporary premises after a fire has moved into its new home.

JBL brings out CO2 injector

JBL has launched the JBL ProFlora m001 duo pressure reducer, for hobbyists who want to inject CO2 into two tanks.

New way to create waves in tanks

Zoo Med Labs has launched the Aquasweep Rotating Filter Attachment.

Anabantoid association issues caresheet

The Anabantoid Association of Great Britain has issued a Betta caresheet with husbandry guidelines.

Hikari launches 500g pack of Saki-Hikari Growth diet

Hikari has launched a new 500g pack size of its Saki-Hikari Growth Koi diet.

Superfish launches PondECO Plus E pumps

Superfish has launched a range of electronic filter pumps for Koi and fish ponds.

Romsey World Of Water gears up for Koi show

Romsey World Of Water will host the ZNA South of England Koi Show over the weekend of August 9-10.

Aquatic business founder dies in fire

Graham Cox, founder of Waterlife Research, has died in a fire at his Dorset home. Up to 40 firefighters battled the flames for several hours, but could not save Graham, 77, who was still a director of the company.

JBL brings out summer food for Koi

JBL’s Reseach and Development Department has developed a Koi Summer floating premium food.

Fish fossil could be ancestor to all vertebrates

A 500-million-year-old preserved, soft-bodied fish could be the ancestor of almost all living vertebrates, reports NBC News.

Eheim launches into food and treatments

Eheim has for the first time launched into food, water and plant care products, unveiling its new range at Germany’s Interzoo.

Fishkeeper Inverness celebrates first year

Fishkeeper Scotland by Maidenhead Aquatics has celebrated the first anniversary of its Inverness store with a weekend of activities, giveaways, competitions, prizes and special offers as well as a raffle in aid of charity.

Hagen Exhibition confirms comedian Kevin Bridges

Scottish comedian Kevin Bridges will perform at the Hagen Exhibition later this year. The trade event returns this year after a one-year break to attend AQUA 2013.

Putting the fun into feeding goldfish

Tetra has launched the Goldfish FunBalls, a new feed for goldfish which it says is ‘designed to inject some fun into feeding time and appeal to younger fishkeepers’.

Arcadia introduces full-spectrum LED light

Arcadia has launched the Arcadia Jungle Dawn, a full-spectrum LED lamp designed for plant growth. This energy-efficient product emits light at 6.5K-7K Kelvin, which is commonly thought of as the colour of natural sunlight.

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