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Tetra launches free aquatics app to revolutionise water testing
 Good water quality is crucial to fishkeeping success and consequently retaining consumers in the hobby. Many consumers neglect to test their aquarium water, perhaps because they find it too daunting or are simply not aware of the need to do so, however if water parameters are correct, then fishkeeping will be simpler and more enjoyable.

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Slow and steady wins the race
The age-old proverb states that slow and steady wins the race and a tortoise proved that to be true once again when it beat a rabbit that one would expect to come out on top.
Filmed at the Paws and Claws Pet Store, in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, a new video presents the two competitors lined up against each other as a woman shouts ‘go’.
Moving from their mark, the Russian tortoise, named Herbert, immediately gets its head down and begins walking in the correct direction. Sven, the dwarf bunny, on the other hand becomes instantly distracted and hops off to the right and the tortoise surges into the lead.
Even with a helping hand from one of the women watching the race the rabbit failed to head in the right direction.
The video concludes with the rabbit disappearing from the shot as the relentless tortoise reaches the door and the women cheer in excitement, the Daily Mail reports.

Bud-weiser after freak accident  
A golden eagle found with an injured wing on the Isle of Mull is the first to be successfully released by the Scottish SPCA.
The bird of prey was returned to the wild  last month with the assistance of the RSPB and Raptor World, after eight months in the SSPCA’s care.
Colin Seddon, manager at the charity’s National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Clackmannanshire, said: “The juvenile golden eagle, who we named Bud, was rescued in August 2014 by a farmer and the RSPB.
“Bud was found to have soft tissue damage to his wing, which took a long time to heal, and unfortunately once he had fully recovered he broke his right leg in a freak accident. The break was repaired by vet using an external fixator and as the healing process was very long Bud was kept with us over winter…
“Bud is the first ever golden eagle we’ve been able to release back into the wild and everyone involved is extremely pleased with the outcome. It is rare for us to rescue golden eagles as there are so few of them in Scotland and because they tend to live in remote areas they often die before they are found if they become sick or injured.”

Facebook Grandmother goes to war on fines for owners who let their dogs off the lead


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Kent Pet Care - microfibre towels for dogs
LiveStock World - suppliers of unusual birds, small mammals and reptiles
Oasis London - wholesaler to the aquatic trade
Peter Golding - national aquatic wholesaler and distributor
PolyBag - high quality polythene and paper carrier bags - £80 discount on a 3,000 bag order
Worldwide Tropicals - suppliers of acclimatised fish to the aquatic trade
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Scruffs giveaway

Win a bumper dog bedding stock bundle
Scruffs is giving our lucky readers the chance to win one of three full display shippers (40pcs) of its Snuggle Blanket, with a RRP of £19.99 each. That’s an overall prize value of £2,400!

Scruffs giveaway

Are you going to AQUA 2015?

A record number of exhibitors will be exhibiting at AQUA 2015 this month. The UK’s premier water gardening and aquatics trade event will host 82 companies over two days at the Telford International Centre on October 14-15.

Ancol splashes out on colour for bed range

Ancol has extended is range of cat furniture and toys.

Surprise guests make a magical 103rd birthday

It was pure ‘animal magic’ for former North West pet shop trader Harry Makin when some surprise guests helped him celebrate his 103rd birthday in style.

Where there’s muck, there’s brass

New York City officials are considering buying machines that transform pet waste into energy, reports The Economist.

Russel Rabbit Tasty Nuggets joins Tiny Friends Farm

A new product has joined Supreme’s Tiny Friends Farm family. Russel Rabbit Tasty Nuggets is the first mono-component for the Tiny Friends brand.

Aquarium contractor scheme to launch at AQUA2015

The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association is launching a membership scheme aimed at pond and aquarium contractors.

Cat charity appeals for knitted toys and blankets

The Cats Protection is asking for donations of knitted toy mice and blankets.

Pets at Home buys British bags

Pets at Home is to have its new, upgraded carrier bags made in the UK – at Nelson Packaging in Lancashire.

Veterinary supplier donates school supplies

A veterinary products supplier has donated school essentials to 30 children in Scotland.

Pet playmates capture hearts and minds of judges

Bubb and Ching, two Hungarian Vizslas from Cornwall, have been named Britain’s most playful pets.

Mars Petcare works on driving sustainable message

Mars Petcare is working to convince owners that it’s better to feed pets using food that wouldn’t otherwise have gone to feed humans, and is increasingly using sustainably caught or farmed seafood, reports

Australia works to protect walking fish

Australian scientists are considering a captive breeding program to ensure the survival of a sea-floor walking fish found only in Hobart’s Derwent estuary, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

SmartBarf reveals new packaging

Due to continued growth in demand, SmartBarf has changed its packaging from a stand-up pouch, which was very labour intensive to weigh out, bag up and label, to an automatic vertical-filled bag.

Food taster suggests owners feed pets human food

Animal owners ‘could save a fortune’ if they bought their pets human food – and get more meat for their money, says a professional human food taster.

Weenect and Kippy enter the GPS market

Two new GPS pet trackers have been launched, which attach to a pet’s collar.

Colorado company brings out cannabis range for pets

Dixie Brands, a Colorado cannabis-edibles company, has expanded its product line to pets.

Two new products join Blooming Pet Products’ range

Blooming Pet Products has added two new lines – Neem Spray and Seaweed – to its range of shampoos, supplements, grooming products, sprays and first aid applications.

Keeping fish helps diabetic children

A new study has revealed slightly improved glucose control among children with type 1 diabetes who were given a fish to care for, compared with worsened glucose control among those who were not given a fish.

Ceva brings out LOGIC range of vet supplements

Ceva Animal Health has launched the LOGIC Ease range of palatable veterinary-strength supplements for dogs and cats.

Precious Pets founder gives insight into packaging

Charlotte Nash, founder of Precious Pets London, was a speaker at the Luxury Packaging 2015 show at Olympia in September.

New website lists canine courses across the UK

A groomer has launched a website listing UK dog courses, workshops, seminars and events aimed at dog professionals.

Chinese park lets visitors bottle feed Koi

A park in eastern China has launched a new attraction – giving visitors the chance to bottle-feed Koi as if they were babies.

Paragon brings out avian pesticide products

Paragon is introducing its range of avian products that kill mites. Included is the 100% natural Red Mite Powder, which kills mites and lice on pigeons, chickens, geese, ducks and caged birds. The product contains 8x Diatomaceous Earth and is free from pesticides and chemicals.

PDSA runs BeDogSafe workshops for schools

Vet charity PDSA is running new BeDogSafe workshops that, thanks to £550,000 funding from the People’s Postcode Lottery, are free of charge for schools and community groups.

Pawsquad launches on-demand vet video service

Pawsquad has launched the UK’s first veterinary video consultation service, delivering care and guidance straight into the homes of pet owners.

Fleas result in more cases of plague in Colorado

With wet, cool conditions in the US state of Colorado, mammal populations are thriving – along with the fleas they harbor.

Bestpets trade day a ‘roaring’ success

More than 450 people attended Bestpets’ first Scottish trade day at Edinburgh Zoo.

Pet food manufacturer receives £6m investment

A specialist investor in consumer brands has invested £6 million into natural pet food manufacturer Forthglade.

And Yum Yum is just a nipper!

Some of her wild relatives are big enough to straddle the average family car but Yum Yum, the newly-arrived giant Japanese Spider Crab at Manchester Sea Life Centre, is still just a nipper!

Aqua Design Amano founder dies in Japan

Takashi Amano, photographer, author, and founder of Aqua Design Amano, has died of pneumonia in Niigata, Japan, aged 61.

FishScience introduces insect meal to its foods

FishScience is launching new-formula fish foods, which are rich in insect meal, at AQUA 2015.

Welsh fishery sees outbreak of Koi Herpes Virus

Cefas has confirmed an outbreak of Koi Herpes Virus at a fishery in Wales.

It’s a baby shark!

A shark egg-case which was donated to Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium has hatched.

Guppies help dementia patients

A Bury St Edmunds day-care facility for people with dementia has installed a fish tank, hoping it will help its residents.

eBay grilled over ad showing ‘dead’ goldfish

The Advertising Standards Authority has received a number of complaints over an ad that appeared on the home page of Internet selling site eBay, which shows what appears to be a dead goldfish floating at the top of a fish tank, with the words ‘At least the fishtank sold for £62.30’.

Aquarium gets award for serving sustainable fish on menu

Plymouth’s National Marine Aquarium has received Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification – for the fish it serves to eat.

JBL confirms Venezuelan expedition team

JBL has selected a 50-strong team for its 10-day expedition to the Orinoco and tabletop mountains of Venezuela next April.

Group takes home aquarium trade to zoos conference

The Home Aquarium Fish Sub Group (HAFSG) is to give a presentation at this month’s annual conference of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums to be held in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Locals turn sinkhole into pond

When a sinkhole measuring 6 x 30ft by the side of a Detroit road remained unrepaired, residents decided to put some fish into it. Four years later and the fish population has grown to include blue gill, goldfish, and carp, reports local radio station. A burst water main keeps the sinkhole filled.

Reef found that rivals the Great Barrier Reef

Coral and sea life rivalling that found on the Great Barrier Reef has been discovered in the waters south of Melbourne, Australia.

Scientists look at breeding scheme for Hobart fish

Australian scientists are considering a captive breeding program to ensure the survival of a sea-floor walking fish found only in Hobart’s Derwent estuary, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Keep your goldfish in your ponds, says agency

The Environment Agency has issued a reminder to fishkeepers not to release unwanted pet fish into local ponds and lakes, suggesting they should bring the fish into pet shops instead.

Sea Life publishes magazine for visitors

Sea Life is launching a magazine for sale to Sea Life Centre visitors.

Create jumping jets with ease

JumpJet is launching a product that produces ‘jumping jets that will not break the bank’.

KoralSea to unveil reef range at AQUA

After years of research and development, KoralSea will present its own-brand range of reef products at AQUA 2015.

Is Scotland’s beloved Nessie a Wels catfish?

The Loch Ness monster is most likely a large catfish, according to an expert who has spent 24 years searching for Nessie.

Give fish rest periods, says German court

A German court has ruled Cologne can’t refuse a beauty salon permission to offer pedicures using fish because of animal welfare concerns.

Lorry fire kills fish in river

A lorry fire which shut the M6 motorway for 16 hours after melting the road may have killed dozens of fish in a nearby river.

Thieves steal Koi from Maidenhead Aquatics

Thieves have made off with hundreds of pounds worth of Koi from a Sevenoaks garden centre.

Probe begins into deaths of 10,000 fish in Brazil

Prosecutors in Brazil have begun investigating the deaths of about 10,000 fish that had been brought in to fill a huge freshwater aquarium.

Fluke-Solve goes the middle route

VetArk Professional is releasing its popular Fluke-Solve treatment in a new size.

Splendid eels go on display at Blue Reef

Four Splendid garden eels are set to go on display at Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium.

Wholesaler J&K Aquatics strengthens sales team

Specialist wholesaler J&K Aquatics, based in North Petherton, Somerset, has enhanced its sales team by appointing Jack Kelly and Hannah Morgan. Jack’s area is the South East of England & Hannah’s is Ireland. Nina Barnard has succeeded Candice Lewis as marketing manager.

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