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Showcase variety in your store to drive sales of treats
The dog treats sector has experienced an impressive double-digit growth* in recent years, as now more than ever pet owners are keen to pamper their pets by continuing to invest in small indulgences.  For retailers, this is a fantastic opportunity to capitalise on this lucrative market.

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Pet food bill tops £1,000
A boa constricor called Big Mama is just one of nearly 150 pets living with an animal-mad Norfolk family.
Former lab technician Jamie Mintram and his wife Michelle, 32, live with their children, Chloe and Josh, in a normal detached house in Weeting, Norfolk.
But, according to the Orange News website, their menagerie of pets includes 30 snakes, a crocodile, a monitor lizard and a host of creepy crawlies that live in the garage.
And the other rooms of the house don’t escape either.
The free-ranging – house-trained – skunks even have their own special toilet in the bathroom.
Eight-year-old Josh shares his bedroom with three chinchillas and a lizard and six-year-old Chloe’s guests are a cornsnake and a yellow budgie.
Feeding such a horde doesn’t come cheap and the Mitchams spend around £1,000 every month buying a wide range of edibles.
Thanks to his ever expanding collection Jamie now runs Jurassic Encounters, a mobile petting zoo that visits schools and hospitals.

School absentee
A couple on a fishing trip off Florida got an unexpected surprise when a dolphin jumped into their boat.
Billy and Kitsy Wise, from James Island, South Carolina, were enjoying a day on the sea off Homossassa when it happened, the Post and Courier reports.
Billy told the newspaper the couple were watching a group of 12 to 15 dolphins surfing in the boat’s wake when they hear a loud noise.
“We didn’t know what it was,” he said. “All we heard was the noise. The dolphin hit me in the back, right at my waist, and slammed me into the console.”
The captain of the charter boat, Rick Spratt, radioed other boats for help and rescuers used towels to lift the dolphin over the side of the boat and back into the water.
Happily, the dolphin appeared to have suffered no lasting damage and swam off with the rest of the pod which had been waiting 30ft away from the boat.

Facebook Britain's youngest taxidermist shares his room with 75 dead animals


Animology products worth £500 up for grabs

Animology giveaway

New company launches into dog food category

Brown’s Pet Food has launched three dog food products: Puppy & Breeder, Health & Active and Light & Sensitive.

Park Your Pooch While You Shop idea gets thumbs up

A West Sussex pet shop manager has come up with an idea to help make shopping with a dog easier.

Royal Canin UK appoints Jakub Kolesa as GM

Jakub Kolesa has been appointed general manager of Royal Canin UK and Ireland from the beginning of this month.

Looking for a microchipping course?

Retailers who wish to offer microchipping can enroll in a veterinary-run microchip implanter course.

Ice, ice, baby

Researchers have discovered fish, crustaceans and jellyfish, deep beneath Antarctic ice shelf.

New range launched for Crufts’ qualifiers

The Kennel Club has launched its ‘We Qualified for Crufts 2015’ merchandise range, designed for anyone competing at this year’s show.

Mary Portas to speak at bira conference

‘Queen of Shops’ Mary Portas will be speaking to retailers and suppliers at the British Independent Retailers Association’s (bira) 2015 High Street Conference at Chesford Grange in Warwickshire on May 13.

US mobile grooming industry grows

Falling fuel prices and increased pet spending are factors driving mobile dog grooming businesses in the US.

50 shells of grey

Two Fly River Turtles, now nicknamed Christian and Annastasia, are being subjected to an unorthodox therapy in the hope it will encourage them to breed.

TopLife Formula sees strong growth after re-launch

UK pet milk brand TopLife Formula achieved double-digit growth of 29% in 2014 thanks to increased distribution and a packaging re-launch

Calling kennel and cattery owners

A business looking ‘to revolutionise’ the kennel and cattery reservation process is asking for kennel and cattery owners to help test its new service.

Retailer slams irresponsible dog owners over poo

A pet shop owner has hit out at dog owners who fail to clean up after their pets and insists the few who don’t are giving all owners a bad name.

Ceva to host talks on-stand at Crufts

Ceva Animal Health, manufacturer of Adaptil for dogs, will be hosting a series of talks and demonstrations on its stand at Crufts.

New manager settles in at Inverness pet shop

Claire Wylie is the new manager of Simply Pets, an independent pet shop in Inverness. Previous manager Emma Mitchell is leaving after six years to concentrate on her dog training classes and mobile dog grooming service.

Canny brings out Canny Lead Connect

The Canny Company has launched the new Canny Lead Connect.

Pet trade booming in Far East

The Asian pet food market is booming, especially in Thailand, according to a report on the website.

Dogfighting trainer jailed

A man thought to be a major figure in British dogfighting has been jailed for 121 days and banned from keeping animals for life after an RSPCA investigation uncovered a dogfighting training school at his house.

Burgess brings out dual-purpose bedding and litter

Burgess Pet Care has brought out a small animal bedding and litter specifically designed to keep pets dry, while preventing fly, mite and flea infestations

Rockfish gets a fake eye to counter bullying

Vets at a Canadian aquarium have given a rockfish a fake eye to stop tankmates bullying it.

Two sponsors step up to back National Pet Month

Two businesses are joining forces with National Pet Month to help promote responsible pet ownership and encourage pet lovers to raise funds for UK charities.

Reptile lover has sights set on conservation centre

A young animal lover who kept reptiles in his bedroom when he was a teenager is on the verge of realising his dream by opening his own conservation centre.

Poorly puffer makes full recovery at aquarium

A sick puffer fish has made a full recovery after being donated to a Cornish aquarium by piling on the pounds.

JBL’s new App turns phone into water-test centre

JBL has introduced a new, free App that it says will ‘revolutionise’ water testing.

No more holiday worries for Betta keepers

Hagen has launched two new products for Betta keepers.

Aussie regulation could force pet shops to close

Several pet shops in New South Wales, Australia, could close because of new federal government restrictions on imported fish that come into effect on March 1, the pet industry warns.

Hawaii proposals could scupper ornamental trade

The UK’s trade body representing the ornamental fish industry has had its say on controversial plans to stop the aquarium trade in Hawaii.

Singapore’s Qian Hu reports strong growth

Singapore ornamental fish breeder Qian Hu Corporation has reported strong earnings for the fourth quarter of 2014, with net profit rising by 155% from the same period a year ago to S$176,000 (£87,000), reports the Channel News Asia.

Walkers find tropical fish washed up in Norfolk

Beach walkers have been surprised to find tropical fish washed up on north Norfolk coasts.

Trial gives Mini Algae Wafers the thumbs up

Aquatics specialist FishScience has conducted a trial of its new FishScience Mini Algae Wafers and has garnered favourable comments.

Chinese men caught smuggling two million eels

Customs officials in Bulgaria have seized two million live baby eels hidden in luggage, reports the BBC news.

Thai expo to display over 200 ornamental species

This year’s Thailand International Ornamental Fish Expo will be held from June 2-5 in Bangkok.

Fish moved from flooded Bangkok shopping centre

Workers from Bangkok’s Fisheries Department are moving about 3,000 fish out of the Thai city’s condemned New World shopping centre, where they have swum around for more than 10 years.

API launches inaugural food range in the UK

API is launching a full range of foods, the first time API has had a range of food in the UK.

Evolution Aqua launches eaMarine aquarium range

Evolution Aqua has released a new range of marine and freshwater aquariums with three models; 450, 600 and a 900mm, holding 101, 135 and 202 litres respectively.
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