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PATS Sandown is the premier event for the pet trade all under one roof, with hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of products. We bring you the latest product news from the show

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Tis’ the season to feed wild birds
Now that the first frosts and snow have landed, chances are that home owners are thinking more about wild birds. These manufacturers have a range of products and good ideas on how to encourage people to feed wild birds, and hopefully convert them to year-round feeders.

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You couldn't make it up!

First hand experiences from Newshound, our undercover retailer. Share your own retail views and experiences.


A serious case of cat flue
A cat has been rescued after being discovered stuck 40 foot up a disused chimney in Brighton.
Pepper the year-old cat is thought to have crept into a neighbour’s home during building work and snuck into a chimney stack on the second floor after a hole was knocked into it for a loft extension.
The adventurous puss lost his way after clambering part way up the chimney stack.
Luckily the owner of the house, Felix Elkin, had spotted Pepper prowling around the loft and suspected he was stuck up the chimney when he heard shuffling noises.
He alerted Pepper’s worried owners, who had been delivering leaflets looking for their missing puss, and they tried to lure him out of the chimney with food. When that failed they called the RSPCA to help.
Inspector Tony Woodle, who described the rescue as ‘really unusual’, borrowed some flexible chimney poles to gently nudge Pepper down the chimney and towards the hole where he had got in and he was carefully pulled to safety.
“Pepper’s owners were there during the rescue and were delighted to be reunited with him,” Tony said. “He was very grubby, covered in soot, but otherwise OK.”

Snake makes a fatal boob
A busty model has been bitten on the breast by a snake – but thereptile later died from siliconpoisoning.
The video of the attack on Israeli model Orit Fox has gone viral on the internet, according to a report in the Daily Mirror.
The scantily clad, cosmetically-enhanced model was being filmed holding the large snake. But things took a turn for the worst when she tried to lick the snake.
The gesture appeared to upset the reptile and it struck at her.
The snake latched on to her right breast in the nipple area and the woman screamed and initially tried to yank the snake from her breast. But it would not let go, even when a man came to her rescue.
When the snake eventually did let go, the glamour model reportedly needed a tetanus shot – but it was the snake who came off worst as it is believed to have later died from silicon poisoning.

CoCoMutts - virgin coconut oil for dogs - FREE next day delivery for trade customers
Gablestock - superior wild bird food
Oasis London - wholesaler to the aquatic trade
Worldwide Tropicals - suppliers of acclimatised fish to the aquatic trade
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The PetQuip Awards for 2017 were launched at PATS Sandown last week.
A man has been cleared of murdering an elderly pet shop worker more than 20 years ago, according to a BBC News report.
Family-run manufacturer Fold Hill Foods says it has increased productivity and improved efficiency by enhancing the skills of its experienced workforce. has launched a new Travel Partner Shop, stocking the pet essentials for properties to make four-legged customers feel welcome and maximise revenue from pet owners.
Officials in the US are investigating four complaints related to thyroid hormone levels in dog food.
One in four UK pets is on a diet, according to survey results released this week by Rosewood Pet Products.
Comic Relief has apologised over the use of a brachycephalic breed in its campaign merchandise this year, following a letter sent by the British Veterinary Association highlighting that demand for these breeds – which can struggle with serious health problems – is being fuelled by their visibility in the media and through celebrity endorsement.
A pet product ‘marketplace’,, is looking for ‘exceptional’ new suppliers.
Radio Systems Corporation, owner of PetSafe and SportDOG, has bought Solvit Products, which specialises in highly functional, easy-to-use pet products for travel, active life, therapeutic and senior care.
Pawz Dog Boots has introduced clam shell packaging for one of its products, the MaxWax cream.
GA Pet Food Partners has launched a new online ordering system for customers.
WildWash launched two natural flea repellent products at Crufts.
The Crown Office in Scotland has confirmed that there will be no criminal proceedings or fatal accident inquiry over the deaths of twin brothers who drowned in an exterior fish tank at a house in Fife, reports the BBC news.
JBL has developed a new food for axolotls, which it says contains 2% fish oil to ‘achieve the correct protein-fat ratio of 5:1’.
Cat lovers are being urged to back a major campaign for a change in the law on air guns to bring England and Wales in line with the rest of the UK.
The governing body of the BBC, the BBC Trust, has said that a Watchdog programme featuring Pets at Home ‘lacked accuracy and had failed to be impartial or fair in its portrayal of the company’, constituting a serious breach of the BBC’s own Editorial Guidelines.
Harringtons has redesigned its packaging range to ‘increase category stand-out and simplify the shopping experience for consumers’.  The new packaging is being rolled out as brand owner Inspired Pet Nutrition aims ‘to capitalise on impressive recent sales growth’.
The Advertising Standards Authority has upheld a complaint against claims made about a flea and tick prevention product.
PATS Sandown closed yesterday, with 1,917 retailers and buyers having visited the show, a 3% rise on those who visited the two-day trade show in 2016.
PetSafe launched several new products at PATS Sandown, including automatic litter boxes that owners do not have to scoop out.
The largest number of pet product suppliers yet is exhibiting in the PetQuip trade association’s group at Zoomark 2017 in May.
A tortoise about to munch on some lunch, spaniels playing at the seaside and a kitten pawing at dust are just some of the images in the running for the RSPCA’s People’s Choice award this year.
PawSquad has launched an app that enables pet owners to book a video consultation service with vets online, as well as the ability to book a home visit.
Dr Roger Mugford, the founder of the Company of Animals, has teamed up with animal protection charity Humane Society International (HSI) and rescued eight dogs from the South Korean dog meat market.
Visiting retailers and exhibitors alike had a good first day at PATS Sandown, with both halls busy from the outset.
Forthglade has launched two new products at PATS Sandown. The manufacturer of natural wet food for dogs has unveiled its first-ever dry dog food and a selection of grain-free functional dog treats.
Some extremely creative names were among the innovative lines featured in this year’s New Product Award winners, announced at PATS Sandown today. They included I’ll Eat My Hat; Dirty Dogs Have All The Fun; Pawsecco Wine For Dogs and Cats; and Flea and Bug Spray with Horsetail, Eucalyptus and Nettle.
International Cat Care has devised a feeding plan, based on scientific evidence, to mimic the way cats eat in the wild and provide both physical and mental stimulation for cats. The plan encourages cats to hunt, explore, climb and play – activities which boost cats’ positive behaviour and well-being.
PATS Sandown opens at 9.30 this morning with more than 140 trade exhibitors showcasing a record number of new products today and tomorrow (Tuesday and Wednesday, March 21-22).
Natures Menu is giving away free freezers worth £495 at PATS Sandown today and tomorrow (March 21-22).
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Scruffs dry mats up for grabs
Scruffs is giving three lucky retailers the chance to win a POS Shipper (32 pieces) of Noodly Dry Mats.

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As the pond season approaches, the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association is reminding retailers that they can no longer sell four popular pond plants unless they already have a contract in place with their suppliers.
Stands at AQUA 2017 are almost sold out, with only a handful left to sell for the two-days aquatics trade show in October.
An aquatics retailer has pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm.
A pet and aquatics shop in Southampton has officially re-opened its fish house following a fire last September that caused its closure.
Several freshwater fish species have been added to the CITES Appendix III listing, with effect from January 3.
The Next Steps document issued by Defra today (February 2) outlining its proposed approach to the licensing of ‘animal activities’, including pet shops, has been broadly welcomed by OATA.
When Rory Fox asked his dad for a jellyfish when he was a teenager, he had no idea it would turn into an unusual business.
Maidenhead Aquatics has launched a project to introduce schoolchildren to the world of fishkeeping.
Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium is carrying out its annual census throughout January and is asking visitors to get involved in its own version of a fishy stock-take.
The fish Health Inspectorate has seized two batches of Myxocyprinus asiaticus, traded as Chinese high fin loach, from retailers. 
Visitors to AQUA 2017 in October can expect a busy and exciting show as the exhibition hall at Telford International Centre will be packed with companies showcasing new products, say its organisers.
A new ornamental aquatics conference and workshop is to take place in Singapore.
A wholesaler that supplies UK-bred and cultured corals, critter kits and zoo plankton is looking to expand and move to larger premises.
Tropical Marine Centre (TMC) has launched its REEF-Cam, a live streaming underwater camera, purpose-made for the aquatics market.
A PHD student is leading an investigation with three other explorers into the global aquarium fish trade.
Importers and retailers in England and Wales are being warned to check the gar species they sell to ensure they are not trading in illegal fish.
Multi award-winning Wigan-based manufacturer Evolution Aqua continue its expansion with the purchase of the Bermuda pond equipment brand.
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Once again the fireworks season has come round, and many pet owners will be looking for solutions to help their cats and dogs cope with the loud noises.
Our guide lists products that are available for retailers to stock that can help owners find a solution.

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Pet Business World is flying the flag and celebrating companies that are proud to be based in Britain.

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