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A tiny kitten is recovering after being rescued from a drainpipe.
A rescue dog has won an RSPCA animal award for helping his owner out of a coma.
Roxxi, an African grey parrot, was not feeling her usual self when she developed depression and anxiety.
A litter of kittens made a surprise appearance at a festival of speed.
A runner had a shock when a bear briefly joined a race in the US state of Colorado.
Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps has attempted to swim faster than a great white shark.
A dog owner was surprised when her pet golden retriever gave birth to a green puppy.
A London commuter had an unusual journey after he rescued a stranded baby pigeon and took him home on the train in a gift bag.
A kitten had to be rescued after ending up in a pigeon’s nest.
Hundreds of four-legged fund-raisers ran a charity dog race in Thailand  for a hospital in the capital city of Bangkok.
 A Hull city centre pet shop is to close after 60 years of being run by three generations of the same family.
With only six months to go until the deadline for the enforcement of new data protection regulations, research has revealed that the average UK SME has spent more than 80 days (600 hours) preparing over the past year. 
Burns By Your Side and Clybiau Plant Cymru Kids’ Clubs have run an awareness poster competition in out-of-school childcare clubs across Wales.
Family-run Taylors Pet Foods has set itself a mission: to educate as many people as possible about pet nutrition – and encourage customers to read the ingredients’ listings to know what they’re feeding their pets!
A new pet food brand has been launched, which aims to provide pet owners with trust in their pet’s nutrition by ‘understanding first-hand what goes into the production’. 
The RSPCA is appealing for information after what was believed to be a sick jungle cat was handed in to one of its London veterinary hospitals.
Researchers at the University of Bristol are asking puppy owners in the South West to send them samples of their puppy’s poo so that they can be monitored for antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
IAMS Proactive Health has embarked on a trialling campaign to find out what cats and their owners really think about the tailored nutrition provided within each kibble.
A Reading pet shop that has been targeted by protestors for about two years over its sales of puppies has had its pet shop licence revoked.
Mars Petcare staff spent the morning with pupils at Birchwood School, in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, to teach them how to own happy, healthy pets. 
 Pets at Home has opened its latest shop inside a Tesco Extra in Durham, the first to be located in the supermarket.
 A second trade and consumer pet show is being launched in Scotland.
Animal medicines industry body NOAH has unveiled its new Industry in Focus campaign showcasing images and stories collected to illustrate what animal health looks like today from a range of perspectives including industry, stakeholders, the political community and the pet-owning public.
 One hundred years ago today (on November 17, 1917), a sign was hung outside a dingy east London basement, inviting impoverished local people to bring their sick and injured animals for treatment. Inside, a single vet worked throughout the day, dressing wounds, fixing broken bones and dispensing medicine.
 Former Olympic badminton player Lisbet Stuer-Lauridsen wants to ensure people have the choice of spending the last moments with their pet in the family home so has launched a mobile nationwide pet service that will offer compassionate end-of-life care and ‘gentle’ euthanasia.
 The Fox and Hounds, in Theale, Berkshire, has taken top spot in’s national Dog-Friendly Pub Awards.
 CSJ has won the Best Dog Food of the Year Award in the SME Welsh Enterprise Awards 2017.
 The British Equestrian Trade Association sponsored the main arena at Your Horse Live for a fourth consecutive year and flew the flag for rider safety during the busy pre-Christmas shopping event at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, at the weekend (November 11-12).
 Dr Matt Hartley, a veterinary and conservation specialist with more than 20 years experience in zoos and wildlife, has joined the team at Twycross Zoo as director of life sciences.
HTC Health, a leading UK supplier of bulk pet health supplements, is helping raise funds for ME and Addison’s disease sufferer Jonathan Sheldon by donating some of its best-selling products to be auctioned off at a fundraising event.
 The UK’s leading raw pet food manufacturer has officially opened the doors of its new factory in Snetterton, Norfolk.
 The industry’s leading companies are showing their support for next year’s PATS Sandown and booking stands, say organisers.
As the first frosts hit, the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association is reminding the public of the importance of feeding wild birds, particularly during the colder months when natural food supplies are scarce.
After a tough judging process, Vet’s Kitchen has revealed Ozzie as the latest pooch to join its Pack Hero hall of fame. As the winner, Ozzie will become the face of the pet food brand’s new Adult Sensitive Duck variety dry dog food and has won a year’s supply of food.
Born Free’s wild orca Springer has given birth to her second calf.
Waterlife has reformulated and repackaged its Ultramarine sea salt.
A Thai businessman caused a stir when he paid 1.5m Thai baht (£33,578) for a rare 1.15m golden fancy carp, thought to be the largest of its kind in the country.
Vietnamese border guards in the northern province of Quảng Ninh say they have repeatedly detained people for smuggling fish from China.
Americans are taking so many anti-depressants that they are ending up in fish brains.
Fishermen in Russia claim to have caught a mutant fish, that appears to have two mouths and a hooked tail. The strange animal has one mouth on its face and what looks like another one on its round neck.
Officials in north-east Mexico said small fish fell from the sky during a light rain shower.
AQUA, the showcase for the UK’s water gardening and aquatics trade, will be returning to the Telford International Centre on October 16-17, 2019.
Consumer advisor Which? has endorsed Nishikoi’s ClearWaters Treatment Against Blanket Weed as a best buy for blanketweed control.
A 70-million-year-old lobe-finned fish fossil could rewrite the story of how our ancestors evolved to live on land.
A total of 1,643 visitors attended the AQUA 2017 trade show at Telford International Centre, and were greeted by more than 100 exhibitors – the highest number of exhibitors ever.
A new species of crab has been found on an island off Taiwan.
Aquatic plants don’t always grow as they are supposed to, says JBL, due to the presence of bacteria that can denature minerals and nutrients around the roots.
BioPod scored a double victory at the AQUA 2017 New Product Awards when it won the Reptile category for its BioPod Terra and the Aquaria & Furniture category with the BioPod Aqua.
More than 100 exhibitors unveiled a wide array of products to visitors to AQUA 2017 on the opening day of the busy aquatics and water gardening trade show at Telford International Centre.
Contractors have found a leopard pleco fish, usually found in the Amazon Basin, in a Walsall canal.
JBL has brought out its answer to algae and high nitrate levels in tanks – a new biological filter material.