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Somebody’s been telling porkies
Welcoming a ‘micropig’ into their home, Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter looked forward to life with their new, pint-sized pet.
Then, at just six weeks old, the tiny piglet, called Esther, was just 4lb, with her owners told she could grow up to 70lb.
But nearly five years on, the porker weighs a staggering 650lb – more than a fully-grown polar bear.
She lives in Steve and Derek’s house, where she naps on their bed, dresses up in cupcake-themed outfits and poses for photos. She scoffs dozens of pounds worth of fruit, vegetables and oats every week, as well as tubs of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, cakes and other treats, the Mirror reports.
But despite the massive cost, her owners say they love her, insisting they would never give up a pet – no matter how big they grew to be.
On a website dedicated to Esther, Steve and Derek say she is ‘entirely housebroken’ like their pet dogs.
“She asks to go outside and to come back in when she’s done, just like the dogs do,” the couple write on the site.
The pig is also an Internet sensation, boasting nearly one million followers on her Facebook page, Esther The Wonder Pig.

Game for quick adoption
Forget the Super Bowl – the Puppy Bowl is apparently what we want to see!
According to a report in the Metro, Puppy Bowl brings together nearly 80 dogs from 34 of America’s pet shelters. The aim is not only to find out who is top dog, but also to help these star
athletes find new homes.
And this year saw a cat-themed half-time show, starring none other than Kitty Gaga!
Team Ruff and Team Fluff went head-to-head on a miniature football stadium in New York and used their wagging tails to hit the ball for a touch-down. But it takes a lot of will power, as the field is littered with chew toys to distract them from the ball.
Animal Planet aired the game, which is in its 13th year.
Game referee Dan Schachner said the animals taking part were all adopted within minutes.
Team Fluff pulled off a 93-38 victory in the highest-scoring Puppy Bowl yet.

Arcadia has brought out the Arcadia Reptile 54W HO-T5 UVB kit.
Pet business Mark + Chappell has developed a healthcare range with the RSPCA exclusively for ‘bargain and home’ retail chain B&M.
Melton Mowbray is officially top dog as it has just been named the most dog-friendly town in the UK by the Dog Friendly Awards.
Graham Wheeler, managing director of The Real Pet Food Company, has joined the main board of Inspired Pet Nutrition – the UK’s largest independent producer of dry pet food with major brands such as Wagg and Harringtons.
The makers of Woof Dog Beer are hoping to make Christmas even more special for dogs this year.
The British Equestrian Trade Association has welcomed a decision by the International Federation for Equestrian Sports’ to remove MSM – dimethyl sulphone – from its equine prohibited substances list.
A pet tag business has launched a nationwide initiative to find pets that look just like their owners, with animal lovers around the UK invited to take part by submitting photographs of themselves alongside their four-legged doppelgängers.
The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association hosted a seminar, ‘Pet Food Exposed’, at the 21st Congress of the European Society of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition at Cirencester.
British start-up Catipilla is launching a range of cat climbing frames at The National Pet Show at Birmingham’s NEC on November 4-5.
A total of 1,643 visitors attended the AQUA 2017 trade show at Telford International Centre, and were greeted by more than 100 exhibitors – the highest number of exhibitors ever.
Mars Petcare is celebrating 30 years of manufacturing at its Birstall site, near Leeds.
Research by a national cat charity indicates that people who say they like black cats soon change their mind when they view pictures of them.
Boehringer Ingelheim, a global pharmaceutical company and the world’s second largest animal health business, has joined forces with the FEI – the global governing body for horse sport – to promote equine health and education.
The man credited with saving the aquatics industry more than £250m was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the organisation at the AQUA 2017 dinner in Telford last night (Wednesday).
Pets at Home has confirmed that it is opening on a new retail development in the North East.
BioPod scored a double victory at the AQUA 2017 New Product Awards when it won the Reptile category for its BioPod Terra and the Aquaria & Furniture category with the BioPod Aqua.
More than 100 exhibitors unveiled a wide array of products to visitors to AQUA 2017 on the opening day of the busy aquatics and water gardening trade show at Telford International Centre.
A North Yorkshire veterinary practice is proving you can teach an old dog new tricks after launching pioneering clinics for golden oldies.
The Advertising Standards Authority says it has found ‘no breach’ in an advertisement run by PETA.
About 100 homeless cats living on the streets of Everton, Liverpool, were identified during the first fortnight of Cats Protection’s in-depth Cat Watch study.
The charity launched the study to enable it to better target its neutering work to help communities with large numbers of un-owned cats.
Dog food brand CSJ will be the main sponsor of the Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain Aviemore Sled Dog Rally next year.
Lily’s Kitchen has launched three natural, grain-free functional treats for dogs as part of its Truly Naturals range.
Three animal welfare charities are celebrating after securing backing from the charitable arm of one of the UK’s leading independent pet food companies.
Older people who have active pets tend to be less sedentary, have a lower BMI and need fewer doctor visits than their peers without pets, according to new research.
A veterinary practice says hundreds of cat owners are at risk of accidentally killing their pets by using flea treatments bought online or from supermarkets and meant for dogs.
Amazon is set to announce it has cracked the problem of how to deliver groceries to your fridge or into your car boot – without you even having to be there!
Petlife International says it has improved its range of hi-viz dog jackets, incorporating new Vizlite technology, to increase visibility when walking dogs in the dark.
A man who bred and sold hundreds of puppies, making tens of thousands of pounds, has been given a suspended sentence and disqualified from keeping animals for a string of animal welfare offences.
Animal welfare groups have welcomed the news that the Government is to review air gun licensing.
Pets At Home is once again on the hunt for pet product innovators as it holds a ‘dragons’ den’ style innovation day next month.
Consumer advisor Which? has endorsed Nishikoi’s ClearWaters Treatment Against Blanket Weed as a best buy for blanketweed control.
A 70-million-year-old lobe-finned fish fossil could rewrite the story of how our ancestors evolved to live on land.
A new species of crab has been found on an island off Taiwan.
Aquatic plants don’t always grow as they are supposed to, says JBL, due to the presence of bacteria that can denature minerals and nutrients around the roots.
Contractors have found a leopard pleco fish, usually found in the Amazon Basin, in a Walsall canal.
JBL has brought out its answer to algae and high nitrate levels in tanks – a new biological filter material.
A video clip of a starfish walking along a beach has gone viral.
Marine Arts will be inviting visitors to think ‘outside of the tank’ at AQUA 2017.
Hawaii has effectively stopped the collecting of marine fish for the global ornamental trade.
Aquatics brand Fluval is harnessing the power of the internet to drive consumers to their local independent aquatic retailers using ‘bespoke geo-targeted Facebook campaigns’.
Final preparations are under way as the AQUA 2017 trade exhibition gets set to open its doors at Telford International Centre on Wednesday next week (October 18th).
AQUA 2017 will stage its biggest-ever aquatics and water gardening trade show with a record number of more than 100 exhibitors showcasing their products and services later this month.
A public aquarium has come to the rescue of a stranded giant Sunfish.
New Zealand marine scientists exploring the remote islands of the Southwest Pacific have discovered a new species of fish.
Prodibio is growing its Marine Aquarium Care range by launching Pure Ocean, which will be shown at AQUA 2017.
A scientist was stunned to find a new species of surgeonfish being sold at a fish market in the Philippines.
A spokesman said: “Written in an accessible and friendly style, helpful content will educate new fishkeepers and drive category trade-up for more experienced fishkeepers.”