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Home-spun music for food and love
Spiders can tune webs to help catch prey or even attract a mate, according to researchers at Oxford University.
Arachnids can control the web’s tension and stiffness so the silk transmits vibrations in different frequencies, like a plucked guitar string.
“Spiders use vibrations not only from prey which is caught in their web, where obviously it’s important that they know where it is and what it might be,” said researcher Beth Mortimer.
“But vibrations are also important in courtship. A lot of males will actually generate a very specific kind of musical pattern which the females can use to determine not only that they’re a male but they’re the right species and whether she might want to mate with them as well.”
Beth added that spiders also use the information to assess if the web is wearing out and needs repairing.

Nessie takes a monster trip
The Loch Ness monster has made a long trip north and now resides in the chilly waters of Alaska – if video footage is to be believed.
One man, who works in the sparsely-populated US state, caught a bizarre creature on camera at the Chena River – and thinks it could be  proof that sea monsters exist. The footage was recorded by Bureau of Land Management employee Craig McCaa, who described the 15ft long creature as ‘strange’.
Craig told Alaska Dispatch News: “I initially thought, and several people thought, it could be some rope that snagged on the bottom of the river with chunks of ice.
“Other people have mentioned everything from sea monster to giant sturgeon.”
Klaus Wuttig, a management biologist from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, says there’s nothing bizarre about the ‘creature’, and believes it is, in fact, just a bit of rope with loose pieces of slush and ice stuck to it.
“It looks like it’s swimming,” he said, “but its actually stationary and just wading [sic] in the current.”

PATS Sandown is the premier event for the pet trade all under one roof, with hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of products. We bring you the latest product news from the show

Entries for the 2017 Pet Industry Federation Awards open today through, the website of pbwnews, the Forum & Awards’ media sponsor.
After a period of growth, both in the UK and around the world, The Company of Animals is to move and expand its warehouse distribution facilities. 
Burns by Your Side, a community scheme led by Burns Pet Nutrition, has scooped the award for Best Volunteer Group (over 25) at the Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services Volunteering Awards.
Multiple brands of rawhide chew products for dogs have been voluntarily recalled in the US by United Pet Group.
As Britain recorded its hottest week of the year so far, with temperatures soaring above 30°C, catering staff at a South Coast resort have been serving iced treats to a new breed of customer – the furry, four-legged kind!
Dodson & Horrell is increasing its productivity and turnover through investment in modernising its plant and machinery and plans to double its canine business over the next five years.
Gaynor Hillier has been elected as chair of NOAH (National Office of Animal Health) for 2017, after this year’s AGM in London.
Dog owners across the UK are being invited to take part in the ‘Bring Your Dog To Work Day’ on June 23.
The pet trade has risen to the challenge of this week’s record-breaking temperatures, which have been particularly difficult for raw food suppliers.
More international buyers and exhibitors are expects at PATS Telford in September.
The founder of a cat rescue is urging people to think twice before criticising charities for not doing enough.
Dorwest Herbs has the honour of being the only company with a range of fully licensed herbal veterinary medicines, and last year it moved to bespoke premises in Dorchester. We chat with granddaughter Jo Boughton-White to learn more about the family business
Twenty international sales partners and 250 of their customers from 19 countries attended Trixie’s trade fair in Germany this month. The theme of the in-house show was ‘New views – fresh perspectives’.
Two charities have teamed up to equip all fire engines in East Sussex with specialist pet oxygen kits in a bid to save the lives of more animals.
German company Schockemöhle Sports will return to BETA International next year to sponsor the Coffee Shop under its Tonics footwear brand for a third consecutive year.
Natures Menu has launched its own track and trace service for online deliveries. The Norfolk-based business believes it is the first pet food company in the UK to do so.
Two pet shops have been collecting donations to help pets that have been separated from their owners following the horrific fire at the Grenfell Tower block in London.
From being in pop videos to the pea-popping star on the Birds Eye adverts, Victoria Eisermann has been a model for 30 years and has appeared on catwalks and in the Playboy lingerie calendar.
King British has launched a video that explains the ingredients in its aquatics food, the health benefits and why it uses IHB, a unique ingredient to King British.
3P Enterprise has relaunched its website in response to calls from customers for an online ordering facility to simplify their product selection process.
More than 400 people and their dogs enjoyed a ‘Walk in the Park’ at Walsall Arboretum yesterday (Sunday) and helped raise nearly £3,000 for Birmingham Dogs Home with more money coming in for sponsorship everyday. Many families took part with dogs they had adopted from the Home.
This is a big year for Beaphar as it celebrates 75 years in the pet industry. With strong business growth in January, acquiring Beaphar Norway and Beaphar Belgium as full daughter companies, a successful show at PATS in March, and the Beaphar 75th Anniversary Team taking on the ultimate sporting challenge for charity next month, the business is now launching its 75th Anniversary edition of the Beaphar Product Guide.
Marks Tey Discount Pet Foods celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, but so far it’s been a bit of a quiet affair – everyone has been too busy dealing with customers and the day-to-day running of the business…
US chilled pet food brand Freshpet, one of the fastest growing pet food companies in North America, is strengthening its UK team with the appointment of Hannah Edwards as senior marketing manager.
This year’s Great Global Greyhound Walk was a record-breaker, with the total number of walks registered beating all previous years’ totals.
IAMS has introduced a new 1.5kg format to its Proactive Health Adult Cat range to encourage shoppers to trade up to ‘a more advanced nutrition’.
The Company of Animals is to sponsor the Heelwork to Music Team Great Britain at the Open European Championships, with its very own Lucy Heath as part of the team.
Pet food business CSJ sponsored the Sheepdog Challenge Trial at Surrey County Show with highlights available to view at:
The Royal Veterinary College, which has the busiest animal hospital blood donor programme in Europe, is calling for more donors to come forward.
A pet owner rang 999 for help after their mouse escaped under the sofa and was apparently ‘too fast’ to catch.
Collarways will be distributing a new line of products from AgroBiothers, based in France, from this month.
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Win Ancol Shampoo and Cologne display stands
Ancol is giving five lucky readers the chance to win Ancol Shampoo and Cologne display stands with a total value of more than £1,500.

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Five packs of pet food up for grabs
Readers CAN win one of five combo packs of Eden Pet Foods products with a total retail value of £500.

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A Scottish aquarium has closed for a three-month-long refurbishment to mark its 20th anniversary.
Tetra has launched a new and limited-edition aquarium to welcome young children into fishkeeping.
An aquatics wholesaler has been included in a list of companies judged most likely to inspire Britain.
A jellyfish specialist has expanded his business and is now offering jellyfish and a range of tanks to aquatics retailers. 
Dr Herbert Richard Axelrod, a pioneer in the aquatics hobby, died on May 15, aged 89 years.
A top Japanese koi breeder and exporter is to visit England this month for a buyer’s event hosted by Koi Wholesale.
Fluval has brought out the Fluval Mini Protein Skimmer for marine aquariums of 20-80 litres.
As a retailer, there are a number of things you can do to not only put your consumers’ minds at ease while helping to boost sales during the warmer months.
EHEIM has launched its compactON aquarium pump, available in six sizes with flow rates from 170 to 5,000 liters per hour.
Hagen’s Vicenza and Venezia aquarium range have been upgraded with LED lighting.
Scientists have found a way to extend the lifespan of the turquoise killifish (Nothobranchius furzeri), which hit old age after just a couple of months.
World Feeds has launched the HolidayGRAZER, which provides seven days’ of food while owners are away.
Following a major clean-up of a short section of Manchester’s canals in which 40 tonnes of waste was removed, freshwater fish including pike and perch are now thriving.
JBL is offering retailers ‘an attractive, small sales display’ for its JBL PlanktonPur freshwater and marine fish food.
Children perform 10% better in school if they have a fish as a pet.
A Scottish aquarium has closed for a three-month-long refurbishment to mark its 20th anniversary.
Tropical Marine Centre has launched its latest high-performance professional protein skimmer incorporating a cone-shaped design, which ensures an optimum water-to-air contact time and encourages the unrestricted concentration of bubbles upwards towards the collection cup for efficient skimming.

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