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A horrified woman found a huntsman spider had hitched a lift with her…and things only got worse!
A Labrador that likes chasing ducks had to be rescued by firefighters after swimming after the birds for more than half a mile and showing no signs of stopping.
Two tiny kittens are lucky to be alive after they were spotted by eagle-eyed workers at a recycling centre on the rubbish-sorting conveyor belt.
The runt of a litter of Great Danes that was unable to nurse eventually grew to 89.5 inches tall standing on his hind legs and holds the Guinness record for the world’s tallest dog.
A new report by thortful reveals the biggest passion-killers that will stop your romantic intentions in their tracks.
Researchers at Colorado State University, in Denver, are working on an artificial intelligence product that can give dogs commands, determine whether the dog obeys and release treats for good behavior.
A clever cat has been assigned the role of a ‘postcat’ for his owners and their neighbours.
Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov has designated the last Sunday in April as a national holiday to honor the Alabai, a local dog breed.
Swallowing a conker wasn’t one of Monty the Labrador’s best moves. It resulted in life-threatening internal complications but thanks to skilled teamwork at Davies Veterinary Specialists, the critically ill hound made a full recovery.
An Australian got a shock when he returned home to find two snakes had crashed through his ceiling and were slithering around his Queensland house.

Surrey-based Nutriment has extended the product line of its sub-brand, Leo & Wolf, with a range of premium pet treats for cats and dogs.
Welfare and vets groups have welcomed the Queen’s Speech, which announced the Government will bring forward legislation to ensure the UK has the highest standards of animal welfare.
Police have arrested a teenage boy on suspicion of arson after a fire broke out at a Pets at Home store in Worthing, West Sussex.
A new survey reveals that, while online spending surged in the 12 months after the start of the first covid-19 lockdown, any suggestion that the pandemic has transformed forever the way consumers will shop is based on ‘hope rather than fact’.
Mars Petcare has rolled out a new pack design across its market-leading Dreamies range to celebrate its support for the LGBT Foundation.
The owner of Jus4paws Pet Supplies in North Wales had never dreamed of running a pet shop. As an animal lover all her life, Justine Darvill was happy doing cleaning jobs to support her family, pets and rescue animals when a turn of events caused a dramatic rethink, as she explained to Justine Thompson
A massive 64% of 2,000 respondents to new research say dog waste has become an increasing issue in their area.
A man has been jailed for permitting the cropping of his nine puppies’ ears.
Pet food business Oscar says there has never been a better time to consider a franchise opportunity.
A Pet Theft Taskforce was launched today (Saturday) to investigate the rise in pet theft since the start of lockdown. has launched what it believes to be the world’s first pet food SMS reorder service.
Having car insurance is a legal requirement for motorists, but whether it’s valid or not depends on the accuracy of the information your insurance company holds.
The RSPCA has expanded its food bank partnership to cover Cheshire and Merseyside.
Award-winning Soopa has launched a new Puppy Dental Stick and expanded its Healthy Bites range.
A new report using TikTok data has been released by credit card comparison site, revealing which breeds of dog are receiving the most video views on the social channel.
PetPlace is giving back to its loyal community of pet parents by launching the PetPlace Plus+ app, providing free advice and guidance, latest news and exclusive offers with added benefits and features being introduced throughout 2021.
Award-winning pet retailer Piers Smart is featured in a Financial Times article under the headline ‘My First Million’.
UK Pet owners could save more than £600m a year by buying flea and tick treatments over the counter rather than from the vet, a leading retailer says.
NOAH has launched a campaign to help improve access to pets for people living in rented or socially owned housing.
A new training company whose aim is to support individuals working in the pet industry with a range of training courses and qualifications has been launched today (Wednesday).
A village pet shop has been hit by burglars who stole £100 in cash from the till during the break-in.
Fresh from their appearance on TV’s ‘Dragons’ Den’, the husband and wife team behind circus-themed guinea pig accessories brand HayPigs! were full of praise for the experience and grateful for the support they have received.
New British pet food brand Aardvark has introduced its first range of kibbles, produced using only sustainable protein ingredients and packaged using fully recyclable, sustainable and industrially compostable packaging.
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pbwnews digital magazine resource
UK trade body OATA has responded to comments made by the Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation, describing them as ‘unjustified and showing a lack of proper research’ into the way live ornamental fish are transported.
The WWF is warning that the UK is ‘no exception’ when it comes to the loss of freshwater fish species, as a new report exposes the dire outlook for populations across the world.
An International consortium of governments, universities and non-governmental organisations is studying great white shark behaviour in the northwest Atlantic ocean to prevent human-shark conflict and protect both species.
TV gardener David Domoney aims to encourage more people to add water features to their homes and gardens as he enters a new partnership with OASE.
Vets at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine put a woman’s ailing pet seahorse into a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to cure him of gas bubble disease, which is similar to decompression sickness or ‘the bends’, a condition that occurs in scuba divers who surface too quickly.
The price of Hawaiian tropical fish is set to soar following a court ruling banning commercial marine aquarium fishing.
Aquaja – a Dutch specialist in pet and aquatic shop fitting – has fitted the first shop in the UK with its Economy Line Aquaria Stand system.
The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA) has sent a letter to government ministers seeking urgent action to resolve problems of importing livestock and products into the UK, which have arisen since the end of the Brexit transition period in January.
A new film exploring the artisanal fishing trade for the home aquarium industry in Brazil has been released on Vimeo.
Penguins at the London Aquarium have been enjoying festive films in a bid to help them prepare for visitors post-lockdown.
BBC Radio 4 consumer programme ‘You and Yours’ featured the growing popularity of fish keeping in its early December programme. During lockdown many people took on a new pet – not just cats and dogs, fish found a new fan-base too.
Ibrahim Mefire Kouotou, MD of the aquatics group EHEIM, has been crowned manager of the year by a French trade publication.
It’s not often you get to share Sunday brunch with sharks and a turtle but that’s exactly what two divers did in an effort to raise money for cancer research.
The man behind a project to support Amazonian ornamental fisheries, Scott Dowd, has received a major award for his work.
With less than a month to go until the end of the Transition Period, the government is urging businesses and consumers to check online guidance around importing and exporting products that are covered by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).
Aquatic retailers are being urged to check the credentials of courier companies if they have recently begun to use them to transport live fish.
Aquatic retailers and water garden centres are being urged to get behind the Be Plant Wise campaign this autumn, to help prevent the spread of invasive species.