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You couldn't make it up!

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A mutant turtle has defied the odds by surviving with two heads.
Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, have welcomed a new pet into their family.
A headless chicken that survived after being decapitated has been adopted by monks.
A friendship has developed between a whippet, called Boo, and a magpie, called Mike.
A video has appeared online of a raccoon falling nine storeys from a block of flats it was climbing, reported the Mirror.
A kitten called Spock decided to ‘boldy go where no cat had gone before’ – and got his head stuck in a small hole in the back of a kitchen cupboard.
A family has adopted Britain’s biggest puppy, a great Dane that is more than 6ft tall and weighs 43kg (95lb) – and still growing!
A man was found to have a live 10cm tapeworm lodged in his brain.
A vet from West Kirby, Merseyside, has been filmed for CBeebies’ ‘erne and Rory’s Vet Tales.
This year marks 75 years since the PDSA Dickin Medal was established. The award – created in 1943 by PDSA founder Maria Dickin CBE – honours animals that served in the Second World War and has been presented around 70 times to dogs, pigeons, horses and a cat.
Jessie, a macaw parrot, told the fire team that came to rescue her what she thought of them, using some choice words.
A rescue dog has been bringing some joy to hospital patients and has been captured on film for a new Channel 5 series of The Dog Rescuers.
LOCATION: a small Greek island paradise in a nature reserve on Syros, with views of the Aegean. JOB: to look after 70 cats for four hours a day.
TV viewers watching coverage of Hurricane Florence were mystified when a reporter failed to mention a parrot perched on a resident’s shoulder.
A Syrian hamster has caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to a new car by chewing its way through seat-belts, plastic and cushions.
Songwriter John McLaughlin, best known for writing hit songs for artists such as Rod Stewart and Cliff Richard, has teamed up with the Scottish SPCA to create a music album aimed at relaxing dogs.
Burger King added dog food to its menu so man and his best friend could eat together.
Italian pet trade show Zoomark International has moved from its traditional weekend slot to Monday, May 6-Thursday, May 9 next year.
Pet food manufacturer Skinner’s Pet foods has signed a long-term agreement as an official club partner of premiership team Gloucester Rugby Club.
A Scottish retailer is delighted after having won a regional business award for the third year running.
A series of audiobooks, aimed at reducing stress in dogs, has been inspired by research at Hartpury University.
Robert Evans has joined Cheshire-based HJ Lea Oakes as business development manager.
Vital Pet Group says it is almost back to normal levels of stock, with 90%-plus fulfilment on most orders.
The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association is re-launching its industry training packages with new online courses after gaining City & Guilds accreditation.
A former nurse has swapped bandages for clippers by launching her own spa for dogs – and according to press reports her business is now forecast to have an £85,000 turnover next year.
PATS Telford is on track to attract ever-stronger numbers of international buyers in 2019.
Raw pet food manufacturer Natural Instinct has recalled its Wild Venison (Natural Cat Food) in Northern Ireland and Wales because some of the ingredients were not inspected in line with EU requirements.
It’s time to smash the myths around the feeding of fish to dogs and that Fish4Dogs is a ‘niche’ product, so the company is determined to change mindsets – especially in the UK
Whimzees – the all-natural daily dental treat for dogs – has introduced its first Christmas shapes to the UK.
A new emergency service for pets is set to be launched in the Scottish Borders.
UK company Sure Petcare is to display its new ‘connected’ pet product range at the US show CES 2019 in Las Vegas on January 7-11.
CSJ has seen another increase in sales of its Focus! herbs.
Lucky & Prince has unveiled a new range of ‘eco-friendly’ human-grade meat products for dogs.
The organisers have revealed that, after the success of the first The Dog Lover Show in September, the second show is well under way. The 2019 floorplan was released to trade in October – and 40% of the space was sold on launch!
UK pet food manufacturer Symply has once again used Law Print for its packaging needs, this time to help with a refresh of its Canagan brand.
In the past 18 months Burns Pet Nutrition has celebrated its 25th anniversary, been featured in The Sunday Times as one of the UK’s fastest growing companies and fed thousands of pets worldwide.
Tesco has put another natural brand on its shelves in response to the growing demand for natural pet foods.
Thousands of pets will soon feel the benefit of a pioneering Pet Wellbeing Centre as building work starts on vet charity PDSA’s new state-of-the-art hospital.
A lorry full of pet food made its way to an RSPCA centre in Cambridgeshire after a desperate plea for supplies.
Two of Fish4Dogs’ best-selling products have been highly commended in the Your Dog Product Awards for the second year running.
Norwood Aquarium has been appointed as an authorised distributor of the biOrb range of aquarium products.
Tetra has upgraded its FilterActive water conditioner, which it says ‘has been optimised to keep the filter and substrate cleaner for longer’ while supporting the biological balance in the aquarium after water changes.
Mexico has arrested an alleged drug cartel hitman on charges of trafficking the critically endangered totoaba fish, a species whose swimbladder can fetch up to $20,000 on the black market in China.
More than a quarter of fish near the River Thames have eaten plastic, a new study shows.
German aquatics manufacturer EHEIM has launched its incpiria marine, a marine water aquarium combination.
Zoo Med Labs has launched its TurtleClean 10 and 20 Deluxe Turtle Filters.
The Marine Aquarium Societies of North America (MASNA) has awarded the 2018 MASNA Pioneer Award to Walt Smith, who pioneered sustainable collecting methods for marines.
Species of creatures dating back millions of years have gone on display at Newquay’s seafront Blue Reef Aquarium, including  horseshoe crabs, caiman, corals and sharks.
China’s Aquarama 2018 event closed on a high note, having attracted more than 47,000 visitors over its four days.
OATA has responded to an article in National Geographic about betta fish and a PETA campaign to stop its sale in US pet stores.
DEFRA has amended one of the guidance notes on staffing in the newly-introduced animal activities regulations.
With less than a year to go before AQUA 2019, organisers say the UK’s aquatics and water gardening trade exhibition is shaping up to be ‘one of the best shows ever staged in its history’.
OATA has joined forces with Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Trading Standards team to provide new support and advice guidance for its members.
Paludariums are a window into nature that ‘fit perfectly in homes or offices’ says Zoo Med, which has launched its new range.
The Marina 360 aquarium, from Hagen, not only lets fish owners view their fish from all angles, but also includes remote-control LED lighting.
German aquatics company EHEIM has once again received the environmental certificate Grüner Punkt in recognition of its savings in energy, resources and emissions.
Fluval has launched the Fluval Pressurised CO₂ Kits, which provide all the necessary tools needed to grow aquarium plants.