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You couldn't make it up!

First hand experiences from Newshound, our undercover retailer. Share your own retail views and experiences.


A Staffie that was rescued by the RSPCA has been rehomed and has befriended her new family’s pet lizard.
A cat has been saved by vets after swallowing some sewing thread.
A supermarket customer was left stunned when he discovered a live frog inside a pack of green salad he had bought at a supermarket in Greece, Yahoo7 News reported.
A foul-mouthed African grey parrot has been filmed giving his verdict on Donald Trump – branding the US President a “w*****” in a video that has appeared online.
A vet has dressed up as a giant mouse to calm the nerves of a rescue dog with anxiety problems.
A pet hamster, trapped in a tiny pipe for six days, has been freed thanks to a small wire ladder.
A pet cockatoo has been banned  from eating her favourite treats after getting fatty liver from over-indulgence.
An image that has appeared online has left many scratching their heads as to whether the animal is actually a cat or a crow.
The Pets ‘n’ Vets Family has carried out a pioneering operation on a pet rabbit with a fractured hind leg.
A fight broke out at a zoo after a gay penguin couple took a chick whose mum and dad had left it unattended.
A great white shark has been filmed stealing a fisherman’s catch in footage that appeared on Facebook.
A police dog that was first on the scene after last year’s Manchester terror attack has been honoured with the PDSA Order of Merit.
A man in China was shocked after the ‘puppy’ he bought cheaply from a dog dealer turned out to be a bamboo rat.
An elderly moggy, which is one of the UK’s oldest cats, is still causing mischief at the age of 23.
An investigation for a television channel has revealed that some regular food and drink ingredients come from unlikely places – such as a beaver’s anus!
A pet rat has recovered following surgery at a York veterinary practice to remove a tumour the size of a satsuma!
Kendall Clee, of Blacks Vets, in Dudley, West Midlands, has won the Veterinary Receptionist of the Year award.
Garden and outdoor leisure trade show Glee has joined the ‘digital revolution’ with the launch of a new exhibition smartphone app, designed to provide a matchmaking solution to help suppliers and retailers to get the most out of their time at the show.
Tomra Food, a leading manufacturer of sensor-based sorting machines for the food industry, has diversified to provide applications to pet food producers.
Scrumbles is expanding its range of pet food with a selection of grain-free wet food and treats for dogs.
Skinner’s Pet Foods has sponsored the first Woofers Winter Walk.
The grounding of the world’s entire Boeing 737 Max 8 fleet could mean delays to overseas freight, warns an international delivery expert.
Peckish has extended its weather sponsorship campaign on Channel 4.
Company of Animals has launched new additions to its Halti range.
British brand Henry Wag is to exhibit at Global Pet Expo 2019, in Orlando, Florida this month. It is the first time the lifestyle brand – which caters for dogs and now horses – will have been presented to the US market.
The number of Staffordshire bull terriers arriving at RSPCA centres has fallen by 34% over the last five years, according to the charity.
The latest Meet the International Buyers event organised by the PetQuip and Gardenex associations is to take place at the export trade body’s head office in Brasted, Kent on Wednesday, March 27.
FURminator has unveiled a new and ‘enhanced’ range of products.
Leading international pet accessories business Trixie has confirmed that it will be exhibiting at Pets at Glee for the first time this year.
Hero Pet Brands has formed a new retail partnership with the Petmania pet shop chain in Ireland.
Dog owners are being reminded of the importance of keeping pets on a lead to avoid attacks on grazing livestock.
Toy brand Chuckit! launched a photography competition at Crufts.
Supreme’s Selective brand has benefited from a redesign aimed at communicating the product quality more clearly.
Eukanuba is launching a digital campaign to drive sales to mark 50 years since its inception.
A pet shop is offering dog walkers free, recyclable poo bags after a growing number of complaints on social media about dog fouling in his town.
James Kennedy, new sales director for Forthglade natural pet food has been enjoying his introduction to the pet food sector, taking the lead at events such as PATS and Crufts.
Royal Canin is introducing a new range from May.
Petdata, an Austria-based company that helps pet stores produce labels for their plants and livestock, is branching out into the UK.
Leading figures from the UK pet industry were among the delegates and speakers at conference on The Future for International Trade, held in Stratford Upon Avon yesterday (March 12).  The event was organised by leading trade associations, PetQuip, Gardenex and BHETA.
New rules against unfair trading will finally address long-standing abuse of farmers and growers by all-powerful supermarkets and retail chains, a leading MEP has told colleagues.
CASCO PET has brought out a ‘quick and easy solution’ to maintain fish tanks and reduce fish mortality.
Aquatics firm Aquaja has set up a second company to focus on innovation and further development, Aquaja Innovations.
The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association is starting to gather information on how pet shops and wholesalers have found the new licensing regime in England.
A rare ‘tsunami fish’ has reappeared off the California coast. The fish is believed to have migrated from Japan to the West Coast on debris that floated across the Pacific following the catastrophic 2011 tsunami.
JBL has brought out a new digital thermometer, the JBL Aquarium Thermometer DigiScan, which displays temperatures between 0 and 40 degrees Celsius.
Marine species will feature prominently in next year’s World Wildlife Day when they become the theme of the event for the first time ever.
JBL has stepped up its commitment to recycling and now presses its own paper and cardboard for recycling.
Scientists have found an extremely rare fish in the Rio Grande along the US-Mexico border.
Fluval has launched a new aquarium plant care supplement, Plant Gro Plus.
A microbiologist at JBL has succeeded in making JBL products with living bacteria frost-proof.
More than 200 volunteers flocked to the beach at Great Yarmouth on New Year’s Day for a beach clean-up, organised by Sea Life Great Yarmouth.
The Siamese fighting fish, Betta splendens, has been formally recognised as Thailand’s national aquatic animal by the country’s National Identity Committee.
Following from hobbyists and specialist dealers, JBL has launched the JBL ProClean Bac, a ‘ready-to-use, immediate-effect’ bacterial concentrate.
The Environment Agency is asking the public to be vigilant and report any instances of floating pennywort, an invasive species, in rivers.
The Biaze Big Fish Campaign, which aims to draw attention to the plight facing big fish species in the aquatics hobby, has been relaunched.
King British has launched a consumer campaign, Give your fish the Royal Treatment, and is encouraging aquatic retailers to join in.
Eheim’s incpiria has won the bronze medal in the Innovation and Design category at the Animal Expo – Animalis Show in Paris.