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A woman who visited a pet shop came back with something completely different.
Two racoon dogs have been rescued in the same village – just hours apart!
An x-ray revealed an unusual object in a cat’s stomach.
A sheep has been taking lessons on how to be a lamb.
A snail racing competition was postponed because the snails were too ‘sluggish’ to take part.
A mutant crayfish has learned to clone itself and is invading Europe and beyond.
The RSPCA was called after meows were heard coming from the flooring of a house on a building site in Corby, Northamptonshire.
An elderly woman had a problem under her wardrobe.
A dog ended up attached to a manhole cover during freezing temperatures.
An unusual surfer took to the water in California.
A zoo outside Paris had to be evacuated after monkeys escaped.
A cat that was trapped in a car engine is on the mend.
A couple with a new baby were puzzled when dummies started going missing from their home.
A terrified woman called the RSPCA after finding a two-metre-long ‘snake’ in her garden.
Police were called out by a farmer reporting a tiger on the loose.
A family was shocked to find a stray cat stuck inside their sofa.
A couple who run a grooming salon are spearheading a campaign to make a Welsh seaside town a dog-friendly area for four-legged visitors.
Pet food brand WildThings has teamed up with rescue charity Swan Lifeline for a new campaign to ‘Ban the Bread’ from rivers, lakes and ponds.
Pet brand Oscar & Hooch has launched a new website to include new features including a trade ordering facility.
The Bramton Company’s Simple Solution range has gained WoolSeal approval.
Rabbit owners are being warned to protect their pets from a deadly disease after an outbreak in Lincolnshire.
More than half of US pet dogs and cats were classified as obese in 2017 in the annual survey of owners and veterinarians by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. 
Members of a gang of fraudsters – estimated to have made at least £2.5m selling sick and dying puppies – have been disqualified from keeping dogs for life and some have also been jailed.
Wyevale Garden Centres, the country’s largest garden centre operator, has been put up for sale by investment group Terra Firm.
Natures Menu has added a third training course to its educational portfolio with the launch of its True Instinct Advisor training for anyone wanting to give advice or sell raw pet foods.
More than 13,400 Pets at Home, Groom Room and Vets4Pets colleagues in all it 440-plus stores, including the support office and distribution centres, are to become Dementia Friends through Alzheimer’s Society’s programme.
A petition urging online marketplace Groupon to stop promoting greyhound racing has gathered more than 46,000 signatures.
The British Veterinary Association has welcomed plans for a strategic alliance between the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) and Queen’s University Belfast.
Pet-lifestyle site PetsPyjamas has launched new services for owners who want to involve their dog in their wedding plans.
A pet retailer has appealed for help to track down the person responsible for breaking into and stealing stock from her shop.
Recent research by Ceva Animal Health, manufacturer of veterinary behaviour products Feliway and Adaptil, has revealed that holidays can be hugely stressful for both pets and their owners, with more than 80% of pet owners feeling guilty about leaving their pet while they are away.
Poppy’s Picnic has invited the residents of a care home to experience the therapeutic power of pets during a special picnic lunch at its offices.
Global food company Nestlé has reversed disappointing trade figures and posted a 2.8% rise in sales, boosted by US spending on pets. 
 Tetra has launched a new Micro food range, designed specifically to suit smaller species of ornamental fish with small mouths, including young and adolescent fish.
Vegan dog food company V-Dog is to expand internationally in tandem with sister firm V-Planet. The plant-based foods, distributed for 13 years in the US, are sold as fully nutritional alternatives to meat products, LiveKindly reports. 
Pre-tax profits at Pets At Home fell last year despite revenue growth as the group counted the cost of an investment drive.
The Barking Mad franchise has made it to the shortlist in this year’s bfa HSBC Franchise Awards, in the category Brand Awareness.
Pet owners in the US are increasingly asking financial advisers for guidance in estate planning that includes leaving instructions and funds for the care of their animals. 
Unisys has created an app to enable owners to keep tabs on their pets riding in aeroplane cargo holds. Called Digi-Pet, the device is available in Asia and recently began trials in the US.
Vets in the US are treating more cases of marijuana toxicity in pets in areas where marijuana has been decriminalised, and the Pet Poison Helpline says calls related to marijuana have increased by 448% since 2013.
To the surprise of the scientists, populations of a South American guppy have been found in the Fernando de Noronha archipelago, a volcanic island in the South Atlantic. 
Cosmetic surgery for Asian arowana is becoming a standard procedure in Singapore.
The coral bleaching events that have affected the Great Barrier Reef in recent years have taken their toll on the region’s fish population, according to a new study.
An aquatics retailer has spoken of his devastation when he discovered thieves had stolen around £6,000 worth of specialist products. 
Hawaii has ruled that all 130 recreational aquarium collection permits are now void, bringing the collection of marine ornamentals for the trade to a halt.
Aquatics retailer The WaterZoo has launched its new ecommerce website which is mobile friendly.
Waterlife has brought out a tonic salt that can be used in ponds.
The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association has joined forces with public health officials to produce guidance to help marine aquarium hobbyists who keep corals protect themselves against palytoxin poisoning.
JBL is giving 40 enthusiasts the chance to visit the koi breeders of Niigata in Japan as part of its next expedition.
Tetra has introduced two Cascade Globe aquariums, in Bordeaux (red) and white colours. 
Aquatics manufacturer Evolution Aqua has released the new Aquascaper Glass Pipework Sets. 
Ornamental fish are helping to provide nutrients for a vegetable grower in Australia’s New South Wales. Vegetable farmer Luke Tutt said: “The basis of our farm is the fish becoming the fertilising agents for our produce.”
Mexico hopes fish farming can help weaken the illegal market for the totoaba fish and help save the critically endangered vaquita porpoise, of which less than 30 survive.
CIPS has announced it is running the China Aquascape competition at the Guangzhou pet and aquatics event in September.
The British Cichlid Association is holding its Spring Event in Solihull and is inviting retailers to take on a table for £15 to sell dry goods or fish.
Mars Fishcare is relaunching its API water treatments range, ensuring its products are safe for family pets, and says API is committed to the Mars Petcare mission of making ‘a better world for pets’.
A team from Maidenhead Aquatics has visited a marine conservation project in Indonesia, donating a number of marine water test kits.