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You couldn't make it up!

First hand experiences from Newshound, our undercover retailer. Share your own retail views and experiences.

Workers at Eastways Industrial Estate in Witham, Essex, were stunned when they arrived at work one morning to find a stray adult goat wandering behind the units, who then proceeded to give birth.
In a reversal of the classic ‘pet stuck up a tree’ tale, this time it was the turn of an owner to be rescued.
The meaning behind a cat’s meow has plagued feline owners for years, especially when professionals state that meowing at humans is a learned behaviour.
PrettyLittleThing (PLT) has crowned Teddie the pup the winner of its search for the perfect pooch to be the face of the soon-to-be launched PLT Pet Collection.
Jesse the nine-year-old African parrot was left grief-stricken after the death of his long-term owner.
One-year-old Laya has been named the UK’s naughtiest pet, in a nationwide competition put on by the content's insurance providers, So-Sure.
A six-year-old dog has been named the real-life Scooby Doo, as his owners have discovered that he has a real talent for hunting troublesome spirits.
Scientists have been investigating the use of sildenafil (more commonly known as Viagra) as a treatment for a rare and potentially fatal eating disorder found in dogs.
Two orphaned otter pups have been paired up by ‘cupid’ (also known as a wildlife expert), at the Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre, near Nantwich in Cheshire. The female otter pup, named Eve, and the male, named Juniper, spent their first day together on Valentine's Day.
The Queen has recently added to her ‘Happy Hound’ collection of dog toys, treats and grooming products, by introducing her ‘Happy Hound Dog Cologne’.

Clydach Farm has launched a charity dog treat, with 100% of profits made by the manufacturer donated to support the Ukraine relief effort.
Supreme Petfoods is to launch a new advertising campaign to drive brand awareness of its Science Selective product range for small pets under the banner of Food for Life.
Trade association OATA is reminding retailers to only sell Japanese rice fish or Medaka (Oryzias species) for indoor aquariums, and to ensure customers understand they cannot be kept in outdoor ponds or barrels.
Harringtons has added to its Advanced Science Range with four new supplements to support joint mobility.
Ukrainian supplier Collar Company has been co-ordinating a massive pet food relief effort in the area around the under-siege city of Chernihiv.
Jollyes has begun staff recruitment for its latest store in Scotland.
The Pet Industry Federation (PIF) has created a new affinity partnership with pet salon management software Tuft.
Yorkshire Raw dog food manufacturer Naturaw has been awarded B-Corp certification.
Trade Association OATA has launched a new plant ID guide to help aquatic businesses ensure they are selling the right types of Milfoil (Myriophyllum).
Compostable poo bag brand Adios Plastic is celebrating three years of trading today (May 13).
With five months still to go, the PATS Telford show is on course to be a ‘sell out’ event. 
Pet retail and veterinary habitat supplier Casco Pet is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.
VetPartners has contributed £20,000 to help humanitarian and animal welfare charities working in Ukraine during the current conflict, the group has revealed.
Pet retailer Jollyes has announced the appointment of Joe Wykes as chief executive officer to lead the business through its next period of expansion.
PR, communications and marketing agency Companion Consultancy is celebrating its 20th birthday this month by offering veterinary practices and associated businesses a free 20-minute consultation about PR strategy.
Reptili, a new reptile shop in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, opened on Monday.
Campaigners have given a mixed response to proposed animal welfare legislation in this week’s Queen’s Speech.
Pet accessories distribution business 3P Enterprise, best known as the UK home of the Henry Wag brand, is celebrating its 20th year of trading this year.
Irish pet treat company Park Life is to exhibit at the Glee Garden Show for the first time next month. 
Doggy day care business Bruce\'s will be opening a new site in North London next month.
Retailer Jollyes opened its new flagship site in Wrexham last weekend with a ‘Pet Passion Show’.
Six new petcare businesses from across Europe and North Africa have been selected to benefit from pet food giant Purina’s accelerator investment fund for 2022.
Lara McCullough, director, Karnlea Bone Broth, talks to pbwnews.
Ornamental aquatic trade body OATA has issued new advice to members regarding enrichment such as plants or ornaments in shop tanks, following queries from local authority inspectors during animal activity licensing visits.
More than 200 new species of freshwater fish were discovered and described by scientists in the past year according to freshwater species conservation initiative Shoal.
Government department DEFRA is funding a project to build a shared understanding of the coral trade between Indonesia and the UK, and to develop a practical identification guide for regulators in both countries.
At the startof July, new requirements will be in place for importing plants and plant products to Great Britain from the EU, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.
Ownership of indoor fish tanks and outdoor ponds has leaped up by around 50% during the pandemic, new figures show.
Leading French pet care retailer AgroBiothers Laboratoire has ended sales of fish bowls on welfare grounds.
The twin issues of global warming and plastic pollution could be having an even greater impact on marine populations than previously thought, according to new research.
An otter broke into the garden of a Lincolnshire couple and went on a killing spree.
Marine explorers have discovered a new coral reef in the south seas, described as being in a “pristine” condition.
The US state of Texas is facing a catfish plague after an invasive species used to clean aquarium tanks has been growing and multiplying in the state’s system of waterways.
An aquatics store owner in Ohio, USA, has a couple of very satisfied customers as a result of a specially-adapted tank.
Wholesaler J&K Aquatics will launch a new e-commerce website on March 31.
EHEIM has been named as the Most Innovative Company in Germany for its application of digital technology to the aquatics industry.
Reptile supplies wholesaler Peregrine Livefoods has expanded into the aquatics sector with the acquisition of sustainable fish food brand FishScience.
OATA is advising the trade to avoid moss ball products sourced from the Ukraine amid concerns over infestation by non-native zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha).
The fossilised remains of a large ichthyosaur, colloquially known as a ‘Sea Dragon’, has been hailed as the most complete fossil of its type ever found in Britain.
A team of Israeli scientists have taught a small school of goldfish how to drive a vehicle as part of a study into animal navigation.