News Mp Launches Animal Welfare Website



MP launches animal welfare website
3rd August 2021

By Karen Pickwick

An MP has launched a new online platform aimed at highlighting animal welfare issues both in the UK and around the globe.

Andrea Jenkyns said yesterday (Monday) that Animals Matter – – would post various features, including videos around news updates on everything related to the cause.

And she revealed that several ‘guests’, including celebrities and leading figures in international charities, would to be involved in the project.

The first video set to be released will focus on the dog and cat meat trade and will feature an interview with vet Marc Abraham and campaigners from Humane Society International and Four Paws.

As a lifelong animal lover, and since being elected to Parliament in 2015, Andrea has made this one of her key areas of interest. She has campaigned on issues including, but not limited to, trophy hunting, the fur trade and stricter sentences for animal abusers.


Andrea is a strong supporter of the government's actions to improve animal welfare standards, including the recent passing of the Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill.

She believes the UK is a leading force in improving animal welfare globally and that we can be proud of feats such as establishing the RSPCA, which was founded nearly 200 years ago by the abolitionist William Wilberforce MP.

Through this new initiative, Andrea hopes to highlight the work done, not just by the UK Government but also by other third parties, to bring this vital issue to the forefront of people's minds.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Andrea said: “Britain is a nation of animal lovers. Now that we have control over our own laws in the UK, we have a duty to lead the way in supporting all animals, great and small, at home and across the globe."