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A fledgling jackdaw had a lucky escape after getting its leg stuck in guttering on a house roof.
When Maddie Johnson is awakened from her slumbers by the sound of ‘snoring like a pig’, it is not her partner, Stephen, who is to blame but her pet porker!
A children’s comic book that debuted at the Shanghai Book Fair has ignited hot debate in China because parents fear its depiction of animals mating may have a negative influence on their children.
A stray pup that kept showing up at a car dealership was given the job of meeting and greeting customers and has now been adopted as the showroom’s official mascot.
A tiny baby grass snake has been ‘dusted off’ and released back into the wild after being found covered in lead at a factory in North Ferriby, East Yorkshire.
A herd of goats took over a deserted town centre in North Wales, eating hedges and flowers from gardens.
A concerned North Wales woman called the RSPCA to rescue an alligator – and then discovered it was all just a prank.
A newborn calf has been rescued after getting stuck neck-high in mud.
A wild pig led a group of police officers on a 45-minute chase before it was eventually caught – by a bin!
US retail giant PetSmart says it has become the first pet brand to launch a Snapchat-augmented reality lens that transforms users’ faces into reptiles if they answer questions about the creatures correctly.
A miniature Schnauzer has made a full recovery after a run-in with a nest of aggressive hornets.
RSPCA chief inspector Simon Parker was at home enjoying a birthday barbecue with his family when he was called out to Mansfield Police Station in Nottinghamshire.
A Japanese aquarium closed during the coronavirus outbreak asked people to make video calls to its eels so they ‘remember humans exist and don’t pose a threat’.
An exotic frog has made a 5,000-mile trip to an Asda store in Llanelli, where it was found by staff among a bunch of bananas from Colombia.
A wallaby was caught on CCTV jumping along a quiet Welsh street in the middle of the night.
Newly-discovered footage of what is thought to be the last images of the extinct Tasmanian tiger has been released online.
A veteran horse that fell into a ditch had to be pulled out by firefighters in a three-hour rescue.
A cub found himself outfoxed by a vase after getting his head stuck inside the pot.
A couple set up a chute from their house to a tent in the front garden to enable their cats to get some time outside during lockdown.
A duck has had to have its penis removed after injuring it by being ‘over-amorous’.
A dog accidentally put its owner’s car in reverse – and ended up going around in circles for an hour.
A four-hour rescue mission was launched to save a lamb that fell down a drainpipe.
A pet dog thought to have cancer after a mass was found, had actually eaten more than 300 hair bobbles.
A Londoner had a shock when she opened her airing cupboard and spotted a snake slithering beneath the vacuum cleaner.
Two RSPCA officers had a surprise when they were called out to snakes that didn’t turn out to be quite what they expected.
An animal hospital has shared a video online of vets removing a full-sized beach towel from a snake’s throat.
A peckish pig that swallowed a pedometer ended up sparking a fire in its pen.
A critically endangered pancake tortoise has been born at Longleat.
Mountain rescuers found a scared dog lost in one of the most remote parts of the UK – by cooking sausages and bacon on a disposable barbecue.
Music composed especially for cats has been associated with significantly improved behaviour in a small study comparing how cats respond to no music, cat-specific music and classical music.
A dog that comforted captured Scottish soldiers during the Second World War has been posthumously recognised by charity the PDSA.
A parrot that was left unable to fly has taken to the skies again after receiving a feather transplant.
A greedy squirrel needed a helping hand after getting its tail tangled in a bracket holding up a bird feeder.
A dog that ran way from home in the middle of the night ended up alerting police of his missing status himself!
A cat became stuck on a 25ft fence while trying to break into a prison.
An Oklahoma family said their home was like a ‘murder scene’ after a deer broke in and wreaked havoc.
A tiny lizard that fits on the end of a pencil has moved into its new home at Paignton Zoo in Devon.
A cat that spent two years living on a scrapyard has been reunited with its owner.
Amateur fossil hunter Jon Gopsill was walking his dogs, Sam and Poppy, on the Somerset coast when they came across a 65 million-year-old ichthyosaur fossil.
A five-foot snake had to be rescued from a car after escaping while travelling with its owners.
A toy store worker was left in despair when a kitten destroyed a model that he had spent a week building.
A deer has been filmed on a surveillance camera bursting through the window of a hair salon.
A tortoise has been rescued from a house fire after it set the place ablaze.
A kitten that cheated death by a whisker after suffering horrendous injuries has been named PDSA Pet Survivor of the Year 2019.
A sheep has been rescued after getting its head stuck in a wire fence.
The A55 was closed when a wayward cow wandered into traffic.
An overweight pig had to be put on a stretcher and taken out of an upstairs flat where it was stuck.
A dog started a house fire when it managed to turn on a microwave oven.
A cat and three kittens were saved from a kitchen fire in Birmingham – by oxygen masks.
A pig has been blamed for bringing some of London’s busiest rail lines to a halt.