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A tiger with toothache has had its fractured canine tooth fixed in a marathon operation.
A US hotel chain is seeking its first canine ambassador to promote the hotel’s dog-friendly policies.
A Police Service Northern Ireland dog handler has raised nearly £6,000 in memory of her dog, RPD Dino, for the charity that supported him.
A cat owner was shocked to discover that her pet kitten was actually an incredibly rare wolf-cat.
A 100kg mastiff called Galahad – who made news around the world after a Dogs Trust appeal to find his forever home – has been adopted.
George may not be the fastest animal on wheels, but steady wins the race!
A Vicar at a North Yorkshire church is no longer the only one with a dog collar after welcoming a loyal four-legged parishioner to the congregation.
For humans, it’s easy to ignore outside noises while at home, such as the sound of traffic or delivery drivers dropping off packages.
President and First Lady Joe and Jill Biden are to adopt a female cat in the near future to join a pack that already includes two adopted German shepherds.
A new study of thousands of forum posts by pet owners, conducted by, has analysed opinions to discover which breeds are causing the most chaos in the home.
Five rescue cats are getting used to human company again by becoming bookworms!
Dogs that guard resources, snap and appear grumpy may be more easily trained by a stranger than their happy-go-lucky counterparts, researchers from Eotvos Lorand University have reported in Animals.
A man had a lucky escape after he filmed himself handling and even licking a ‘slimy’ creature he stumbled across on the beach – completely ignorant of the danger it posed.
A puppy has been reunited with her owners in Cambridgeshire after being stolen and then turning up two weeks later – and 100 miles away in Kings Heath, near Birmingham!
Anheuser-Busch is offering one lucky dog an annual salary of US $20,000 and free pet insurance to be the brewer’s chief tasting officer for its Dog Brew brand of alcohol-free bone broth for dogs.
A collie that ended up in rescue when she lost her hearing and could no longer work has learned sign language so she can continue rounding up livestock.
A strange-looking life form that looks like a discarded bit of rope has washed up on a beach.
A former Battersea dog kept busy throughout lockdown helping to ‘hand’ rear a tiny kitten that had been left homeless. 
Animal control officer Samantha Lane bought a stuffed purple unicorn for a stray dog she was called to remove from a department store in rural North Carolina in the US.
A tourist had a lucky escape after holding a mysterious sea creature for a photograph…only to discover it was one of the world's most dangerous animals.
After three years tracking pandas through China’s Qinling Mountains, filmmakers caught two male bears vying for the attention of a female.
A prison dog who was forced to retire early due to ill health is recovering at home after a hip replacement, paid for by the Thin Blue Paw Foundation.
Penguins can shoot their poo up to about twice their body length, and scientists have now calculated exactly how much force they require to do so.
Cavalier King Charles spaniel Murfee, who has just been re-elected pet mayor of Fair Haven, Vermont, has raised $5,000 toward the building of the new Fur Haven Dog Park.
A hard-to-rehome 100lb German shepherd dog adopted from a ‘last-resort’ shelter dragged her new owner to his cellphone after he fell and became trapped between his bed and the wall.
Buddy, a 10-year-old cat, travelled alone for weeks in snowstorms, rain and freezing temperatures to cover the three miles that stood between him and home after getting lost.
Excrement from lions, tigers and other big cats makes for an excellent pest deterrent, according to a German circus that is now selling jars of feline faeces for five euros each.
A Pakistani pigeon was arrested by Indian law enforcement officers on suspicion of being a spy.
Even as the country open up again, many Brits continue to work from home alongside partners and pets instead of their usual colleagues.
Scientists believe they may have discovered the smallest reptile on earth – a chameleon subspecies the size of a seed. The tiny lizards were discovered by an expedition team in Madagascar, according to a BBC News report.
Eliza Reinhardt and her dog, Finn, have been re-creating famous paintings with household items, including Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ and Vincent van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’.
When Belynder Walia first got Chico, her black Newfoundland, she fell in love immediately. He was a big ball of fluff even as a puppy, beautiful in both temperament and looks. Currently weighing a reasonable 70kg, all he wants is to be hugged, loved, back scratched and fed rice pudding!
How wombats produce cube-shaped poo has long been a biological puzzle but now an international study has provided the answer to this unusual natural phenomenon.
A woman was left terrified after discovering a six-foot carpet python slithering up the stairs of her two-storey house.
A Dominican man was taken into custody by police for violating a curfew – and his dog begged for his owner’s release…
A horrified woman found a huntsman spider had hitched a lift with her…and things only got worse!
A Labrador that likes chasing ducks had to be rescued by firefighters after swimming after the birds for more than half a mile and showing no signs of stopping.
Two tiny kittens are lucky to be alive after they were spotted by eagle-eyed workers at a recycling centre on the rubbish-sorting conveyor belt.
The runt of a litter of Great Danes that was unable to nurse eventually grew to 89.5 inches tall standing on his hind legs and holds the Guinness record for the world’s tallest dog.
A new report by thortful reveals the biggest passion-killers that will stop your romantic intentions in their tracks.
Researchers at Colorado State University, in Denver, are working on an artificial intelligence product that can give dogs commands, determine whether the dog obeys and release treats for good behavior.
A clever cat has been assigned the role of a ‘postcat’ for his owners and their neighbours.
Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov has designated the last Sunday in April as a national holiday to honor the Alabai, a local dog breed.
Swallowing a conker wasn’t one of Monty the Labrador’s best moves. It resulted in life-threatening internal complications but thanks to skilled teamwork at Davies Veterinary Specialists, the critically ill hound made a full recovery.
An Australian got a shock when he returned home to find two snakes had crashed through his ceiling and were slithering around his Queensland house.
A firefighter has been raising three blackbird chicks in lockdown after their mother was knocked out of her nest and killed.
A three-year-old girl has stolen the hearts of many after a video of her expertly handling her large sheep went viral.
Jester the giant rabbit is so big he has his own bedroom in his owner’s home – and Lyn Hobson admits her 20lb pet is ‘spoiled rotten’.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the state Department of Health are testing Burmese pythons for mercury to determine whether the invasive snakes are safe to eat.
Vets carefully amputated a hedgehog’s tiny toe and now, after a full recovery, he’s back in the wild where he belongs.