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It’s not everyday that RSPCA officers are called out to help a box of crickets – but that’s what happened in Bodmin, Cornwall.
A woman who visited a pet shop came back with something completely different.
Two racoon dogs have been rescued in the same village – just hours apart!
An x-ray revealed an unusual object in a cat’s stomach.
A sheep has been taking lessons on how to be a lamb.
A snail racing competition was postponed because the snails were too ‘sluggish’ to take part.
A mutant crayfish has learned to clone itself and is invading Europe and beyond.
The RSPCA was called after meows were heard coming from the flooring of a house on a building site in Corby, Northamptonshire.
An elderly woman had a problem under her wardrobe.
A dog ended up attached to a manhole cover during freezing temperatures.
An unusual surfer took to the water in California.
A zoo outside Paris had to be evacuated after monkeys escaped.
A cat that was trapped in a car engine is on the mend.
A couple with a new baby were puzzled when dummies started going missing from their home.
A terrified woman called the RSPCA after finding a two-metre-long ‘snake’ in her garden.
Police were called out by a farmer reporting a tiger on the loose.
A family was shocked to find a stray cat stuck inside their sofa.
A dog accidentally set fire to his owners’ house.
RSPCA inspector Rachel Smith arrived to free a trapped sheep in Hertfordshire…but couldn’t help having a little chuckle when she arrived.
A blind man with a phobia of dogs has found an unusual solution.
Vets had to assist a dog that bit off more than he could chew.
Australia’s oldest wombat celebrated her birthday with some veggie cake.
Twelve camels have been disqualified from a beauty contest.
A vacancy at a vets has generated international interest.
A family’s dog found herself in a sticky situation after eating a takeaway leaflet that had been posted through the door.
RSPCA animal collection officer Kim Sheriff was called to a field in Hawkshaw, Greater Manchester, after two girls found a stricken sheep in a bit of a tight spot – with its head stuck in a tree!
Evidence of a giant penguin as big as a person has been discovered.
A lobster was found with a logo on its body.
A hen has escaped death after falling off the back of a slaughter lorry.
A farmer took her pony to the dentist – in the boot of her car!
A duck that lost its foot is now able to walk thanks to a group of schoolchildren.
Designer dog homes are to go on display in London this Spring.
A giant Greenland shark is possibly the oldest living vertebrate in the world.
Phelps the hedgehog has received hydrotherapy.
A stranded sheep had a lucky escape after being helped out of a muddy marsh.
Iguanas have been spotted falling from the sky.
A cat almost died after swallowing a rat whole.
A dog that was rescued from a puppy farm is enjoying life in her new home.
A young deer was spotted struggling to stand up on the thin ice on a lake in Oregon, in the US, almost recreating a scene from the Disney film Bambi.
A pig destined for the slaughterhouse is to host an art exhibition instead.
A couple of adopted pets have become close travel buddies.
A cat was recued from a tree after being stranded for five days.
A villager who found a pig’s gallstone is in luck.
A bear has allegedly made off with various weapons.
A woman came home to find her cats sprawled on the floor after eating marijuana.
A pet is disrupting family life with his temper.
A pair of kittens have become inseparable – and they have something in common.
An injured lamb has been given a new lease of life. Alistair Jenkin found Lamby in a field when she was only two days old and he has been caring for her since then.
One animal shelter has come up with a magic idea to help get dogs adopted.
Two unusual cats are looking for a new home.