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Workers at Eastways Industrial Estate in Witham, Essex, were stunned when they arrived at work one morning to find a stray adult goat wandering behind the units, who then proceeded to give birth.
In a reversal of the classic ‘pet stuck up a tree’ tale, this time it was the turn of an owner to be rescued.
The meaning behind a cat’s meow has plagued feline owners for years, especially when professionals state that meowing at humans is a learned behaviour.
PrettyLittleThing (PLT) has crowned Teddie the pup the winner of its search for the perfect pooch to be the face of the soon-to-be launched PLT Pet Collection.
Jesse the nine-year-old African parrot was left grief-stricken after the death of his long-term owner.
One-year-old Laya has been named the UK’s naughtiest pet, in a nationwide competition put on by the content's insurance providers, So-Sure.
A six-year-old dog has been named the real-life Scooby Doo, as his owners have discovered that he has a real talent for hunting troublesome spirits.
Scientists have been investigating the use of sildenafil (more commonly known as Viagra) as a treatment for a rare and potentially fatal eating disorder found in dogs.
Two orphaned otter pups have been paired up by ‘cupid’ (also known as a wildlife expert), at the Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre, near Nantwich in Cheshire. The female otter pup, named Eve, and the male, named Juniper, spent their first day together on Valentine's Day.
The Queen has recently added to her ‘Happy Hound’ collection of dog toys, treats and grooming products, by introducing her ‘Happy Hound Dog Cologne’.
Roux is a critically endangered orangutan, who was born on Christmas Eve 2021, though, even at two months old, is still so small that infant-sized nappies hang off him.
A rogue chicken has been taken into custody by The Animal Welfare League of Arlington (AWLA), Virginia, after it was found running loose near the US Department of Defence headquarters.
It was more than sweet dreams for John Zou, 27, when a sugar glider flew into his bedroom at 5am on a Monday morning last month.
Poe the cat pushed the boundaries of contortionism, after squeezing through a five-inch wide tube to get at some kitten kibble put out for hedgehogs; only for the tube to get lodged around her waist.
Pet adoptions increased during the Covid-19 lockdowns, as many people sought comfort in animal companions; though consequently, the number of pet-related accidents also surged.
A woman from Minnesota, USA, admitted to accidentally getting a squirrel drunk after feeding it a fermented pear.
Home and contents insurance provider So-Sure has been running a nationwide competition to find the UK’s most destructive pet.
A seal pup named Salsa was photographed by Jean-Luc Bourgain, looking very content, laying on a beach with his flippers in the air.
A tiny, 0.6 kilogramme kitten that climbed into the engine of a van has been driven from Liverpool to Newcastle-under-Lyme.
A golden retriever has been written into the history books – as he’s smashed the world record for holding the most tennis balls in his mouth in one go.
Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service came to the aid of 18-month-old cat that spent three days stuck up a 30-foot oak tree after chasing a squirrel.
A 14-year-old Pekingese mix with only one upper tooth, a severe underbite and a floppy ear was one of the more unlikely faces of Saving Senior Dogs Week, an awareness campaign in the US.
An elderly family pet has turned cat burglar and been setting out on missions to steal sachets of food.
The combination of genes that determine canines’ fur color and pattern originated about two million years ago in an extinct ancestor of dogs and wolves, according to a new study in Nature Ecology & Evolution.
A quick-thinking couple from Wokingham have saved two kittens that were just minutes away from being crushed to death after discovering them trapped inside the engine of a car in a scrap yard.
Police, fire crews and the RSPCA launched a rescue mission to save a cat stuck on a 60ft-high ledge at the entrance to the Ramsgate Tunnel.
Lovebird Iris is currently looking for her soulmate, having been taken into RSPCA care in August after she was found flying around Chantry Park, Ipswich.
One of the world’s most advanced polar research vessels, the RRS Sir David Attenborough, has enlisted the help of Conservation K9 Consultancy’s four legged friends, to keep the ship rodent-free.
Three chickens needed a helping hand after crossing the road and ending up lost and confused at a petrol station…at ‘Cluck-et’ Lane Services on the ‘Hen-25’.
Tourists were left stunned as millions of red crabs closed roads and covered bridges on their annual migration in Australia.
Amateur photographer Ken Jensen has been named the Overall Winner of The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020.
A British bulldog had emergency surgery after swallowing a child’s rubber duck.
A man caught a huge alligator and later discovered that it had eaten an ancient artefact that had been undiscovered for 6,000 years.
A Californian woman hasn’t been able to take a trip in more than two years – because her adopted pet toucan, Touki, doesn’t want to be parted from her.
A pet owner has discovered her robot vacuum cleaner has been having a hard time cleaning the floors of her house because the dog won’t get up off the floor.
A pair of unruly pet cows have been caught red handed after breaking into a house, trashing the furniture and defecating on the carpet.
Fire services and the RSPCA rescued an elderly cat that was stranded after climbing out of a fourth-storey window.
Twenty-one wild goats have been rescued in an RSPCA Cymru-led operation  after they ventured on to a treacherous outcrop on the Great Orme in North Wales.
A kitten was rescued from a car engine after travelling about 230 miles from Wales to Leeds.
A cat rescued four years ago as a stray in the US now works in a pediatric eye care clinic.
A British holiday business has launched a new service offering a limited edition range of dog tipis, describing them as ‘the pawfect addition to your glamping trips withyour furry best friend’!
A woman who thought it would be nice to have hens in her backyard has been forced to give them up after they disrupted the council estate.
A cat that has been dubbed a ‘miracle’ after surviving alone for 16 days after being hit by a bus is now looking for a new home.
A dog owner was shocked when her excited cocker spaniel discovered a rude item on his morning walk.
A statue has been unveiled in Islington Green, London, to celebrate the life and legacy of the world famous street cat, Bob.
A moggy has been appointed a railway station’s official chief mouse catcher.
A three-legged moggy who helps a six-year-old boy with severe learning difficulties and medical conditions has been named National Cat of the Year 2021.
Paddleboarding with a pooch is becoming increasingly popular in the US – especially at Bear Creek Lake Park in Colorado, with many dogs wearing life jackets.
A woman used seagulls to get revenge on rowdy campers who kept her awake all night. So, early the next morning, she scattered bread all over the roof of their caravan.
A former rescue dog has been melting hearts after taking a litter of kittens under HIS wing.