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A major convenience store in Japan has closed one of its shops after videos of rats scurrying across its floor and dropping from its shelves were widely shared online.
A duck is walking more comfortably after a Tennessee vet crafted a pair of orthopaedic shoes from mats bought in a local hardware store.
Four orphaned baby hedgehogs have been saved thanks to an Oxfordshire vet practice.
A couple who scooped a £1m lottery scratch card prize have thanked their cat, six-year-old ginger tom Shortcake, for their good fortune.
A highly venomous snake that was on the loose in a German city has been captured after a five-day hunt.
A panda has given birth to twins at a zoo in Germany – the first time for the country.
A 13-year-old Border collie from Leicester is being honoured by the PDSA after helping his owner collect more than 7,500 bags of litter.
A family found a hungry giant lizard in their kitchen.
A man in Coral Springs, Florida, America, got the surprise of his life when he was bitten by a snake that slithered out of his toilet.
A tiny kitten survived being run over by a tractor and plough – and was completely unscathed.
A stowaway snake was found in a man’s bag after he completed a trip from Florida to Hawaii.
A museum where visitors can see fermented shark, spicy rabbit heads and bull penises has opened in Malmö, Sweden.
A 27-foot python has been filmed wrestling with a group of fishermen in Indonesia.
Organisers of a pet event in Ohio, in the US, have broken a Guinness World Record for the largest dog photo-shoot.
A cattle drive event in Colorado Springs, USA, went awry when a longhorn made a break for freedom.
A giant tortoise has been reunited with its owner after the ‘world’s slowest police chase’.
A couple have transformed the spare bedroom in their home so it is ‘perfect’ for their pet sloth.
McDonald’s staff had a surprise guest when a snake was found abandoned in the restaurant.
A lurcher that had spent more than a third of its life in kennels has finally found a family – more than 200 miles away.
A black bear was found sleeping in a wardrobe after apparently locking itself in.
An esaped snake has been reunited with its owner after spending three weeks under a car bonnet.
A US woman took a cat she had rescued into her home to feed him…without realising that it was a wild bobcat.
Doctors in Thailand found a live tick crawling inside a woman’s ear.
Raven chicks have been born in the Tower of London for the first time in 30 years.
A lizard left behind hot and sunny Greece for South Wales after sneaking into a holidaymaker’s suitcase.
An 86-year-old man was bitten by a bat that somehow got wedged between the back of his iPad and its case.
A dog that went missing while on a walk on the Dorset coast has been found on the beach – after 45 days.
RSPCA Cymru is searching for the owner of a stray peacock in Bangor.
Four baby squirrels have been rescued after becoming stuck to each other.
A cat that wears sunglasses when out and about has become an Internet star.
The RSPCA was called out to reports of a tiger kept in someone’s back garden – but it turned out to be a stuffed toy in a cage.
Wildlife authorities have shared photos of a three-eyed snake that was found on a highway in northern Australia.
A painter has saved a baby deer from drowning after jumping into a freezing canal in his underwear.
A driver in Germany avoided a speeding fine of €105 (£93) thanks to the intervention of a passing dove.
Unnatural chemicals in water are making fish increasingly horny, according to research from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. 
Police in Pennsylvania, USA, were called to help round up a bear that went for a swim in a resident’s back garden.
A peckish seagull tried a daring piece of shoplifting when it attempted to steal an entire loaf of bread from a supermarket.
Birmingham Dogs Home has welcomed 10 puppies that were born just in time for the Cricket World Cup and Women’s Football World Cup. 
A video of a cat apparently knocking on a door has been viewed online more than 20 million times.
Shoppers at a US pet store got more than they bargained for when zoo staff dropped in with a camel in tow.
A pregnant cat that had its back leg stuck on a metal fence has been rescued.
A stray cat and her kittens have been rescued from under an escalator on the London Underground.
A cat has had emergency surgery after swallowing more than 50 hair bands.
A farmer has enrolled 15 sheep at a French primary school to boost pupil numbers after authorities announced plans to close a class.
An RSPCA inspector was called to Farm Hill in Exeter after a resident called in with concerns about a fox that was spotted hiding under a bush. 
Grumpy cat, the feline famous on the internet for her permanent scowl, has died aged seven after complications from a urinary tract infection.
A Tesco customer got more than he bargained for when he opened a bag of sugar snap peas and discovered a ‘free pet’ inside.
A photo has emerged of what a park ranger claims to be a ‘selfie’ of two posing gorillas.
When a homeowner, two hours west of Fort Worth, in Texas, started having problems with his cable reception, he crawled under his house to investigate.
A lost kitten was found hiding in a sofa at a waste-recycling centre in Slough, Berkshire, just as it was about to be incinerated!