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A clever cat has been assigned the role of a ‘postcat’ for his owners and their neighbours.
Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov has designated the last Sunday in April as a national holiday to honor the Alabai, a local dog breed.
Swallowing a conker wasn’t one of Monty the Labrador’s best moves. It resulted in life-threatening internal complications but thanks to skilled teamwork at Davies Veterinary Specialists, the critically ill hound made a full recovery.
An Australian got a shock when he returned home to find two snakes had crashed through his ceiling and were slithering around his Queensland house.
A firefighter has been raising three blackbird chicks in lockdown after their mother was knocked out of her nest and killed.
A three-year-old girl has stolen the hearts of many after a video of her expertly handling her large sheep went viral.
Jester the giant rabbit is so big he has his own bedroom in his owner’s home – and Lyn Hobson admits her 20lb pet is ‘spoiled rotten’.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the state Department of Health are testing Burmese pythons for mercury to determine whether the invasive snakes are safe to eat.
Vets carefully amputated a hedgehog’s tiny toe and now, after a full recovery, he’s back in the wild where he belongs.
Leicester is home to the most species of spider in Britain, new research has found.
A motorist had a surprise after finding five brown long-eared bats in a green refuse sack.
An app developed by a former Amazon engineer purports to translate cat vocalisations into one of nine preset ‘intents’, including “I’m hungry” and “I’m in pain”.
Raise the Woof used scientific research and animal behaviorists’ expertise to record the first Christmas song designed to appeal to dogs.
A snake was found curled up in the groove of a car door after escaping from his home.
A cocker spaniel from Liverpool nearly died after eating a face mask. One-year-old Ralph needed emergency surgery at vet charity PDSA to remove the mask, which had blocked his intestines.
Rescued more than 20 years ago, Norman the donkey had been enjoying Ohio farm life until one morning he was found lying on the ground, injured and unable to stand on his own.
A bat found hiding in the boot of a car in a showroom has been released after being rescued by the RSPCA and rehabilitated by volunteers from Durham Bat Group.
A member of the public in Wales had a fright when her dog found a scorpion running across the living room floor.
Five foul-mouthed parrots have been separated after learning to swear at a Lincolnshire zoo and egging each other on in front of visitors.
Inventive staff at an East Anglian wildlife centre have created DIY saunas for sickly seals – using a modified wallpaper stripper!
Boaters in the Straits of Gibraltar have reported being rammed repeatedly by orcas, causing damage to hulls and rudders.
Life is a hoot once again for August, the baby barn owl, thanks to the skill and care of the team at a Berwick veterinary practice.
If you’re someone who spends hours swiping through dating sites searching for someone with an adorable dog, a new app may provide the answer you’re looking for.
An 11-year-old Belgian malinois police dog held fast to a suspect fleeing an illegal marijuana operation in the US – even after the suspect stabbed the dog nine times.
A Leeds man was awakened in the early hours by an unusual sound in his bedroom…
A boarder collie and Australian cattle dog mix named Bear is leading a pack of dogs trained to find koalas in areas threatened by bushfires in Queensland, Australia, the Guardian reports.
A seven-week-old kitten has been rescued from under the bonnet of a car that had just been driven 30 miles.
One male and two female African lions have been delivered by cesarean section at Dallas Zoo in Texas, and all are thriving.
An ice-cream-loving puppy needed an emergency trip to the vets after getting a lolly stick stuck in his mouth.
A swan had an unwanted trip to soft play after getting a discarded foam play square stuck around its neck.
Jack Russell cross Chihuahua, Skip suffered a multitude of fractures when he was hit by a car – but  is now back on his feet thanks to Davies Veterinary Specialists (Davies) in Hertfordshire.
A stowaway hen has been rescued and rehomed after travelling from Lincolnshire to Hertfordshire under an egg delivery lorry.
A feisty bat wasn’t too happy to be rescued after he was found grounded in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.
A fledgling jackdaw had a lucky escape after getting its leg stuck in guttering on a house roof.
When Maddie Johnson is awakened from her slumbers by the sound of ‘snoring like a pig’, it is not her partner, Stephen, who is to blame but her pet porker!
A children’s comic book that debuted at the Shanghai Book Fair has ignited hot debate in China because parents fear its depiction of animals mating may have a negative influence on their children.
A stray pup that kept showing up at a car dealership was given the job of meeting and greeting customers and has now been adopted as the showroom’s official mascot.
A tiny baby grass snake has been ‘dusted off’ and released back into the wild after being found covered in lead at a factory in North Ferriby, East Yorkshire.
A herd of goats took over a deserted town centre in North Wales, eating hedges and flowers from gardens.
A concerned North Wales woman called the RSPCA to rescue an alligator – and then discovered it was all just a prank.
A newborn calf has been rescued after getting stuck neck-high in mud.
A wild pig led a group of police officers on a 45-minute chase before it was eventually caught – by a bin!
US retail giant PetSmart says it has become the first pet brand to launch a Snapchat-augmented reality lens that transforms users’ faces into reptiles if they answer questions about the creatures correctly.
A miniature Schnauzer has made a full recovery after a run-in with a nest of aggressive hornets.
RSPCA chief inspector Simon Parker was at home enjoying a birthday barbecue with his family when he was called out to Mansfield Police Station in Nottinghamshire.
A Japanese aquarium closed during the coronavirus outbreak asked people to make video calls to its eels so they ‘remember humans exist and don’t pose a threat’.
An exotic frog has made a 5,000-mile trip to an Asda store in Llanelli, where it was found by staff among a bunch of bananas from Colombia.
A wallaby was caught on CCTV jumping along a quiet Welsh street in the middle of the night.
Newly-discovered footage of what is thought to be the last images of the extinct Tasmanian tiger has been released online.
A veteran horse that fell into a ditch had to be pulled out by firefighters in a three-hour rescue.