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Aquatics chain Maidenhead Aquatics has bought the Par garden centre in Cornwall.
Waterlife has introduced its new countertop display for retailers.
The Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay is celebrating its resident turtle’s ten-year anniversary.
Aquarium owners can now test the most important water values of their aquarium water in 63 seconds, including CO2 levels.
When Matthew Groombridge decided to pop the question to his girlfriend of three years, he enlisted the help from scuba divers and the team at Great Yarmouth Sea Life to boost his prospects of getting the right answer.
International trade body Ornamental Fish International has entered a partnership with a Chinese organisation to promote the ornamental fish industry in China.
EHEIM has been voted as one of the most popular brands in Germany in the 2019 Customer Favorites study by Focus Money and Deutschland Test.
With growing interest in planted tanks, hobbyists are always on the look-out for what’s new or different in the hobby. Aquadip’s Joey Abrahams has hints of what retailers can stock
Researchers from Flinders University in South Australia have found that increasing artificial light at night masks natural cues, which prompts clownfish eggs to hatch.
 The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association has written to the Sentencing Council after a man was disqualified from keeping all animals except goldfish.
Two beluga whales have arrived safely after a 6,000-mile journey from China to Iceland, says the Sea Life Trust.
Aquatics retailer Swallow Aquatics says it intends to focus on its core business and is therefore selling a garden centre that it owns.
Ornamental Fish International has elected two new members to its Board of Advisors members at its Annual General Meeting.
After years of research and development, NT Labs has launched Liquid Filter into its Aquarium Range. 
Now that LED lighting has become a feature of the vast majority of aquariums, it’s time to test fertiliser compositions and perhaps re-adjust dosages, suggests JBL.
Award-winning German aquatics manufacturer EHEIM is celebrating its 70 years in the industry.
Tetra has updated its AquaSafe water conditioner with an enhanced anti-stress formula to help support fish health and well-being, especially during water changes.
If ever there is a plant that is suited to large tanks, this is it. Aponogeton boivianus is a large plant – its leaves can grow to a massive 70cm, with a width of 7cm. 
 Aquatics chain Maidenhead Aquatics has agreed to buy a garden centre from Wyevale Garden Centres.
Fluval has won Brand of the Year Award for Aquatic Products – Water Filters at the World Branding Awards Animalis Edition, which took place on July 3 in Vienna, Austria, at the Hofburg Presidential Palace.
Fluval has launched Plant Gro Plus, and all-in-one micro-nutrient formula with added iron. 
Many aquarium and (turtle) terrarium enthusiasts want a control option for the pump performance for JBL’s smallest internal filter, the JBL CristalProfi, says the German manufacturer.
The National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham is celebrating after staff spotted a penguin egg in one of its penguin nests.
The all-new 07 series marks the seventh incarnation in nearly four decades of Fluval’s top-selling canister filter family worldwide, with eTEC (Efficient Technology) at the heart of the 07 series.
JBL has brought out a set of pictograms to show at a glance which JBL water test is needed for which aquarium set-up.
More than 100,000 Giant Australian cuttlefish are making their way to South Australia’s Upper Spencer Gulf Marine Park for the annual breeding season.
The year-old roach and bream, measuring 5-10cm long, were bred at the EA’s national coarse fish farm before being transported and released into the river by fisheries officers.
An easy-to-install pool that’s ideal for all outdoor spaces offers ‘the perfect way for people to attract wildlife to their gardens while helping to encourage emotional well-being’.
Tetra has expanded its holiday food range with a new Menu format, offering protein-rich pellets and krill to all ornamental fish for a diverse diet during holiday periods.
The Government has created 41 new Marine Conservation Zones, marking the most significant expansion of England’s ‘Blue Belt’ of protected areas to date.
A fair has banned goldfish from being offered as prizes after a Devon man was filmed gulping one down with a beer.
Ludwigia is a well-known species within the aquatic trade, but this ‘white’ variety has a unique appearance and up to now has been rarely available.
World Feeds, home to the Vitalis Aquatic Nutrition range, is representing the aquatics sector in The Parliamentary Review.
A Vietnamese man has been arrested at an Australian airport after trying to smuggle a rare and expensive fish into the country by strapping it to his neck.
Sea Life Great Yarmouth has welcomed a pair of rescued grey seal pups.
A large alligator gar has been captured in Lake Texoma, Oklahoma, according to the Mirror.
A number of national press have had a field day with sensationalist headlines following the discovery of suspected piranha in a Yorkshire lake.
Amorous penguins in temporary accommodation unexpectedly began breeding while their new Sea Life Great Yarmouth home was remodelled, extending their ‘romantic’ trip by weeks.
The UK will miss almost all the 2020 nature targets it signed up to a decade ago, according to a report by the government’s official advisers.
New season koi are available at Squire’s Garden Centres in Badshot Lea, Twickenham, Stanmore and Washington.
Thousands of goldfish have been removed from a pond in order to prevent environmental damage.
NT Labs has reformulated its Filter Bugs product into an easy-to-use liquid formulation.
Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium is offering discounts for all members of the Armed Forces, employees of the Emergency Services and NHS staff.
Anubias on lava rock (with Java moss) is a new addition to our range, and it is likely that we shall be adding more plants to this theme of ‘plants on lava rock’.
Authorities in China are prosecuting 11 people for smuggling $119m (£90m) worth of fish swimbladders from Mexico.
Tetra has brought out Pond FilterStart Bacteria, a water conditioner that combines two types of natural, highly active bacteria to ensure optimal pond care.
The Environment Agency is to create a ‘fish passage’ scheme to help lost fish thrive in east Manchester’s waterways.
A Tayside duo have opened Scotland’s first shop dedicated to a aquascaping.
NT Labs has introduced new sizes of it Tap Water Safe and Filter Starter products.
The UK will miss almost all the 2020 nature targets it signed up to a decade ago, according to a report by the government’s official advisers.