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Ornamental aquatic trade body OATA has issued new advice to members regarding enrichment such as plants or ornaments in shop tanks, following queries from local authority inspectors during animal activity licensing visits.
More than 200 new species of freshwater fish were discovered and described by scientists in the past year according to freshwater species conservation initiative Shoal.
Government department DEFRA is funding a project to build a shared understanding of the coral trade between Indonesia and the UK, and to develop a practical identification guide for regulators in both countries.
At the startof July, new requirements will be in place for importing plants and plant products to Great Britain from the EU, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.
Ownership of indoor fish tanks and outdoor ponds has leaped up by around 50% during the pandemic, new figures show.
Leading French pet care retailer AgroBiothers Laboratoire has ended sales of fish bowls on welfare grounds.
The twin issues of global warming and plastic pollution could be having an even greater impact on marine populations than previously thought, according to new research.
An otter broke into the garden of a Lincolnshire couple and went on a killing spree.
Marine explorers have discovered a new coral reef in the south seas, described as being in a “pristine” condition.
The US state of Texas is facing a catfish plague after an invasive species used to clean aquarium tanks has been growing and multiplying in the state’s system of waterways.
An aquatics store owner in Ohio, USA, has a couple of very satisfied customers as a result of a specially-adapted tank.
Wholesaler J&K Aquatics will launch a new e-commerce website on March 31.
EHEIM has been named as the Most Innovative Company in Germany for its application of digital technology to the aquatics industry.
Reptile supplies wholesaler Peregrine Livefoods has expanded into the aquatics sector with the acquisition of sustainable fish food brand FishScience.
OATA is advising the trade to avoid moss ball products sourced from the Ukraine amid concerns over infestation by non-native zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha).
The fossilised remains of a large ichthyosaur, colloquially known as a ‘Sea Dragon’, has been hailed as the most complete fossil of its type ever found in Britain.
A team of Israeli scientists have taught a small school of goldfish how to drive a vehicle as part of a study into animal navigation.
Pedigree Wholesale is reporting growth of over 35% from the Hikari brand in the past two years, driven by the ongoing success of the company’s Saki-Hikari dealer programme.
Owners of small aquariums have the chance to see their aquarium plants growing stronger and faster thanks to JBL’s new bio-CO2 products.
OATA has handed out its second Stakeholder Engagement Award to Rob Quest of Heathrow’s Animal Reception Centre in recognition of his long-standing work with the industry.
Two new directors were welcomed to the OATA board at the trade association’s annual general meeting which was held on Zoom.
Leading aquatics company OASE has formed a partnership with Shoal, the global initiative to halt extinctions and recover populations of the most threatened freshwater species.
The disparity between tariffs on tropical freshwater and marine fish imports has been suspended, thanks to lobbying by OATA and its members.
Aquarium enthusiasts can now care for their fish remotely via a smart phone, tablet or PC.
AQUA, the market-leading showcase for the UK’s aquatics and water gardening industry, will be returning to the Telford International Centre on Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th October, 2023.
An aquatics shop owner found an unusual gift on his doorstep when he went to open up shop – a ‘giant’ catfish in a bucket.
Man-made reefs attract more small fish than natural reefs, say researchers in Australia.
OATA has updated its advice for retailers and hobbyists about how to ensure moss balls imported into the UK are not carrying an infestation of zebra mussels.
A town council has unanimously voted to ban pets, especially goldfish, as prizes at local fairs.
A new aquatic shop has opened in a former furniture store and will be run by a father-and-son team of enthusiasts.
Hundreds of rare fish on the Red List of Threatened Species have moved into a new home after a college joined forces with the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) to help protect them.
The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association has launched a new report examining the trade in fish for home aquariums and garden ponds in a bid to tackle misconceptions about the industry.
As the doors closed on the biennial AQUA show today (Thursday, October 14), there was general agreement among visitors and exhibitors that the event had proved to be a massive tonic for the aquatics and water garden industry.
The opening day of AQUA 2021 proved popular as the biennial two-day industry exhibition gave aquatic and water garden retailers the opportunity to meet face-to-face with suppliers.
Seven new aquatic, reptile and water garden innovations have been confirmed as this year’s winners of the AQUA 2021 New Product Awards, sponsored by pbwnews.
Maidenhead Aquatics has launched a new Click and Collect service, bridging the gap between traditional retail outlets and its website.
Interest in keeping axolotls has soared after the introduction of an animated version of the amphibian in the computer game Minecraft.
The Ornamental Aquatics Trade Association has welcomed Matthew Hill as its new scientific support officer.
As the industry looks forward to the return of the aquatics and water gardening trade exhibition, Aqua, next week, OASE has unveiled some of its latest innovations.
Terrapins living in a country park lake have been rehomed into a specialist turtle sanctuary in a bid to safeguard their future wellbeing and protect the water’s ecosystem.
A US city has urged residents not to discard unwanted pet goldfish into local lakes.
UK aquatic companies are being urged to support an initiative aimed at protecting Amazon fish species.
Aquatic Now has taken over as the UK distributor of Italian company ELOS Aquarium Products.
An animal conservationist who is ‘rewilding’ zoo animals has now set his sight on aquaria.
The owners of a new aquatics shop are aiming to recreate a friendly ‘tattoo parlour’ vibe, alongside a reputation for cool and unusual livestock.
A new study by Marine Megafauna Foundation is the first to describe a population of endangered zebra sharks (also commonly called leopard sharks) in Africa.
A study has found that river fish are in danger of methamphetamine addiction where the substance has been discovered seeping into rivers.
The global shipping crisis that manifested itself throughout the latter part of 2020 is proving to be an ‘increasingly alarming situation’ for a vast number of suppliers in the aquarium and water gardening industry.
The future of a £20,000 aquarium tank – complete with aquatic inhabitants – looks a little uncertain as its owners try to find it a new home.
The Environment Agency has released thousands of young grayling into rivers to boost fish stocks.