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Marks Tey Discount Pet Foods celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, but so far it’s been a bit of a quiet affair – everyone has been too busy dealing with customers and the day-to-day running of the business…

Family-run Waggles Pet Emporium has two shops and an e-commerce site and last year won a local business award. We visit to learn more about this award-winning business

Frank Woodhouse has been running pet and grocery stalls in a Derby market for a long, long time. We meet to find out what it’s like having a pet stall in a market.

Pets Pantry is located in the busy Lincolnshire market town of Market Deeping. Jayne Tattersall bought the shop four years ago, and says she loves every minute of it…

Colchester Pet Stores is a thriving shop in the heart of Colchester. Owner Mark Larner talks candidly about the strategies he uses to stay ahead

Pets Pantry is located in the Fenland market town of Chatteris, a commuter town for Cambridge, Peterborough and Huntingdon. We meet owner Mark Brackley, who describes it as a traditional, old-fashioned store.

When Julie Holmes decided to shut the door on her accounting and finance background to enter the pet retail scene, she knew exactly what she wanted her shop to look like. The result is a pet shop – but with a distinct boutique feel.

Falling footfall is a common problem facing many retailers, but Primrose Hill Pets is not taking this sitting down and has launched an initiative that it hopes will encourage visitors from far and wide

Reptile specialist Wrigglies sells a mind-boggling range of animals, both common and unusual morphs, and last month opened its fourth shop. But as we discover, it is so much more than ‘just’ a shop

Nigel and Lorna Mynott have been running Moulton Pet Stores in rural Lincolnshire for years, and say their success is down to good customer service

Walnut Pet Supplies is a one-stop shop for pet owners in Milton Keynes, and is constantly adding to the services it provides. It is also carving out a reputation as a raw food specialist

Quadrant Pet Supplies has an enviable location in a bustling shopping precinct in St Albans offering ample free parking, yet owner Joanne Young is not one to fall into the trap of complacency…

Lesley Deefholts admits to ‘doing things at the wrong time’ – such as opening a pet store when the economy is not doing well and with a fair bit of local competition. But a well thought-out product range and good rapport with customers has seen the business grow

The market town of Tring is known for its Natural History Museum, which houses the largest collection of stuffed animals in the world, and how the 2nd Lord Rothschild used to ride around the town in a carriage drawn by zebras. It’s also home to Gosford Pets and its resourceful owner, Laura Bromiley.

When we heard that a pet shop had launched its own dog food, SANDRA PEARCE paid a visit to learn more

Not many people can say a parrot was the inspiration for a highly successful retail business, but for Scarlett DelaCroix, that is exactly the case. Sandra Pearce visits to learn more about Lincolnshire’s Scarletts Parrot Essentials

When pbwnews first visited Pet Fayre, owner Janet Whiting was preparing to move to another unit in the neighbourhood shopping precinct to make way for a supermarket. Almost three years later, we return to see what’s happened, and discover she now doubles as postmistress!

A mere three miles separate Paws with a Cause and The Pet Shed in Brighton, yet the owners of the two pet shops have a good relationship and are more than happy to send customers to each other. Sandra Pearce visits to learn more.

Claire Hunter owns a successful dog day care centre in the heart of the Chilterns. Sandra Pearce visits to learn more about the business

Since moving to a new location in Swaffham, Norfolk, Laura Palmer has grown her pet product range and expanded into brand new territory. Sandra Pearce soaks up the atmosphere and learns more about her plans

It’s been a busy couple of years for owner Rob Brown, who’s been working hard to carve a niche as a pet nutrition expert in the seaside town of Goring by Sea – and he’s also recently become a dad the second time round!

Hull’s thriving Thearne Pet Stores hits its 70th anniversary next year, but the going has not always been smooth. Owner Robert Nicklas talks about the moment that caused him to re-think his strategy – as well as airing a few other issues!

Just over two years ago, Sandra Pearce visited Animaltastic in Hemel Hempstead, and when she learned the partners had recently opened a second store in Welwyn Garden City, she popped along to see how things are going

PamPurredPets in Wantage, Oxfordshire, opened in late 2013, and it’s already a firm favourite with customers. Area manager Kelly Pont has recently received her 20-year long-service award, and she reveals what it’s like being part of a 48-strong (and growing) chain

Fin & Fur stocks only specialist pet foods and has just celebrated its 25th birthday. Sandra Pearce visits to learn the secret of its success

Unique Pets has a bit of a reputation as being a raw pet food specialist. Sandra Pearce pops in to visit the Iceland of the pet trade

Dee and Matthew run a bricks-and-mortar store alongside a busy e-tail site. Sandra Pearce visits to learn more about how the couple manage both

Lyn Neal and her daughter Wendy Connor between them own three pet and aquatic stores in Hastings, each within a stone’s throw of the other, each doing well. How is this possible? Sandra Pearce visits to find out

Petfood Supplies may be located in deepest rural Lincolnshire, but that does not mean it is untouched by many of the issues facing independents across the country. Sandra Pearce visits to learn more

When aquatics retailer Trimar had to find new premises, this gave it the perfect opportunity to venture into a partnership scheme with wholesaler ALF to implement an easier, more efficient way of managing stock

There is a certain comfort in sticking with the tried and trusted – but that’s not for Scott Hendry, who is ever willing to experiment and push boundaries. Sandra Pearce visits his Syston store to see what’s new

There’s hot competition for pets in the coastal town of Skegness. Sandra Pearce visits Digby’s Pets & Aquatics to see how the Wests are holding their own.

Nestled in the heart of Rutland is Tails & Whiskers, which has recently celebrated its first birthday. We visit to see how things are going…

Just off the hustle and bustle of London’s Kensington High Street is a pet shop that has been serving the families in the area for more than 50 years…

Maria Earl has been running her business in the historic market town of Oundle for 15 years now, but it was only about two years ago that she made the switch to purely pets…

Little did Zoe Fovargue know that buying her aunt’s pet shop would open up a whole new way of life for her…

Coming from a property background, Sarah Thompsell had had enough – and bought a pet shop. Sandra Pearce visits Russell’s Pet Store to see how she’s finding her new life

Looking for new premises for a pet shop, Steve and Andy were introduced to a vacant factory site on a new-build housing estate – and it was perfect. But they had literally to start from scratch as the building did not even have electricity, and working in minus-Celsius temperatures was not fun!When the estate agent told Steve Teasdale and Andy Gattner he’d found a possible site for a pet store, but that a Pets at Home branch was about a mile away, they were unfazed. “We knew they could not compete with us on every level,” said Steve candidly.

If you’ve been to a consumer show recently or PATS Sandown Park, chances are you’ll have met – or seen – a striking duo. Licks Ooh La La is a mum-and-daughter team who are championing the cause of canine fashion, reports Sandra Pearce

It’s not everyday you buy a rabbit… and then the store. But there were extenuating circumstances! Sandra Pearce meets mum and daughter team Wendy and Alyss Dickinson and hears their story

Jane Bunting offers a dog day care service from an open field in Essex, and with 160 dogs on her client list, the service is growing in popularity. Sandra Pearce pays a visit to learn more.

Jerry Graham has run his pet store for 34 years and is still going strong. Totally people-focussed, he has a unique way of doing business – some would throw their hands up in horror. But it works, as Sandra Pearce finds out.

Gemma and Tony Wilson took over Fur and Purr in Stony Stratford about three years ago. Sandra Pearce visits to see what changes they have made

Ken Burgess has owned Burgess Boys Pet Care Centre in New Addington, Croydon for 35 years. Sandra Pearce pays a visit to find out the secret of his success…

Croft Pet Foods won the PPRA Shop of the Year 2013 at PATS Sandown. Sandra Pearce visits the shop, in Banbury, Oxfordshire, to see what makes it tick

No matter how many years you’ve been in business, there is still the opportunity to learn something new and do something different. Sandra Pearce visits Northampton Reptile Centre and talks to owner Lois Hook about her plans.

In 2010, Gareth Mills and Jamie Austin took over a 12-year-old pet store in the Norfolk market town of Wymondham and have since earned a reputation for their home-bred small animals and birds. Sandra Pearce pops round to visit the duo and find out how they’re doing.

Pets Corner may have 75 branches, but it still considers itself very much a family-run independent. Sandra Pearce has a long talk with its purchasing director Steven Charman about where the business is heading, and how the independent has to change its game plan in order to survive the battle for the high street.

Tucked away on the outskirts of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, down an old farm track, is Lea Wood Cattery. No signage points to its location, but word has spread like wildfire about the services Liz Burman provides. Sandra Pearce pays her a visit.

David Sanders is more than just a pet shop owner. He’s been part of Yaxley’s community for the better part of his life and has established an enviable reputation as the man who can fix any pet problem.

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