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Veterinary surgeon and business founder John Burns launched Burns Pet Nutrition in 1993 and is passionate about the benefits of feeding pets a nutrient-rich diet of high-quality animal proteins and whole grains. He also has a reputation for speaking frankly about the pet food industry

There’s so much more to business than just the bottom line, says Henrietta Morrison, who set up Lily’s Kitchen eight years ago. She talks about how her company is trying to make a difference to society

Arden Grange is an award-winning manufacturer of super premium, natural, hypoallergenic pet foods and treats. We learn about what makes the company tick and where it is headed

Inspired Pet Nutrition has had a very busy 12 months. We find out a bit more about where the company is going and its plans for the future.

It’s been a busy few months for Pets Choice, with new launches and the acquisition of Tasty Bone. We meet chief executive Tony Raeburn to find out more about his plans for the Lancashire manufacturer.

Dog treats manufacturer Hollings has seen steady growth in the sale of its natural treats. The family-run business has invested heavily in its three sites and has seen output reach incredible volumes

Organic food specialist Laverstoke Park Farm has partnered with Nutriment to launch a range of raw dog food. Laverstoke owner Jody Scheckter and Nutriment founder Suzanne Brock talk about this joint venture

SureFlap is known for its microchip cat flaps and pet doors and has recently moved into the pet feeder category, but at Interzoo this month, it will be revealing a new chapter in its history

Launched in 1936, the premium brand Laughing Dog has gone from strength to strength and has released new products, all designed to keep dogs healthy and happy

Antos may have started selling its dog treats and chews from the back of a small yellow van, but it now has thousands of satisfied customers across the UK. Co-owner Antoon Murphy talks about the early days, and where the company is going…

Betty Miller has set itself the challenge of baking the best dog biscuit in the world. We drop by its Daventry bakery to see how this journey is coming along.

It’s been an interesting few years for Forthglade Foods, capped by a multi-million pound investment from a private equity company. Sandra Pearce learns more about the Devon-based pet food manufacturer.

Northampton-based Brunos celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Sandra Pearce talks to owners Jeremy and Jackie Hunt about their journey as wholesaler, retailer and garden centre owners

In four short years Westland Horticulture has become a major player in the wild bird, pigeon and indoor bird and aviary sectors with its brands Peckish, Bucktons and Nature’s Feast – and it has big plans for each…

Loving Pets started selling just last September, and demand has taken off – it’s seeing sales of around 20,000 of its Bella Bowls into Europe each month. We visit to learn what’s so special about these pet bowls, and what else this fledging company has up its sleeve

It’s been an interesting two years for Surrey-based raw pet food manufacturer Nutriment. Sandra Pearce visits to learn more about what makes this fast-growing company tick

There’s a buzz in the air at Sky Pet Products. Sandra Pearce visits the Northamptonshire-based manufacturer and distributor to learn what’s on the cards…

Ancol is a leading manufacturer of collars, leads and harnesses in the UK, but also has a reputation for its other pet accessories including toys, grooming and clothing ranges. We visit its Walsall base to learn more about the company

Little did Dewi Parry realise that mixing his own dog food would lead to him setting up a pet food company in Wales. Over the years, Pero Foods has grown its range of blended products, and now also offers an own-label range for retailers

Burgess Pet Care revealed its new brand identity at PATS Harrogate, with its entire product range now under the Burgess banner. We visit to learn more about the direction the family company is heading…

Fairly new to the pet market, Animology has quickly made a name for itself and is growing its export markets on a seemingly day-by-day basis. Sandra Pearce visits the Preston-based manufacturer to learn more

We’re all familiar with the saying ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’. At the Company of Animals, giving pet owners the best education on their training and behaviour products is core to its business. Sandra Pearce learns more about the company and its founder, Dr Roger Mugford

2014 has been a tumultuous year for Henrietta Morrison, kicking off with January’s Channel Five documentary on dog food and now catapulted into the controversy over the launch of Lily’s into Tesco.

From its base in Suffolk, Supreme Petfoods exports to 22 countries – but the interests of the UK independents remain a key priority for this global player.

If you want to know about anything bird related, Rob Harvey’s your man. Apart from a wide range of bird food, Rob Harvey Specialist Feeds supplies everything the pet retailer and professional breeder could ever want…

Within spitting distance of Old Trafford is the home of pet bedding specialists Scruffs. Sandra Pearce visits to learn more about the brand and where it is going

Lancashire-based GA Pet Food Partners is keen to help retailers bring an own-label pet food product to market. Sandra Pearce visits and learns more about the family-run business

Comedian WC Fields is credited with the line ‘Never work with children or animals’. Well, Phil and Gail Gibbs are, thankfully, guilty of only half of that. Sandra Pearce visits to find out what goes on behind the scenes at Essex Breeding Centre

Located on a six-acre site south of Ipswich, wholesaler, manufacturer and distributor HG Gladwell & Sons wears a number of hats, yet each is intricately interwoven, with the independent retailer at the core. Sandra Pearce visits to learn more about the family business

Wholesaler ALF is standing firmly behind the independent retailer and introducing initiatives to help grow footfall. Sandra Pearce talks to Kevin Barton to learn more

SureFlap’s Andy Bank writes about setting up a company in a recession and how SureFlap has quickly become a global brand

Keen to learn more about small animals food brand Mr Johnson’s and its parent company, Henry Bell,
Sandra Pearce pays a visit to its Grantham premises

Dutch manufacturer eSHa celebrates its 45th anniversary this year and reveals how, apart from a short digression into larger territory, it has remained true to its core aim of making health care products and supplements for the aquatics industry.

Family-run Hollings created a bit of a stir when it first brought out its packaged treats, and continues to introduce new treats and chews, keeping the customer intrigued as to what’s next. Sandra Pearce talks to daughter Emma to learn more about the business.

Peregrine Livefoods last year celebrated its 25th year, and the company has undergone quite a transformation from when it was first set up. Sandra Pearce visits to see where they are, and where they’re going…

Traditionally flour millers, Marriage’s also has a range of pet and farm animal food, and recently launched its wild bird offering. Sandra Pearce travels to Chelmsford to talk to sixth-generation Sam Marriage about the family business’s plans – and its roots

Beaphar started out on a very small scale towards the end of the Second World War, yet today it has a presence in 15 European countries. We talk to UK country manager Sue Huggett to find out what it’s like being part of a multinational

Aquadip has a strong reputation for its frozen and livefood, but there is so much more to the company than this.

Tucked away on an industrial estate in Chesham, Bucks, another chapter in the evolution of pet food in the UK is being written. Sandra Pearce talks to Eddie Milbourne of Symply and Canagan brands to see what’s afoot…

It’s been a busy year for Town & Country Petfoods as it has rationalised its offerings and launched a number of new products. Marketing director Peter Parkinson explains what’s been going on…

It’s been only seven years since Aqua Pacific was launched in the UK, but it has made an impact in more ways than one. We catch up with MD Mark Winter to learn more about the company and its brands, Aqua One, Pond One and Reptile One

Natural pet food company Almo Nature has launched a number of products this year in an effort to differentiate itself from the plethora of natural foods flooding the market. It is also on a mission to help retailers understand that the cat food buyer shops in a totally different way to the dog owner…

Cage and housing supplier Liberta UK has come a long way very fast, so we jumped at the chance to talk to MD Paul Lawrence…

Curious to learn more about the workings of small animal breeder Simon’s Rodents, we popped round for a visit – and were astonished at the sheer size of the business

A core philosophy for Trixie is providing quality products that are value for money. We talk to the company to see how things are shaping up in the UK now that it’s taken a new direction here…

Pedigree Wholesale this year celebrates its 40th anniversary. Steve Brown talks about its milestones, and says the company is firmly behind the independent retailer.

Anglian Meat Products has been supplying raw meat to the pet industry for over 30 years, its history mirroring the increasing popularity of natural feeding. Sandra Pearce visits to learn more about the company and the category.

At a time when ‘restructure’ has become embroiled in negative connotations, Sandra Pearce meets Interpet’s Mark Hoskins and learns that the company is revelling in its restructure.

At some point, we will all experience that ‘Eureka’ moment; the sheer elation and excitement of a new discovery. At Lintbells, virtually every product comes with its own ‘eureka!’ moment, says Sandra Pearce

Having made considerable investment in its manufacturing facilities, Armitage Pet Care is all abuzz with its latest venture.  Sandra Pearce visits the factory in Nottinghamshire to find out what’s going on

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