News Interpet Brings Out New Fishmeal Free Food



Interpet brings out new fishmeal-free food
30th November 2021

By Justine Thompson

Leading aquatics brand Interpet has unveiled a new balanced, nutritious, every day, fishmeal-free food based on the natural diet of most aquarium fish – insects and small crustaceans.
The Fit & Wild Aquarium Fish Food range includes flakes and pellets for goldfish and tropical fish and veggie wafers and flakes for bottom feeders and more herbivorous fish.

Adrian Exell, development and marketing manager at Interpet, said: “Our new Fit & Wild Aquarium Fish Food is a complete range of food, which offers a more natural diet for most freshwater aquarium fish and contains all the high quality, palatable protein that is closer to what they would eat in the wild, including Mealworm meal, Daphnia, Bloodworms and Black Soldier Fly Larvae.
“This new range offers aquarium fish keepers the chance to prioritise the health and wellbeing of their aquatic pets and lessen their environmental impact at the same time.
“Feeding a more natural, complete food will help bring out the best in their fish. With better diet and nutrition, they will maintain a healthier condition, be stronger, have more vitality and vivid colours, as well as enhanced growth and resistance to illness.
“Fit & Wild is free from fishmeal, one of the traditional main ingredients of most aquarium fish foods. Fishmeal is mostly made of small oily fish, unsustainably harvested from the sea.
“Millions of tonnes of these fish are taken from the wild annually, which adds to the over-fishing issues that we face as a planet. These forage fish are also fundamentally important for supporting and feeding the marine food web, including animals like dolphins, sharks and whales. Feeding fish an insect-based food is much kinder to the oceans and wider environment.”
As Interpet’s Fit & Wild food is an everyday fish food, closer to a fish’s natural diet and a more sustainable option, it should help bricks and mortar and online retailers develop a stronger relationship with their customers too.
“Starting people with our high-quality fish food will help stores selling our products foster a long-term, brand-aware, loyal customer, who sees great results and makes return visits,” added Adrian.

“As well as offering this new food as a standalone product, free samples will be included with our Interpet Bioactive Tapsafe, Greenaway and Gold Tapsafe treatments for consumers to try.”