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Despite the tough economic climate, the pet bed and bedding sector has maintained its market size and was worth an estimated £35 million RSP in 2012, according to market researchers AMA Research.
It is thought that up to 80% of UK pets suffer from some kind of dental disease. Various educational campaigns on dental health for pets is having some impact, albeit slowly. Yet there are a variety of products on the market addressing dental concerns, from accessories such as toothbrushes, gels, pastes and mouthwashes to treats and chews with functional benefits.
The mobility supplements category is experiencing good growth, fuelled by owners being willing to supplement their pets’ diets to prevent and ease joint and mobility issues. This is coupled with greater consumer awareness that their pets’ mobility problem can be helped using a supplement which is available over the counter, says Dorwest Herbs’ Roly Boughton.
Market research company AMA estimates the collars, leads and harnesses category to be worth about RSP £20 million. The market is largely fragmented, with a number of distributors and manufacturers in play.
Trade sources estimate that the market value for the ornamental aquatics industry falls broadly into the RSP £300-400 million bracket. The figure incorporates livestock, aquariums, equipment, decoration, supplements, test kits and fish food, excluding pond fish food.
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The market value of the total pond market is notoriously hard to ascertain – manufacturers we spoke to estimate this at anywhere from around the £50 million mark to around £23 million.
The cages and hutches market comprises indoor and outdoor housing for all small animals, poultry and captive birds, as well as dog carriers and crates. According to market researchers AMA Research, the total market in 2011 was worth an estimated £63 million RSP, with growth forecast for 2012 and 2013.
The cat litter market in the UK is thought to be worth up to £120 million, says Claire Sullivan, Bob Martin UK marketing manager.
The UK dog toys market was worth an estimated £97 million in 2012, up from the £90 million of 2008, according to market researchers AMA Research.
Driven largely by social changes in which many owners increasingly humanise their pets, value sales of treats are booming, with average annual growth not far below 10% despite difficult economic conditions, reports Paula Flores, global head of pet care research at Euromonitor International.