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Aquatic Focus(view archive news)
A garden centre has decided to close its aquatics section to make way for a new showroom selling garden furniture, BBQs and other outdoor living leisure products.
The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association is launching a new range of member benefits at AQUA 2017, being held at the Telford International Centre next month.
The EU is considering banning the entire Channa (snakehead) genus and a further four aquatic plant species.
The Dutch king and queen have laid flowers at the opening of a memorial for the victims of the Malaysian Airlines’ victims shot down over Ukraine three years ago.
Tetra has launched a limited-edition 30-litre Minions’ themed aquarium to ‘welcome young children into the exciting world of fishkeeping’.
JBL has launched ProPond Summer, a ‘special summer food’ for koi.
French salt manufacturer  Aquarium Systems has expanded into the UK, opening a new warehouse and offices in Leicestershire on August 1.
A Dartmouth study of spearfishing on a Caribbean coral reef illustrates how understanding the process of fishing can help in developing management strategies  to address overfishing and coral  reef protection worldwide. The findings are published in PLOS ONE.
To mark World Orca Day, Born Free patron and former model and TV star Lady Victoria Hervey visited Westfield Stratford in London to support Born Free’s #TankFree campaign.
JBL is introducing two microscopes in partnership with microscope manufacturer Bresser for all aquarium and terrarium enthusiasts.
A UK public aquarium has responded to a European Commission call for aquariums to educate visitors on the reality of marine litter in a ‘World Aquariums against Marine Litter’ campaign.
Eheim has brought out the Eheim LEDcontrol, designed to control different lighting options to simulate nature’s colours and moods.
Jellymageddon is upon us – and we might be partly responsible, says a report in the New Scientist.
Live goldfish in tanks are the highlight of an Art Aquarium exhibition in Japan.
Aquadip Is launching an own-labelling service for its complete range of frozen fish food blister packs and a range of its dry fish food in pots.
Indonesia has been praised for an initial progress report on its conservation and management measures to protect the Banggai cardinalfish.
Fluval has added two new variants in white to its award-winning Fluval Flex aquarium range.
A Canadian city has banned an aquarium from bringing in new dolphins, whales and narwhals.
Tetra has expanded its range of aquariums for beginners with the Starter Line 30l.
Fluval has launched a substrate that it says is ideal for freshwater planted tanks or for shrimps.
The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association is encouraging its members to sign a petition ‘against yet another attempt to curb the aquarium industry in Hawaii’.
A goldfish owner who tried to give his pet a good send-off was left stunned when a duck intervened.
A young male Chinese water dragon has been joined Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium.
Aquatics retail chain Maidenhead Aquatics has added a Click & Collect service to its online offering.
Singapore hosted its inaugural AquaRealm trade and consumer aquatics show in June.
A garden centre held its third annual Koi Carp Show on July 9.
Aquatics wholesaler J&K Aquatics is distributing a range of products from Evolution Aqua.
A Sea Life centre has launched a campaign to help endangered sea turtles.
Tetra has launched a new range of premium koi fish food, KOI Beauty, comprising Tetra KOI Beauty First, Tetra KOI Beauty Small and Medium Pellets.
Hagen has launched the Fluval Mini Protein Skimmer to help remove dissolved organic compounds and other harmful substances in marine tanks before they break down.
A 19-year-old who used an imitation gun to demand money in an aquatics shop has escaped jail.
A family in Australia has been admitted to hospital after being poisoned by toxins released from coral in their fish tank.
EHEIM has brought out a range of energy-saving, environmentally-friendly classicLED freshwater lights, which it says can be used instead of the high-energy T5/T8 tubes. It has also launched a T5/T8 adapter set to facilitate the change.
The latest JBL manuals are now available as hard copies and to download. The manuals for pond and terrarium enthusiasts are published every two years and include advice and information on how to keep animals as well as information about the JBL expeditions.
The Monterey Bay Aquarium in California is encouraging people to write a fan letter to a fish. A spokesman said its residents including fangtooth fish, cownose ray and hatchetfish love receiving mail, and promised to read any letters to them, reports the TIME magazine.
Evolution Aqua has launched the EazyPod Automatic pond filter.
The chief executive of a UK aquatics trade body has been invited to join the European Pet Organisation’s (EPO) board as vice president.
An aquatics retailer has branded a thief who stole £150 intended for a cancer charity as ‘disgusting low life’.
A new study has revealed that some corals are adapting to warming ocean waters, potentially good news in the face of reports of global coral die-offs due to the extreme warm temperatures last year.
A Scottish aquarium has closed for a three-month-long refurbishment to mark its 20th anniversary.
Tetra has launched a new and limited-edition aquarium to welcome young children into fishkeeping.
An aquatics wholesaler has been included in a list of companies judged most likely to inspire Britain.
A jellyfish specialist has expanded his business and is now offering jellyfish and a range of tanks to aquatics retailers. 
Dr Herbert Richard Axelrod, a pioneer in the aquatics hobby, died on May 15, aged 89 years.
A top Japanese koi breeder and exporter is to visit England this month for a buyer’s event hosted by Koi Wholesale.
Fluval has brought out the Fluval Mini Protein Skimmer for marine aquariums of 20-80 litres.
As a retailer, there are a number of things you can do to not only put your consumers’ minds at ease while helping to boost sales during the warmer months.
EHEIM has launched its compactON aquarium pump, available in six sizes with flow rates from 170 to 5,000 liters per hour.
Hagen’s Vicenza and Venezia aquarium range have been upgraded with LED lighting.
Scientists have found a way to extend the lifespan of the turquoise killifish (Nothobranchius furzeri), which hit old age after just a couple of months.