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Tis’ the season to feed wild birds

Now that the first frosts and snow have landed, chances are that home owners are thinking more about wild birds. These manufacturers have a range of products and good ideas on how to encourage people to feed wild birds, and hopefully convert them to year-round feeders.

HJ Lea Oakes
Marriages Specialist Foods

HJ Lea Oakes

Peckers Wild Bird Food is manufactured by HJ Lea Oakes, a family-owned company established in 1675. Although much has changed over that time, it continues to produce exceptional quality feeds. 

A spokesman said: “We have developed a unique reputation for product quality and performance. We understand that this market has become highly specialised with more people than ever choosing to feed their garden birds, demanding high-quality, truly nutritious products that really work.

“The recent growth in demand for our products from both wholesale and retail customers has allowed us to expand our manufacturing and packaging capabilities. The investment shows our passion for what we do and our desire to provide the best, cleanest, most attractive product possible.”

For more information, visit or call 01270 782222.
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Marriages Specialist Foods

It’s getting to that time of the year when sales of wild bird food will go through the roof – make sure you are stocked up and don’t miss out on the one benefit of the frosty cold mornings! 

Marriage’s High Energy seed mixes and its Honeyfield’s specific winter mixes are ideal shelf fillers as they have been formulated to offer the birds exactly what they need during the colder months.

Instant energy ingredients are included such as suet pellets and sunflower hearts. These are vital to smaller birds that need to consume at least 30-40% of their body weight daily just to survive, along with other high-energy oil seeds and cereals that provide longer release energy.

Honeyfield’s Mealworms are a great add-on sale at this time of year. They are high in protein and ideal for insect-feeding birds such as the nation’s favourite robin. A spokesman said: “Our Robin specific mix gives the best of both worlds, a seed mix with added mealworms.

“Fat balls are a perfect basket filler. Please be aware of the cheap ones though, which can be more full of fillers than fat. If it is repeat sales, you need Nutri bombs as the way forward! 

“Honeyfield’s Nutri Bombs are a full of just good stuff, no fillers, with added vitamins for year-round health. They stay soft so won’t just hang there not being touched. Speak to your Marriages rep about trial packs.

“Having a feeding table with feeders outside the shop can make for a nice display and keep the birds happy!”

For more information, visit or call 01245 612019.
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Unipet is a leading suet-based wild bird food manufacturer in Europe, well-known for its Suet To Go brand. The range encompasses a variety of suet wild bird food to suit feeding preferences, from pellets to balls and blocks – perfect for year-round feeding.

A spokesman said: “Always the innovators, Unipet has introduced a new pre-filled pallet concept which has proven to be a big hit.

“A great addition to any retailer, this euro pallet includes four of our best-selling products: Mealworm Half Coconuts, Insect Suet Blocks in Trays, Berry Suet Blocks in Trays and 400g Insect Pellets.”
The shop-ready pallet is a hassle-free and eye-catching way to display a range of Suet To Go products in-store. Not only is the pricing extremely competitive, Unipet has also ensured that the bright design is hard to be missed in store. Simply choose your preferred RRP for each product, pop it on the header board and display in-store immediately.

For more information, contact
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