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The information we provide is used by thousands of people in the pet trade who are just like you. We can give you details about:
•    Cats
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•    Small mammals
•    Reptiles and amphibians
•    Aquatics and water gardening
•    Cage and aviary birds
•    Garden birds and mammals
•    Poultry and smallholdings
•    Grooming and veterinary
•    Equine

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We can offer you news and information based on different types of pet as well, including dogs, cats, small mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds to name but a few.
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Trade pet supplies

Pet Business World is the leading website for trade pet supplies and our carefully categorised directories offer visitors a simple solution to finding a suitable pet trade supplier. Our directory for dogs offers retailers an extensive listing for businesses and professionals serving the canine market, while we also have comprehensive directories for cats, small mammals and cage and aviary birds as well as reptiles and others. Our directories are designed to provide retailers with information on specialist suppliers, as well as those carrying well over 10,000 pet lines. Registration to our directories is free and it only takes a couple of minutes before you will be provided with your very own username and password. We have been reporting on pet supplies in our trade magazine, pbwnews, since 1951. We continue to produce high quality content on legal and marketing updates, trade shows and business start-ups while expert columnists provide in-depth features on improving sales and profitability in the pet trade industry.

Trade pet supplies – easy directory access

Our website now has more than 12,000 trade users and our online forum is the perfect portal to express your views about a particular topic or ask industry professionals about trade pet supplies, or specific products and services. Our grooming and veterinary directories provide retailers with a listing of professionals that manufacture, distribute or supply products to the grooming and veterinary sectors. We also have a business services directory where retailers can find lists of companies that supply specialist services for pet trade organisations such as logistics, recruitment, insurance, marketing and design. In addition to our directories, Pet Business World can also advertise trade pet supplies and services online or in our publication, pbwnews, which is delivered to more than 7,800 working pet care professionals each and every month.


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