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Hownd was a double winner at the PetQuip awards, taking the Marketing Project of the Year award for its Bring Your Dog to Work campaign and also winning the Accessories award in the Pet Product of the Year with its All Seasons natural skin, nose and paw balms. Pictured above: Mark and Jo Hirschel (centre) with Marketing award sponsor Gordon Thomas of PATS and Amanda Sizer Barrett or PetQuip. Read more


Natures Menu



Natures Menu launched new brand at the Telford show. Read more

Natures Menu
Stand A36

Vet's Kitchen

Enjoying our first PATS show.

Vet's Kitchen

Stand B50


With Gordon Thomas, PATS organiser (left) and Karen Pickwick from awards sponsor pbwnews

Congratulations to Antos whose Yak Snack range was a winner in the PATS Telford New Product Showcase awards presented last night. Read more

Stand H11

JR Pet Products

We had an amazing day at PATS feeling very privileged to be at the awards! Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow

JR Pet Products
Stand F10


Natures Menu

It's been a busy morning on the stand

Natures Menu
Stand A36


Some visitors to the stand!

Stand H11


It’s showtime!!! #PATS #standH11 #Antos

Stand H11

JR Pet Products

Come and join us and snap a photo of the stand - the best action photo of the show will win 3 cases of our new Pure Range training treats!

JR Pet Products
Stand F10


Record numbers of exhibitors, the biggest showcase of new products yet, scores of show offers and competitions…it all adds up to PATS Telford. Read more

Antos   Stand H11
Antos is a Europe-wide supplier of premium quality dog snacks and food. Its product range includes the Cerea range of vegetable-based dog snacks including novelty frogs, hedgehogs and toothbrushes.

It also offers Antos natural antler dog chews, Yak Snacks, Himalayan dog chews, the natural range of Paddock Farm dog treats, Chicken D’light, traditional training treats including mini bones, premium quality hide products, pig ears, cow ears and tripe.

Antos is offering ‘fantastic show offers’ at PATS Telford:
Tubs Mini Mix 500g (Chicken/ Lamb/ Salmon) Buy 3 tubs get 1 tub FREE

Hedgehogs Large (10cm) Buy 3 boxes get 1 box FREE







Chicken D’Light Steak 100g or Chicken D’Light Cheese 100g
Buy 20 packets get 10 packets FREE.



HayPigs!   Stand H39
HayPigs! will showcase a unique brand of premium circus-themed toys and feeders for guinea pigs and other small animals, which it says is certain to draw in the crowds and catch the imagination.

“Roll up! Roll Up! The greatest fur-filled extravaganza on Earth is coming to PATS Telford this year and you don’t want to miss it! Newcomers Rik and Helen Cridland of HayPigs! will be exhibiting the whole HayPigs! Guinea Pig Circus range and will even have a couple of special fluffy guests with them to meet and greet everyone.

“We’re really excited to be exhibiting at PATS this year,” said MD and self-proclaimed Ringmaster, Rik. “It’s a great opportunity for the trade to come and view our products in the flesh and also see them in action courtesy of a couple of our furry friends!”
Included in the range of six products is the pig-defying HayPigs! Cavy Cannonball, a tilting tunnel designed to stimulate your small furries through interaction, play and exercise.

The HayPigs! Piggy Crash Mat is an extra-large cosy polar fleece bed, perfect for lap time snuggling.

The hay-mazing HayPigs! Wheek Wagon is a circus wagon-themed hay hopper that provides a hygienic and fun way of presenting hay and forage.

Check out the HayPigs! Piggy Weightlifter, the world’s first, horizontal, pet-friendly, vegetable kebab maker.

Also on offer – the ‘pigalicious’ HayPigs! Food Craving Tamer, a stackable, non-tip food bowl and the HayPigs! Circus Hidey Hut, a snug and secure circus hut that can be machine washed and squashes flat for easy storage.

All HayPigs! products have been designed for and tested by their resident rescue guinea pigs known as the HayPigs. While the brand has already proved popular in UK, HayPigs! has made sales across the globe from Germany, France and the US to Canada, Japan and Australia.

“We really have gone all out to make the HayPigs! Guinea Pig Circus a luxury product range for small furries,” said Rik. “At the end of the day, it’s about encouraging people to spend more time with their pets, enriching the lives of small furries and enhancing their own wellbeing, it’s a win-win really!”

Helen, co-founder and Chief Pig Tamer, added: “What we think is nice about this collection is it’s very giftable, making it a perfect present for Christmas or a special occasion. We have plans to add to the range, so it gives customers the opportunity to collect a themed set that not only looks great, but it also really practical, functional and fun.”

HayPigs! will be on stand H39 and ‘are sure to put on a show’! “Rik and Helen look forward to welcoming you! Wheek! Wheek! Wheek!”

Hownd   Stand H61
Hownd is an award-winning ethical UK brand that offers an eye-catching, shelf-ready range of conditioning shampoos, body mists and travel wipes for for consumers and professional groomers.

It will showcase its Miracle Spa Collection and All-Seasons Skin, Nose & Paw Balms with UVA & UVB Filters for Sun Protection at PATS Telford.

The Miracle Spa Collection comprises Miracle White & Bright Colour Enhancing Conditioning Shampoo (250ml, RRP £10) and 25:1 Miracle White & Bright Colour Enhancing Conditioning Treatment (5L).

Hownd is also launching two new products into the range – Miracle Face Scrub & Natural Tear Stain Treatment (250ml, RRP £12) and the Miracle Foam Wash (200ml Natural Dry Shampoo RRP £13).

Hownd’s All-Seasons Natural Skin, Nose & Paw Balms includes Hemp By Hownd (50g) and Playful Pup (50g). They are packaged in branded, shelf-ready trays (6 x 50g, RRP £10).

The company will also display its core range of cruelty-free pH-balanced conditioning shampoos (250ml, RRP £9), body mists (250ml, RRP £9), parfum and colognes (250ml RRP £14), and pocket-sized Yup You Stink Emergency Dog Wipes (RRP £2.95).

JR Pet Products   Stand F10
JR Pet Products will be launching its long-awaited Pure Range training treats at PATS, which it says is the ‘absolute ultimate in training treats made with 100% fresh meat from the best cuts, simply air dried to perfection with absolutely no additives, no preservatives, nothing!’

“We have a variety for every taste and many hypoallergenic options too, including our Pure Kangaroo and new Pure Goat. Come and see us on stand F10 to see our great offers. 
Stop Press! We have revealed the ninth variety of our very popular and well-established Pure Range – Pure Goat.

Why buy our Pure Range? We offer a 100% pure meat stick made with only the best cuts of meat originally destined for human consumption and manufactured in a human-grade factory. 

We now offer nine varieties:  Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Venison, Salmon, Duck, Rabbit, Kangaroo and Goat. 
Why did we choose Goat? Goat is a fantastic lean meat that is great for dogs with sensitivities and allergies, together with being one of the healthiest meats available. Goat meat contains less cholesterol than chicken and more iron than beef – what more could you ask for?

“It has certainly been a hit with the JR treat tasters. As with all our treats, it is simply 100% goat meat with absolutely nothing else added . It goes without saying that all our products are responsibly sourced.”
 New product showcase:
• JR’s Lamb Spaghetti, 35cm, 100g
This is a fun, healthy, long, sinewy chew that smells just like roast lamb. A ‘delicious, low-fat, hypoallergenic treat that is ideal for all breeds’. Great to feed whole or snap into smaller bite size pieces. It has been described by trainers as the JR ‘Wonder wand’ as it is great for gaining dogs’ attention and perfect to snap a piece off and carry on. 100% natural, no additives or preservatives, grain and gluten free.
• JR’s Braided Lamb
Recently launched, this is a particularly good-looking treat perhaps due to the fact that each individual piece is hand braided! “Our braided lamb is hypoallergenic, low fat, high protein and highly digestible – perfect as a healthy snack.”
JR’s products are grain free, gluten free, wheat free – guilt free. Free from artificial flavours, additives and preservatives.

Lintbells   Stand C11
Lintbells is a premium natural supplement company that researches, formulates and manufacturers high-quality, innovative products. With a strong focus on scientific validation, Lintbells works with experts such as the Royal Veterinary College and New Zealand’s Marlborough Research Centre.

Its distinctive product range includes the UK’s number 1 veterinary joint supplement YuMOVE Dog. Containing the unique ActivEase Green Lipped Mussel, YuMOVE provides significantly higher levels of Omega 3 EFAs and is around four times stronger than standard versions: a great choice to soothe stiff joints.

YuMEGA Itchy Dog is another ‘must-stock’, the UK’s number 1 veterinary skin and coat supplement, containing starflower oil and high purity salmon oil to calm itchy skins.

Lintbells also takes into consideration day-to-day events like travel, visits to the vets and even seasonal challenges like fireworks which can be difficult for dogs, thus introducing YuCALM Dog. This premium supplement supports natural calming pathways, helping stressed and anxious dogs enjoy life again.

A spokesman said: “Let’s not forget YuDIGEST Dog which is packed full of prebiotics and probiotics to support digestive health and beneficial gut bacteria – ideal for those days when they need to feel tip-top. This also comes in a fast-acting version YuDIGEST PLUS. Our ethos is all about making the lives of our pets better.”

To see the full range of Lintbells supplements visit

Marriages Specialist Foods   Stand E12
Marriages Specialist Foods has been cooking up some real treats this year. Adding to the three new parrot mixes launched at PATS Sandown, it has expanded its parrot offering with Parrot Nutri-Bars, a selection of super-food treats ideal as add-on sales that ‘look great and come complete in shelf-ready packaging’.
Marriages says its new range of pre-pack pouches for indoor birds are not only a real eye-catcher on shelf, but with a weight of 1kg, are ideal for owners with only one or two birds. Being re-sealable means they are easily stored and kept fresh.
The company says its recipe for a successful PATS show is:
• ‘Super’ Foods
• ‘Wonder’ful Margins
• ‘Marvel’ous New Products
• ‘Incredible’ Promotions

“And, last but not least, a little bit of theatre,” said a spokesman. “It’s always worth a visit to see what theme has been cooked up, and who’s wearing what following the earlier successes of the s‘A’les ‘Team’, the Garden Wars featuring Darth Vader, and then the Royal Variety showcasing the Disney Princesses.

“Now we all want to know…who are the PATS superheroes at Telford?”

Natural Instinct   Stand A54
Natural Instinct has been successfully manufacturing high-quality raw pet food since 2009 and enjoys exhibiting at PATS each year, showcasing its high-quality products and popular freezer deals. 

At PATS Telford, the team is thrilled to showcase two new products: Pure Offal and Fish Fingers.

All recipes are veterinary approved and use 100% British human-grade meats from DEFRA-approved farms. The wide range of recipes includes both complete and complementary options, and is free from artificial additives, colour preservatives and fillers. 

Natural Instinct also provides a wide range of treats. The company continues to expand as a result of ‘exceptional product quality, customer service and professional associations’ within the industry.

Natural Instinct is member of both PIF and the PFMA.

Natures Menu   Stand A36
Natures Menu, Europe’s leading expert in raw, is promising to reveal its latest innovations for the pet food industry at PATS Telford on Sunday.

Natures Menu will be at Stand A36 and will reveal its next exciting venture in the pet food market, as well as special show offers for stand visitors including an additional £100 RSP stock with every purchase of a freezer.

In addition to sharing its exciting news, Natures Menu will be offering insights into the industry with a seminar at 11.30am on both days on ‘market overview and predicted future trends’.

Commercial director James Langan said: “We’re very much looking forward to PATS Telford. We’ve had a hugely successful year, with our new factory opening imminently, but we’ve certainly saved our most exciting news for PATS, which will be revealed exclusively to attendees on the day. There will be show specials and lots to talk about, so I would encourage everyone to visit our stand to be one of the first to find out about Natures Menu’s latest news!”

Natures Menu is the UK’s number one for raw pet food and Europe’s leading expert in raw. Specialising in nutritionally balanced, complete raw feeding, Natures Menu aims to give dogs and cats a diet appropriate to their digestive system and which is as close as possible to what they might have eaten in the wild, free from artificial colourings, meat derivatives and other additives. Natures Menu says this has been shown ‘on countless occasions by experienced vets, nurses and owners to make an extraordinary difference to a pet’s health and well-being’.

With over 35 years in the business, Natures Menu was recently named as one of London Stock Exchange’s top 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain, just one of two businesses and Norfolk and one of 100 in the East of England to be featured in the list. As the largest natural pet food brand in the UK, Natures Menu makes 15,000 deliveries every month, feeding over four million meals to pets across the world.

As the largest raw pet food company in Europe, and exporting to over 20 countries worldwide, the business has grown from £10m to £30m in revenue in just five years. With a new state-of-the art factory due to open in Snetterton in the Autumn, the company aims to go from strength to strength and continue transforming pets’ lives through quality products while delivering unrivalled customer service.