Pets Business World - PATS Telford 2016



Pet Business World turns the spotlight on companies that exhibited at the PATS Telford pet trade show, Telford International Centre, 2016

Alfie & Molly’s Dog Bakery – Stand A25
Antos – Stand H11
Arden Grange – Stand D59
Best In Show – Stand H37
Company of Animals – Stand B53
Fold Hill Foods – Stand E43
Green & Wild’s – Stand F39
Hertford Shelving – Stand C51
Meatlove – Stand A45
Naturediet – Stand E31
NERF DOG – Stand D11
Pet Munchies – Stand E41
Pet Rebellion – Stand E1
Petlife International – Stand E40
Profleece – Stand H39
VIP Engravers – Stand C31
Woodside AC Trading – Stand B56

Alfie & Molly’s Dog Bakery    Stand A25   

Alfie & Molly’s is a small manufacturer from the south-west offering ‘nutritious, healthy and delicious preservative-free’ natural dog treats in three ranges: a grain-free range, a wheat and gluten-free range and an air-dried range. The treats contain a minimum 40% human-grade meat or fish.

Its hand-made, slow-baked artisan treats are nutrient dense and made from 100% ethically-sourced human-grade ingredients with ‘real health benefits, low in fat and organic as far as possible’, and are sourced as locally as possible to ensure quality. Being slow baked in small batches helps retain all goodness and nutrients, and ensures the treats are soft.

A spokesman said: “We bake our treats in small batches so they are nice and fresh for dogs to enjoy, and never use any animal or vegetable derivatives to bulk our treats. We also include ingredients that have known functional health benefits for dogs.

“We are finding that our grain-free range is extremely popular as it helps dogs with sensitivities, but our new air-dried range is starting to go well especially with owners who feed their dogs a raw diet.

“All our baked treats are packed in two individual bags to keep them fresh before being boxed and are very popular with our customers, as they do not have to be used up all at once.”

Alfie & Molly’s is launching its limited-edition Christmas treats range at PATS Telford, which has also been entered in the New Product Showcase. The spokesman added: “Christmas would not be Christmas without a tasty treat or two. Fun and festive, they are the perfect present for well-behaved dogs.”

The Christmas Selection Box (360g) RRP £12.50 contains Turkey, Chestnut & Thyme Grain Free (150g), Wild Game Sausages with venison, duck, wild boar, sweet potato, apple and aniseed (55g), Natural Salmon Fingers (55g), Three Bird Roast ‘Big Bone’ (100g).

Other treats in the Christmas range are: Christmas Trees Roast Turkey & Cranberry wheat and gluten free (150g) RRP £2.99; Christmas Trees Turkey, Chestnut & Thyme grain free (150g) RRP £2.99; and Three Bird Roast Big Bone grain free (100g) RRP £1.65.

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Antos     Stand H11
Antos is unveiling a range of pre-packed natural dog treats called The Paddock Farm Range. Sourced, quality controlled and packaged at the company’s headquarters The Paddock, this range of snacks offers retailers the opportunity to sell these high-quality products in a pre-packed and barcoded format.

The range includes pig ears, pig snouts, cow ears, chicken feet, puffed chicken feet, duck necks, chicken necks, liver, beef jerky, sausages (in three flavours) and meaty sticks (in three flavours).

A spokesman said: “The quality of the meat used and the size of the products are of the highest quality. All products in the range are from the UK and Europe.

“All pouches have a natural look and are re-sealable and can stand or hang. One of the great selling points of the range is that the trade price of each pouch is the same and the RRPs are all £2.70. There is no minimum order quantity per product. Retailers can order the products in singles.”

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Arden Grange     Stand D59
Arden Grange, a British-owned family business, has produced super premium pet foods since 1996. The range includes nutritionally complete dry dog and cat food, canned wet food and dog and cat treats.

Arden Grange says every recipe is hypoallergenic and free from wheat, beef, soya and dairy, artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives.
At PATS Telford, the company is hosting a special offer of 10% off 12kg bags of Adult Chicken & Rice, Adult Large Breed & Adult Sensitive dog food.
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Best In Show        Stand H37
Already a favourite with lifestyle retailers, the Best in Show brand of luxury pet gifts and treats unveils a new consumer website, brand refresh and extended products range at PATs Telford.

The company says its makeover signals the start of a renewed focus on reaching dedicated pet lovers. The new products within the Best in Show range will sit alongside the company’s existing favourites, including pet hampers, fun toys and stylish bow ties to beautifully baked treats.

Best in Show has also included festive gifts from Santa Paws and Santa Claws.

Caroline Cleary, brand manager at Best in Show, said: “Where possible, all products procured by Best in Show have an added health or nutritional benefit, in addition to being fun to play with or delicious to eat. This may include gluten-free ingredients, dental cleaning while playing or even help in soothing a teething puppy. All products within the Best in Show range are carefully designed using the highest quality materials and ingredients.”

Available both wholesale and direct to consumer, its products are retail ready with stylish Best in Show branding, refreshed for 2016 and unveiled for the first time at PATS.

Caroline added: “We initially launched Best in Show three years ago and have achieved outstanding success. Like all good brands, it was time to book a visit to the groomers and now we’re ready to enter the ring with our refreshed appearance.

“Best in Show doesn’t just offer ‘everyday’ pet consumables. We’ve worked with some of the leading pet product manufacturers across the globe to design, create and curate the best quality products which are both unique and desirable.

“We understand the importance of creating a range which appeals to both the pet and the owner which is why we truly believe our products are the best in show.”
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Company of Animals    Stand B53
The Company of Animals is exhibiting the HALTI Walking range at PATS. The company says the range has been designed for everyday dog walking and is ideal for dogs of all shapes and sizes that have been trained not to pull on the lead.

The range comes in four vibrant colours with two-tone webbing and incorporates safety features such as close control handles for instant dog restraint and 3M Scotchlite reflective weave for high visibility. Soft neoprene padding on collars, harnesses and lead handle loops provide comfort for both dog and owner.

The range contains 60 skus across five categories:

• HALTI Walking Harness
The HALTI Walking Harness offers five points of adjustment on the harness, ensuring a secure, comfortable fit for any size or shape of dog. The two lead clip rings on the dog’s chest and back provide essential points of control for more energetic dogs. Available in four sizes.

• HALTI Collar
The HALTI Collar incorporates a colourful two-tone design with a strong webbing outer and a soft yet durable neoprene lining. It is easy to adjust and the button-release clasp is strong and secure. There is an extra loop for name and microchip tags. Available in four sizes.

• HALTI All-In-One Lead
The HALTI All-In-One Lead is a multi-function lead that can be extended to use as a belt, making it ideal for running or hands-free control. The base of the lead has a strong elastic shock absorber protecting both dog and owner from sudden jolts. It can also double as a tie-out tether. Available in two sizes.

• HALTI Retractable Lead
The HALTI Retractable Lead gives freedom to dogs when walking and reassurance to the owner by keeping them safe and secure. With its ergonomic ‘gel grip’ handle and simple one click lock to adjust the lead length, this strong yet lightweight lead is suitable for both small and large breeds. Available in three sizes.

• HALTI Lead
The HALTI Lead is made from high-grade nylon with 3M Scotchlite reflective weave, while the handle is lined with soft neoprene for comfort. Available in two sizes.
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Fold Hill Foods    Stand E43
For over 40 years, Fold Hill Foods has been making high-quality dog and cat food at its family-run site in Boston, Lincolnshire. At PATS Telford, it will showcase its branded portfolio of Chewdles, Laughing Dog and Pointer Pet Products.

Manufacturing and supplying high-quality Pointer pet treats and biscuits to retailers across the UK for more than 50 years, Fold Hill is delighted to welcome the well-respected Pointer brand into the Fold Hill Foods family.

Specialising in hypoallergenic dry food, the baked dry brand Laughing Dog has firmly established its popular Wonderfully Wheat Free and Gloriously Grain Free completes, treats and mixer meals.

The company will present new products at PATS, as well as Laughing Dog’s new Gloriously Grain Free wet adult completes.
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Green & Wild's    Stand F39

Green & Wild’s is launching a number of new products at PATS Telford.

Beef Hearties (140g RRP £4.49) are 100% natural dried beef heart, and low in fat. These are ideal for all dogs, including puppies, but especially for senior and overweight dogs and those with sensitive digestion. They are an all-natural product and are 100% meat, without artificial colourings or preservatives.

Beef Jerky Chews (100g RRP £4.99) are a 100% natural chew, with a good source of chondroitin and offer a boost to joint health. They are ‘a great low-calorie natural snack or treat, suitable for all dogs’. A healthy alternative to bleached and chemically treated rawhides.

Ox Jerky Chews (150g RRP £4.99) are a 100% natural chew with a tough texture and rich flavour for a long-lasting chew. Suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes, especially dogs that enjoy chewing and require longer-lasting chew treats. They are low in fat, high in protein, completely digestible and a perfect accompaniment for any healthy diet.

Ox Liver Chews (100g RRP £4.25) are is a nutrient-rich organ meat that most dogs love to eat. Liver can provide dogs with protein, healthy fat and vitamin A. Ox liver is also a good source of copper, iron, niacin, phosphorus and zinc. It provides many B vitamins, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, and essential amino acids a dog needs from his diet to keep him healthy.

Triple Tripe Tastic Chews (100g RRP £4.49) are natural ‘green beef tripe’, unbleached, untreated and not boiled. It’s highly nutritious, containing enzymes, good bacteria, and nutrients that are excellent for a pet’s health. High in protein, 70% of this protein has seven amino acids, which perform essential functions including building muscle and enhancing all system functioning from immune response to tissue repair to urinary tract health.

Farmer Fred’s Sweet Potato Treats (100g £4.99) are 100% sweet potato dog treats, simply cooked, sliced and air-dried. Its texture acts as a natural toothbrush, helping keep teeth healthy and promoting fresh breath. It is 100% natural, containing no animal by-products or preservatives. The treats are naturally hypoallergenic and rich in beta carotene, which promotes bone growth and tooth development, and helps maintain healthy skin, hair and mucous membranes. It is also rich in vitamins A, C, B6 and E. It strengthens and helps to regulate the digestive tract. Nutritious and highly digestible, a natural alternative to raw hide.

Chicken Roll Bakes (150g RRP £3.29) follow the success of the company’s Salmon Roll Bakes. The Chicken Roll Bakes are a snack for any dog, high in omega 3 and 6 for a healthy skin and coat.

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Hertford Shelving    Stand C51   
Hertford Shelving will showcase a variety of shop display equipment, including Evolve 50i metal shelving, slatted panels, counters and retail merchandising accessories. It stocks a whole range of accessories including peg hooks, slatwall hooks, wire and acrylic risers and dividers, wire baskets and garment displays.

A spokesman said: “We can also source products not displayed at the show. We look forward to meeting many of you at the PATS show and hope you will find time to visit us.”
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Meatlove    Stand A45   
Based in Germany, Meatlove uses only raw materials and its products are designed to enable ‘100% transparency for nutrition-conscious animal owners’.

A spokesman said: “Thanks to humans, about 10,000 years ago, the wolf ate its way into being a dog. Since that time, the dog’s metabolism has become accustomed to starchy food, but like the wolf, above all he remains one thing: a canine carnivore/omnivore!

“This scientifically proven principle is found in all of our products. The feed pyramid of species-appropriate nutrition is the guiding principle and basis for a varied and demand-oriented composition of all feed ingredients.”

All ingredients – meat, vegetables and herbs – are sourced from farms in the region. The spokesman added: “We make sure that only fresh meat is processed directly from the food production of small, regional slaughterhouses, game and poultry farms, and that neither industrial nor feed grains get into our products.”

Meatlove will be showing off its full range of products, which comprise 80-100% ‘top-quality meat’, using no fillers or meal. It offers complete and complementary diets, as well as grain free, single protein and vet-care ranges.

Meatlove will also display its latest launch, Pussy Deluxe cat food, which won the Innovation Award from Europe’s top pet retailer.

New customers can benefit from special show offers.
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Naturediet     Stand E31

Naturediet Dog Treats were winners of the Dog Food and Treats category in the PATS New Product Showcase. The winners were chosen by a team of expert pet retail judges, who arrived at the show early on the Sunday morning to make their choices from a record number of more than 260 new products entered.

The judges agreed that the Showcase – sponsored by pbwnews ( – had produced ‘a high calibre of entries with a tremendous amount of innovation’. They said they were pleased to see such a wide range of products.

Judges’ said that the new Naturediet treats were a welcome addition to treat ranges with a moist dog treat, which is something a little different.

Naturediet is a family-owned-and-run British company with a history going back 40 years. The pet food manufacturer makes its products in a state-of-the-art bespoke factory in Norfolk.

Naturediet produces high-quality pet foods based on holistic principles, using the finest natural ingredients without any artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings. A spokesman said: “Our pets are as much a part of our working lives as they are part of our own families.”

In February this year, Naturediet launched the standard range twin packs and re-branded, updating the brand which it says was a huge success.

The spokesman added: “After months of research and development, listening and working with our customers, and finally involving their dogs in the testing of the new products, we are pleased to announce that the enhanced Naturediet range is now complete. We are delighted to be showcasing all our new products at PATS Telford and are all available to order now.

“Our customers then asked us to extend our range to include a grain-free Naturediet option as some of their dogs have a grain intolerance, so we took out the rice from our standard range and added more fresh vegetables, potato, parsnip and carrots, to provide the same calories as our standard range.  These products are completely gluten free.

“A bold yellow border helps you to distinguish between this range and our standard wet range. Available in 390g packs and our convenient 280g twin packs in the following flavours: Chicken, Lamb, Puppy and Sensitive.”

Naturediet has also launched a dry food, which mirrors the ingredients of its standard wet food range and is wheat gluten free.

The spokesman explained: “Some of our customers wanted to alternate days with dry and days with wet, or wanted to use Naturediet as a topper, or just prefer to feed a mixture of Naturediet wet and a dry food.”

The dry food is available in Chicken, Chicken & Lamb, Puppy-Junior and Sensitive menus, and three bag sizes: 1kg, 2.5kg and 12kg.

Finally, customers who were feeding a natural diet said they couldn’t find a treat ‘to match the superb quality of Naturediet wet food’. This led to Naturediet developing a semi-moist treat, which was created from the same recipe as used in its wet food range, and is wheat gluten free.

The semi-moist treat can be used as a treat or training aid, and is available in Chicken, Chicken & Lamb and Turkey and Salmon. Each flavour comes in a box containing 7 x 150g bags.
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NERF DOG    Stand D11   
NERF DOG is a dog toy range from NERF (a Hasbro brand), one of the world’s most recognised children’s toy brands.

The fun and exciting range includes a full line-up of throw and fetch toys, all manufactured from high-quality, durable materials.

The NERF DOG range is available in the UK exclusively from Hagen.

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Pet Munchies  Stand E41
Pet Munchies has been shortlisted as a finalist for the prestigious Pet Quip ‘Product of the Year’ Award. The UK based company manufactures premium, gourmet, natural dog and cat treats. The winner will be announced at the PetQuip Awards Dinner & Party on September 25, the first night of PATS.

The following new Pet Munchies treats have been short listed:
The Premium Gourmet Stix Range, oven baked with no artificial colours or flavours. Available in four varieties: Venison, Lamb, Chicken and Duck.
Natural Duck Drumsticks. These dental sticks are made with human grade 100 % natural duck breast meat wrapped around a calcium bone.

Pet Munchies are exhibiting at PATS and are offering great deals only available at the show.
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Pet Rebellion Stand E1
Pet Rebellion specialises in affordable particle pet barrier rugs which are machine washable including Stop Muddy Paws, a dog barrier rug, and cat barrier rugs; as well as absorbent food mats; car boot protection; car seat carpet and seat protector. It also offers the Shake to Wake memory foam beds.

At PATS Telford, it is launching the new anti-bacterial Car Seat Carpet, a solution to keeping car seats free from hair and muddy paws. The universal size is suitable for most seats and is easy to fit, locking around the headrest.

A spokesman said: “At Pet Rebellion, we are constantly striving to deliver the very highest standard of products and customer service.”

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Petlife International    Stand E40

Petlife has been at the forefront of providing pet bedding, healthcare and hygiene products to both professional and domestic pet owners for more than 20 years, and has more than 250 products in its catalogue.

It will be displaying its unique Flectalon reflective products, including Flectabed and 3 in 1 Dog Jackets; the KarmaWrap, another innovative product made in the UK that is tested and proven to help reduce anxiety in dogs; as well as the Safebed bedding range for rabbits, guinea pigs and small animals.

It will also show ‘new and exciting additions’ to its range of Non-Slip Vetbeds – including its 2016 Christmas collection, available in 10m rolls and pre-cut pieces with gift wrapping.

Petlife will also unveil its Oxbow range of complete feeds for rabbits and guinea pigs in eye-catching new packaging.

Its comprehensive portfolio includes Harkers, a leading brand in pigeon care in the racing world, specialising in a range of popular feeds and treatments for racing pigeons.

Exclusive multi-buy offers and extra discounts on Vetbed, Flectalon Dog Jackets, Harkers and Oxbow are available to show visitors.
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Profleece     Stand H39
Profleece is a family-owned-and-run company supplying pet and vet bedding. All products are sourced and manufactured in the UK with the aim of producing products of the very highest quality.

Bob and Irene Forster (now joined by their son Paul) have been in the business for 35 years.

Managing director Bob said: “We work very hard to provide pet and vet bedding that is of a premium quality at an affordable price. We are continually adding new colours, designs and patterns to the range. The Profleece Ultimate range is the densest and strongest bedding on the market. Customers often inform us that they have had their Profleece in daily use for many years.”

Profleece pet and vet bedding is supplied to the pet and veterinary trade on four continents, and the company can supply customers with specific branding and design knitted into the bedding.

Bob added: “Although the production and supply of ProFleece bedding has grown dramatically year on year, necessitating transferring our business into our third premises in six years, all of our customers are valued equally. It doesn’t matter to us if you have a small pet shop or you own an international chain, we are here to help and advise you to promote and develop a long term relationship.”
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VIP Engravers   Stand C31   
The VIP Pet Tag Program delivers huge margins and profits. The initial investment of £2,050 is usually recouped in less than a year. Price includes a lifetime warranty on parts and labour, and 200 free tags.

At PATS Telford, VIP Engravers is introducing the VIP Retail Pet Identification Program, the ‘newest, easiest and most affordable way to meet a customer’s immediate demand for pet identification’, while providing retailers with a new and highly profitable revenue stream.

A spokesman said: “The VIP Program was developed with you, the retailer, and your customers in mind and features the patented VIP CE-1000, allowing you to instantly provide your customers with the highest-quality engraved ID tags, ID collars and other products.

“The engraving system was engineered for durability and designed for ease of use, virtually eliminating the need for any field maintenance and employee training. Just plug it in and you’re ready to go.

“Our exclusive line of ID tags are 20% thicker and significantly stronger than some others on offer and are available in the most popular shapes and colours. Our exclusive line of ID collars feature an engravable plate permanently embedded in the collar (not just riveted to the top) that you customise in-store. These collars provide your customers with the most permanent means of pet identification available.”

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Woodside AC Trading     Stand B56


Aniderm is a new range of dry and wet shampoos for cats and dogs designed to treat skin conditions in a three-stage system, and is launching at PATS Telford.
The range has been developed by Woodside AC Trading to provide a natural skin management system that helps to both heal and protect against flaky, dry, irritable and sore skin complaints, providing relief to suffering pets.

Stage one is a sensitive dry shampoo that helps stop irritation and itching, and reduces inflammation.

Stage two is the regenerative dry shampoo that controls odour and restores the natural lustre of the coat, giving the skin the time it needs to return to health.

The final stage, consisting of a range of premium wet shampoos, contains natural ingredients that are tailored to work directly with various coat types – for puppies, light fur, long and soft fur, hypoallergenic, coarse fur, dark fur, and a cat shampoo with lingonberry and lavender – providing long-lasting care.

Gary Wheway, founder of Woodside AC Trading, said: “Skin conditions in dogs and cats can be caused by a variety of reasons. It’s important that the health of the skin is maintained and problems are quickly dealt with. We developed the Aniderm range as a rapid response system to deal with these issues, from reducing symptoms at stage one to ensuring a continual tip-top finish at stage three.

“Although all three products were developed to work together, all the products in the range can be used as a highly effective preventative standalone products for healthy cats and dogs too.”

KernelKat cat litter
One of KernelKat cat litter’s key selling points is its distinct advantage of being flushable down any domestic toilet, as it is made from biodegradable, environmentally friendly corn kernels.

Gary Wheway, founder of KernelKat, said: “This litter will prove a huge hit with eco-aware animal lovers who only want the best for their cats. We’ve already had great feedback from our pilot testers in catteries, animal rescue centres, and members of the public who valued its outstanding odour control and unrivalled absorbency.

“When the litter is used, liquid is absorbed into ‘clumps’, which cat owners then remove - rather than replenishing the entire tray and wasting product. It also eradicates tracking, meaning cats do not tread messy litter across clean carpets and floors.”

KernelKat is displayed in bright, eye-catching, recyclable packaging, designed to stand out on shelves. Retailers are also supported with an instore media kit including shelf strips, barkers, wobblers, and an optional FSDU unit. KernelKat is also promoted through an extensive national social media and PR campaign, ramping up consumer demand and creating a community of eco-aware cat owners who do not settle for anything less than the best products for their pets.

Also exhibiting at PATS is a new range of professional breed-specific dog shampoos, Pooch. Initially, the range will focus on six breeds that are notorious for difficult skin and coat management, namely Yorkie, Maltese, German Shepherd, Westie, Labrador and Shih-Tzu.

Developed by Woodside AC Trading, the high-quality products use a mixture of herbs and natural extracts to directly match the skin and coat properties of each breed of dog.

Gary Wheway, founder of Pooch, said: “We understand that every dog’s skin and coat is different – but generic products currently available on the market simply don’t focus on this. As such, hair loss and dry skin often don’t improve.

“Pooch is different. It’s the ultimate professional grooming product to cater specifically to certain breeds, providing sustainable, long-lasting improvements to skin and coat nourishment that looks great and keeps the dog happy and healthy too.”

“Pooch is a professional quality, niche range developed both for the commercial and consumer market. The shampoos are aimed at discerning retailers, pet boutiques, grooming parlours and customers who simply want the absolute best for their pets.”
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