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Johnson’s has launched a new, improved formula for its popular Clean ‘n’ Safe Cleansing Wipes. The Cleansing Wipes contain chamomile and aloe vera, and are alcohol and paraben free. They are ideal for use on the face, tail, paws and coat and skin, and are suitable for dogs, cats and small animals. The wipes can be used regularly to cleanse, soothe and protect the skin and coat and are pH balanced. Available in a smaller 30-wipes size, which come in a cardboard counter/shelf display tray of six. RRP £2.89
Johnson’s Veterinary Products 0121 378 1684

GoodWood are long-lasting, natural, chewable coffee wood sticks that stimulate dogs to chew time and time again. GoodWood is 100% natural and contains zero calories and is free from caffeine and artificial ingredients. The sticks are very hard, yet reward dogs with a sense of achievement while its portable shape allows dogs to take it anywhere. Coffee tree wood is a close-grained type of wood, handcrafted and produced from a sustainable wood source.
Pet’s Up 07532 265853

Friendship Estates has revealed its brand new packaging for Friendly Natural Cat Litter 20kg.  A spokesman said: “This new design will look clean and fresh on your shelves, and reflects the high quality product inside.” Friendly Natural Cat Litter is made from British straw, a rapidly renewable product, making it an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional litter. It is biodegradable, super absorbent and has a fragrant fresh mint aroma. The new packaging also ties in with other products in the Friendly range of pet products.
Friendship Estates 01302 700220

Versele-Laga has launched its new Nature range for small animals. A spokesman said: “Nature is the real home of all animals. A world where they can eat, play and discover to their heart’s content. A world full of variation in tastes and textures, full of natural vitamins and minerals. With Nature, we give them the same rich and nutritious ingredients. Mixtures tailored specifically to each animal ensure a food that is balanced as well as tasty. Tastes like home, feels like home. Nature, a next-generation muesli.”
Versele-Laga 07867 455954

Measom Freer can now produce its measuring and hand scoops in fully recycled plastic (PCR). Made to order in recycled HDPE, with other colours available on request, these scoops range in size from 0.5ml to 150ml and are ideal for the precise dispensing and dosing of powders, pellets, supplements, dried feed and liquids. Logos or company details can be printed on to the handles.
“In today’s climate of environmental awareness, we are aware of our responsibilities as packaging producers, having recently been awarded a British Standard in Environmental Management (ISO 14001:2015).”
All products are designed and made in the UK.
Measom Freer 0116 288 1588

The Treat Travel bag enables pet owners to carry all their vital accessories while out exercising or on dog days out. The bag has a drawstring for security but also includes a magnetic closure for easy access during training exercises. The bag includes a front pocket and pouch and has a place for storing and dispensing poo bags. It can be worn on a belt or secured around the waist, or even over the shoulder using a strap.
RRP £14.99.
3p enterprise 01594 810990

Johnson’s has launched Diagel for dogs and cats, an effective aid for digestive disorders that helps restore normal bowel movement. Diagel granules contain water-absorbing nutritional fibres which swell to form a soft gel. For loose bowel movements, the gel absorbs excess moisture in the gut, improving stool formation and consistency, aiding a return to normal bowel movement. With solid or impacted stools, the gel acts as a lubricant to soften solid stools and impacted intestinal content, assisting elimination.
Diagel also contains vitamins and minerals to help restore the balance of electrolytes and glucose to aid recovery from digestive disorders.
A shelf display box, features one pack each for cats, small/medium dogs and larger dogs. Available in packs of six RRPs £4.79, £6.79 and £8.79.
Johnson’s Veterinary Products 0121 378 1684,

Pawtato has launched an addition to its Pawtato Dog Chews Range – Ocean Treats. These environmentally-conscious, vegan treats are not only meat-free but use sustainably-farmed spirulina, wakame and kelp seaweeds. “Packed in biodegradable bags, these fun, sea-animal-shaped chews are delicious as well as environmentally friendly. An excellent hypoallergenic treat, Pawtato Ocean Treats are grain-free, wheat-free and soya-free, with the additional bonus of being low fat.” Each purchase of Pawtato Ocean Treats results in a donation towards ocean conservation projects, so ‘not only are they friendly to our oceans, but take steps towards caring for them too’. Visit Pawtato at Stand F9 at PATS Sandown.

The Multi Mat travel throw provides dog owners and their pets with a comfortable blanket to share when on the move. The waterproof base provides protection from the cold ground and is perfect for days out and picnics. The soft fleece surface gives a luxury feel for the comfort of pets. The Multi Mat is rolled easily for carrying and large enough for owners and their pets to share. Use at home to cover furniture or carpet, in the car to protect upholstery, or on the move as a travel rug. Measures 140 x 120cm. RRP £29.99.
3p enterprise 01594 810990,,

Johnson’s has added Beef Flavoured Toothpaste to its popular range of dental products, giving a further tasty alternative to the current chicken-flavoured variety.
The new toothpaste with beef flavour also features a triple action, therefore cleaning teeth and gums, protecting against plaque and tartar, and containing parsley oil to freshen mouth and breath. Johnson’s Beef Flavoured Toothpaste 50g has an RRP £4.09 inc. VAT.
Johnson’s Veterinary Products 0121 378 1684,,

Johnson’s has replaced its 250ml House Flea Spray with an improved Extra Guard House Flea Spray plus. The new 250ml spray is a water-based formulation and to distinguish it, comes in blue livery instead of the previous green can. The spray kills crawling and flying insects such as fleas, mites, lice, bed bugs, wasps, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants and flies on carpets, rugs, soft furnishings and pet bedding. Regular use of an environmental spray is necessary to deal with 95% of the flea lifecycle, which takes place in furnishings, etc. where hundreds of eggs, larvae and pupae develop into adults and cause re-infestation. RRP £4.99 in packs of six.
Johnson’s Veterinary Products  0121 378 1684

The Henry Wag Dog Drying Coat removes water and dirt, protects interior furnishings and reduces the risk of infection. The Drying Coat can be used after wet walks, swimming or bathing. The advanced microfibre wicks water away from the dog’s coat, leaving them fresh and dry.  It uses the highest-quality microfibre and is easy to put on, with a simple strap to hold the coat in place. Available in five sizes, with RRPs ranging from £14.99 to £29.99.
3p enterprise  01594 810990

The Beaphar CatComfort Calming Range is a simple and effective solution to reducing problem behaviour in cats such as inappropriate scratching and urination, or feelings of anxiety. Beaphar CatComfort uses a copy of the feline facial pheromone which is instantly recognisable to cats, and reassures them that an area is safe to be in. The range comprises Beaphar CatComfort Calming Diffuser, Starter Kit; Beaphar CatComfort 30 Day Refill; and Beaphar CatComfort Calming Spray (30ml). The Starter Kit is ideal for use all-year round. The pocket-sized Beaphar CatComfort Calming Spray can be sprayed around the home to help reduce problem behaviour or in catcarriers to help reduce anxiety from travelling and vet visits.
Beaphar 0333 006 6236

The original coconut and neem oil dog shampoo bar from CocoMutts has proved extremely popular with trade buyers, consumers and professionals. That’s why it has now released two additions to the range – a coconut & moringa shampoo bar and an argan & oatmilk shampoo bar. All three are hand made in the UK using only natural ingredients. The argan and oatmilk shampoo is also 100% fragrance free, ‘perfect for particularly roublesome or sensitive skin’. CocoMutts dog shampoo bars generally last longer than an equivalent liquid shampoo and don’t need the squeezy plastic bottle, great for the environmentally conscious consumer.

With ticks becoming an increasing problem for pets, Johnson’s is introducing a Tick and Flea Collar for Dogs. Ticks are external parasites which vary in size from a pin head to a fingernail, depending on how engorged they are. It is not possible to prevent ticks attaching themselves to pets, but wearing a Johnson’s water-resistant Tick Collar will kill ticks and fleas, and help prevent further infestation for up to four months. It may take several days to be fully effective while the active ingredient spreads throughout the coat. RRP  £4.49 inc. VAT.
Johnson’s Veterinary Products   0121 378 1684

Developed for all breeds, CSJ’s new hypo-allergenic All-Rounder recipe containing 40% salmon has been formulated to promote muscle tone and vitality as well as excellent skin and coat condition. In trials, dog owners gave a big ‘thumbs up’ to this crunchy, smaller kibble, lower-energy version of CSJ’s hugely successful CP30 (Hi Energy). With a quality fat content, glucosomine, MSM, chondroitin, grape and olive extract and a mixture of herbs, All-Rounder’s superior joint support provides ‘tasty, top quality nutrition that appeals to all breeds’.
csj   01745 710470

Henry Wag is launching the microfibre Noodle Glove Towel. With soft, highly absorbent microfibre noodles, this makes cleaning and  drying simple and is effective in removing dirt and water from a dog’s coat. Ideal for use on soggy doggies after wet, muddy walks to protect car and home interiors.The soft noodles do not pull the hair and give a silky sheen to the coat. Packed in the easy access Henry Wag sleeve pack, with an RRP of £17.99.
3p enterprise   01594 810990

Award-winning Pet Munchies has launched a new premium gourmet Dental Chew, made with 100% natural, human-grade, grass-fed buffalo. This healthy Buffalo Dental Chew is infused with salmon oil, which is good for skin and coat as well as joint mobility, due to the rich levels of Omega 3. “Long lasting and designed to satisfy a dog's natural instinct to chew, to help reduce tartar and plaque for healthy teeth and gums to support good oral health. Grain and gluten free. Low in fat, high in protein, makes this the ultimate chew.” Available from all good wholesalers.
Pet Munchies

The Beaphar CatComfort Calming Range is a new, simple, effective solution to reducing problem behaviour in cats, such as inappropriate scratching and urination or feelings of anxiety. It uses a synthetic replica of the feline facial pheromone to reassure cats so they know the area is safe for them to be in. The range comprises Beaphar CatComfort Calming Diffuser, Starter Kit; Beaphar CatComfort 30 Day Refill; and
 Beaphar CatComfort Calming Spray (30ml). The Starter Kit is ideal for year-round use, especially the firework and party season. The Calming Spray can be sprayed on targeted areas and being pocket sized, is suitable for use in carriers to reduce anxiety associated with travelling and vet visits.
Beaphar 0333 006 6236

Naturediet is on a mission to ditch single-use plastics with its brand new, eco-friendly packaging. The Naturediet Feel Good range is ‘a vibrant variety’ of wholesome, 100% British-made wet food for dogs. Simple to stack, store, serve and recycle! Available in 12 ‘deliciously nutritious’ varieties including four grain-free recipes. Expertly balanced and carefully created to provide optimal nutrition from essential ingredients, Naturediet Feel Good is packed full of the highest quality and freshly prepared natural ingredients. Suitable for all dogs and dietary requirements. RRP £1.40-1.45.
Naturediet 01362 822321

Caldex has introduced a new range of exclusive meat products. Woodfold Farm sausages are gluten free, contain a very high meat content, and are only available through the pet trade. The range includes hot dog sticks, salami sticks, chicken rice sticks, beef link sausages and black pudding burgers. “They are attractively packed in eye-catching counter display boxes for easy sale.” RRP from 39p per item, which Caldex says gives good retail margins.
Caldex 01422 240084

Due to popular demand, award-winning grain-free pet food brand Canagan has launched a new variety to its dog food range specifically aimed at improving dental health. Canagan Dental for Dogs contains the clinically effective ingredient ProDen PlaqueOff, which reduces plaque naturally, and has a special kibble shape to help keep teeth cleaner. Canagan Dental includes prebiotics and botanicals to support digestion, while glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin sulphate aid joint heath.
Symply Pet Foods 01494 775222

Just killing fleas on pets is not enough as 95% of the flea life cycle takes place in pet’s bedding and home surroundings such as carpets and soft furnishings. “Many owners do not heed this advice and become desperate for help on how to deal with flea infestations on their pets and in their carpets, rugs, furnishings, pet and human bedding.” Johnson’s award-winning Veterinary Strength 4fleas range for dogs and cats includes 4fleas Spot-on Solution; 4fleas Tablets; 4fleas Household Flea Sprays and 4fleas Room Foggers, to kill fleas and stop eggs developing into adults.
Johnson’s Veterinary Products 0121 378 1684

Award-winning natural treats manufacturer Pet Munchies has launched ‘a super healthy’ range of chicken, duck and wild salmon premium gourmet dental sticks, all made with sweet potato. The treats are grain and gluten free, ‘a great source of dietary fibre, which dogs love the taste’. Rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, they can help promote a healthy skin and coat. “Full of natural goodness that are essential for optimal health, makes these chews exceptional.” Available from all good wholesalers.
Pet Munchies

In Vogue Pets is the exclusive distributor of the Croci range of Italian clothing for dogs. Croci, ‘the largest pet product designer and manufacturer in Italy’, is launching its 2018/19 winter fashion clothing collection following the runaway success of last year’s collection. In collaboration with leading Italian fashion designers in Milan, the collection captures the latest international trends and customer demands. “Each jumper, sweater, padded coat and raincoat is created in the name of Italian craftsmanship and style and represents a new standard for high quality designer canine clothing.”
In Vogue Pets 01923 853484,

With increased customer focus on ‘postable’ items such as treats, grooming products and pet toys, UK plastic bottle manufacturer Measom Freer has developed a Post Bottle (Ref 6143). With a flat rectangular shape, the bottle can be easily boxed and posted through standard letterboxes, fitting the UK large letter dimensions. Made from fully recyclable, clear PVC, it has a capacity of 100ml with an 18mm R4 neck size. It can be made in other plastics such as PE and PETG, with colours available to order. A wide range of caps and closures to suit are also available.
Measom Freer 0116 288 1588,

As part of Johnson’s commitment to theenvironment by reducing or eliminating the use of plastic packaging, Johnson’s has repackaged its Dried Mealworms For Wild Birds into a full-colour cardboard printed container. “Customers for wild bird products tend to be more aware of the environment and this should be a considerable boost for retailers to be able to offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to the plastic containers generally used in the trade, many of which are not recycled.” RRP £3.79 inc VAT.
Johnson's Veterinary Products 0121 378 1684,

The new AiryVest LUMI series of dog jackets from Collar Company glow in the dark. The company says they ‘will amaze your customers’ as the light-accumulating fabric makes it ‘the brightest ever’. The jackets can be charged under natural and artificial light conditions and can glow for up to 60 minutes. The fashionable jackets are also reversible, and will be at PATS Telford on the Collar Company stand D63.
Collar Company

Beaphar FIPROtec Spot-On has a new look and a new pack size. The Beaphar FIPROtec Spot-On 3-pipette pack is being replaced with a 4-pipette pack, which is available to Beaphar trade customers at the same price, providing better value for money. The Beaphar FIPROtec Spot-On packaging has also been redesigned. The new portrait boxes take up less shelf space, while the eye-catching graphics and different sized boxes make it easier for consumers to identify which Beaphar FIPROtec Spot-On they need. Beaphar FIPROtec is a vet-strength spot-on medicine which kills fleas and ticks on cats and dogs. Containing the active ingredient Fipronil, it is now available in 1, 4 and 6-pipette packs.
Beaphar 0333 0066236,

Green Pantry has released its Pura-Pel Plus Immune Booster, a certified holistic natural herbal supplement formulated by Keith Allison, MA FRSM, that can aid intestinal and external hygiene. With ingredients including alfalfa, nettle, celery seed, seaweed, spirulina and milk thistle, the supplement can be sprinkled on top of a dog’s food. Made in the UK, Green Pantry says its Pura-Pel Plus Immune Booster not only helps boost the immune system but can also help support joint care, aid digestion, help skin and coat health, enhance fresh breath and improve heart and body function. Suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs.
Green Pantry 0203 174 0093,

Award-winning Pet Munchies has launched Wild Salmon & Sweet Potato Sticks to complement its ‘gourmet, super healthy range’ with sweet potato. The sticks are low in fat and designed to satisfy a dog’s instinct to chew, and can help reduce tartar and plaque for healthy teeth and gums. Dogs ‘love the taste’ of the treats, which are grain-and gluten-free, and a source of dietary fibre. Rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, they can help promote a healthy skin and coat.
“Full of natural goodness that are essential for optimal health, makes this chew exceptional.” Available from all good wholesalers.
pet munchies

The Classic range of Colortone drinking bottles sees a new introduction, a giant size (1,100ml capacity). There are also two new colours, purple and lime, which take the place of blue and yellow – the red colour remains in production. The other size capacities (150ml, 320ml and 600ml) will, over the next few months, migrate to these new, vibrant, contemporary colours. Supplied in the same striking counter display box packaging, this new size should prove to be just as popular as the others in the Classic Colortone range. Available now, it retails from £3.17.
Classic Pet Products   01422 240084

Sharples Pet has released a larger size of Lickimat, the Buddy. The larger format is 28x28cm against the original 20.5x20.5cm. Its textured surface traps soft food and is an easy way to give a longer-lasting treat.
Lickimat acts as a boredom buster and the licking action releases endorphins, which soothe and calm anxious dogs. The large ‘Buddy’ Lickimat is best suited for treats such as peanut butter or soggy biscuits. It can also be frozen to offer a cooling treat, great for hot weather. Lickimat is microwave and freezer safe, and easy to clean. It comes in a display box of 12, in orange and green. RRP £7.99
Sharples Pet   01704 550044

The British Pest Control Association predicts an explosion of flea activity after the hot weather. It stresses it is vital to treat homes and furnishings, as well as pets, to avoid an infestation. Johnson’s award-winning Veterinary Strength 4fleas range for dogs and cats includes 4fleas Spot-on Solution; 4fleas Tablets; and 4fleas Household Flea Sprays and 4fleas Room Foggers, which contain an Insect Growth Regulator to kill fleas and prevent hatching eggs developing into adults. Johnson’s has extra supplies of its 4fleas range to cope with the extra demand. Retailers and wholesalers are advised to keep high stock to avoid shortages.
Johnson’s Veterinary Products   0121 378 1684

Johnson’s has added to its popular range of shampoo and grooming aids with its Chamomile & Lavender Shampoo. This new shampoo is suitable for all dog breeds, leaving the coat with ‘a soft lustrous finish and a pleasant fragrance’. It has a calming and relaxing effect, with lavender to help relieve nervous tension, combined with the natural calming effect of chamomile. It is packaged for on-shelf impact, in easy-to-hold bottles with one-handed flip-top caps. The Johnson’s range is ‘kind and gentle to both coat and skin’ and has been developed without cruelty to animals. Each 200ml bottle has an RRP of £3.49.
Johnson’s Veterinary Products 0121 378 1684,

The Coco Jojo pop-up dog pool and bath is now available through its exclusive supplier, iGSM. Available in three sizes, the pool features a spring steel frame that can pop up or be packed down in seconds. The bath is made using durable, non-slip double-wall polyester, while its shell is PU-coated and waterproof and has a water-tight drainage tap. The bath includes a mesh pocket, leash retainer and can accommodate dogs of all sizes. A spokesman said: “Coco Jojo is delighted to be working with a quality company in the UK which offers great prices to the pet trade.”
iGSM 01928 751126,

‘Not all supplements are equal’ – Vital Chew is made from highly palatable, premium concentrated fish oil, using patented technology that the company says makes the supplement easy to give to dogs. Vital Chew also includes important vitamins and minerals. Give just one per day, and each pack has enough for a month, sealed in individual blisters, so no oxidation. The four varieties have been developed to meet a dog’s needs at different sizes and ages. Free Point of Sale, leaflets and counter display units are available, along with high margins plus promotional support for retailers.
Kruuse 01977 681523,

Sharples Pet has brought out two items to help cat owners with their cat litter. Top Cat is a closed litter box that is dog and toddler proof, with a large opening on top. It includes a built-in tracking mat on the lid, with side handles for easy lifting. A seamless base and walls eliminate leaks. In white or warm grey, it measures 59 x 39 x 38cm, RRP £27.99. The Scoop & Sift scoop has a handle at the top to prevent direct contact with the dirt. The V-shaped blades enable efficient sifting, while its ergonomic basket shape allows easy cleaning of corners. RRP £4.99.
Sharples Pet  01704 550044

Award-winning Pet Munchies has introduced larger size packs of its popular quality strips range, which are made using 100% natural, human-grade chicken or duck breast meat. Chicken Strips and Duck Strips are now available in Super Value Packs. These tender strips can be given as a chew and are easy to break up for training and rewards. The treats are grain and gluten-free and low fat. Available from all good wholesalers.
Pet Munchies

Veni-Dog is running an introductory offer on its new Veni-Dog Pure Hearty Treats, giving retailers one-third off its usual trade price. The treats are the latest addition to the Veni-Dog range of ‘super healthy natural dog treats’. They are 100% natural, air-dried ox heart slices with no additives, made in the UK. A spokesman said: “The treats are a super-tasty treat packed with natural nutrients. An excellent source of several B vitamins, iron, minerals and essential amino acids. High in protein but low in calories. A natural source of collagen. Gluten free. Ideal for training.” RRP 40g £2.99, usual trade price £1.55, introductory trade price offer £1.04!
Veni-Dog 01489 891933,

Johnson’s has introduced a new size of its veterinary-strength Dual Action 4fleas Spot-on solution for dogs. This new size is suitable for very small dogs of less than 4kg and puppies over eight weeks’ old. 4fleas fast acting dual action Spot-on solution kills fleas and lice on contact; kills 98-100% of fleas within a day following treatment; and kills larvae. All sizes contain two treatments, which each give four weeks’ protection. In cases of heavy infestation or in households with multiple pets, an environmental treatment may also be necessary (eg. Johnson’s 4fleas Household Flea Spray or 4fleas Room Fogger) to deal with flea eggs, lavae and pupae in carpets, furnishings, etc. RRP  £8.19 inc VAT.
Johnson’s Veterinary Products 0121 378 1684,

Plastic packaging manufacturer Measom Freer has achieved the BSI ISO 14001:2015 Certificate in Environmental Management. The company believes it has a moral duty to protect the environment and is committed to improving resource efficiency and reducing waste and costs. It ensures stock is sustainable and sources materials that are readily recycled. PPR (post production regrind) is also used in all products. Measom Freer believes that customers should be offered eco materials and offers these on a made-to-order basis. If you are looking for a company committed to controlling its effect on the environment which produces quality products, contact the Measom Freer sales team.
Measom Freer 0116 288 1588

The Classic Small Animal Drinking Bottle range, made in Halifax since 1975 and recognised as being brand leading, sees an important new introduction this summer: Colortone Giant (1,100ml). Furthermore, it will be produced in two new colours, purple and lime (replacing blue and yellow). The red colour continues in production. These vibrant new colours will eventually be replicated throughout the other Classic Colortone bottle sizes. Popular with all age demographics, but especially with children, Colortone Giant is suitable for large-breed rabbits, small to medium-sized birds, puppies and small dogs. RRP from £3.17.
Caldex 01422 240084

Award-winning Pet Munchies now has two varieties of premium, healthy, gourmet dental sticks, which are made using 100% natural, quality, human-grade chicken or duck, both with sweet potato. Chicken/Sweet Potato and Duck/Sweet Potato Sticks are designed to satisfy a dog’s natural instinct to chew to help reduce tartar and plaque for healthy teeth and gums. The treats are grain and gluten free, a great source of dietary fibre, ‘which dogs love the taste’. Rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, they can help promote a healthy skin and coat. “Full of natural goodness that are essential for optimal health, makes this chew exceptional.” Available from all good wholesalers.
Pet Munchies

Turmeric has attracted lots of attention recently, but owners find it hard to know which source is best for their pet. Dorwest has searched high and low for the highest and purest quality source for its highly  anticipated new Turmeric Tablets. Containing 95% curcuminoids, the active part of the herb, and piperine (black pepper) to increase the bioavailability, this superior supplement will support the body’s natural anti-inflammatory processes and research shows that many owners prefer to give products which work in harmony with their pet’s body. This supplement is expected to be extremely popular. Available in 100 tablets, RRP £19.80, and 200 tablets, £35.60.
DORWEST HERBS 01308 897272,

Beaphar Lactol has supported the health of kittens and puppies, and saved the lives of countless young animals for more than 100 years. This year, Beaphar is launching its most advanced Lactol formulation and has given the product a new look. Alongside the high protein levels, Lactol Kitten Milk (previously Kitty Milk) and Lactol Puppy Milk now contain DHA, which has been shown to improve cognitive development and visual acuity in mammals. With this advanced formulation, Beaphar Lactol gives newborn kittens and puppies tender loving care from the start. Beaphar Lactol Kitten Milk is available as 250g, while Beaphar Lactol Puppy Milk is available in 250g, 500, 1kg and 2kg sizes.
BEAPHAR 0333 0066236,

Vacumatt is the next-generation silicon non-slip pet mat with integrated bowl spaces. The product has ‘a modern lifestyle look’ and its uniqueness lies in the technology which allows the mat to create a suction to the floor. Available as a single and double diner and in three sizes (250ml, 500ml and 900ml), the mat comes in a light grey to complement most domestic environments. Retail prices range from £9.99 for the 250ml single diner to £29.99 to the 900ml double diner. Vacumatt has been trademarked in Europe and Classic Pet Products is the exclusive distributor in the UK.
Classic Pet Products 01422 240084

CSJ has brought out a turmeric tincture, TurmerTinc. Turmeric, sometimes called ‘the wonder supplement’, is reputed to offer many benefits including decreasing inflammation while aiding digestion and providing pain relief. TurmerTinc is a blend of extracts of turmeric and cracked black pepper, and has been developed by CSJ’s herbalist. The non-messy turmeric product comes in an easy-dose 250ml bottle. The highly palatable tincture has a dosage rate of 1ml per 10kg of body weight, which the company says ‘is all that is needed to deliver the many natural benefits of this new turmeric tincture’, making it ideal for fussy dogs.
CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds 01745 710470

New to the Pawtato range from Benevo – Purple Sweet Potato Knots. These ‘tasty chewable treats’ are made from a blend of organically grown, non-GM purple and orange sweet potatoes (a great source of antioxidants), along with highly digestible rice. “These irresistible dog chews are a healthy, meat-free alternative to rawhide. Free from wheat, gluten, dairy and soya, they make an ideal, hypoallergenic choice for dogs that suffer from sensitivities.” Available from Best Pets, Pedigree Wholesale and Vital Pet Products. Pawtato is at PATS Stand F9.
Pawtato  02392 453355

Green & Wilds is launching three products in the 100% natural Wild Bill’s Outback Tucker range. Camel Hide Chews are gluten-free, hypoallergenic tough chews, ‘a great alternative to rawhide’. Kangaroo Krunch is low in saturated fats, yet high in minerals and protein. Buffalo Mini Bites are lean and lower in cholesterol and higher in protein, iron and essential fatty acids than beef. In its From the Farm range, Green & Wilds is adding Lucky Duckies, a lean, protein source rich in iron and a source of amino acids. See the full range on Stand C14 at PATS Sandown.
Green & Wilds  01225 892501

Celtic Connection Holistic Pet Food recipes are grain-free and gluten-free recipes proudly produced in the UK using a single-source protein philosophy and therapeutic levels of herbs and joint support. “Our naturally hypoallergenic recipes for dogs and cats include both fresh and dried, ethically-farmed, human-grade quality (HGQ) British ingredients and are steamed to retain more of the natural vitamins and minerals in our fresh ingredients for a long, healthy, active life.” Visit us at PATS, Stand S16, to learn more about our food.
Celtic Connection

Winner of the coveted Best In Show award at Superzoo in 2017, West Paw Rowdies are available in the UK from Collarways. The range is designed, developed and tested for toughness over hours of rough dog action. The addition of the unique and innovative Zogoflex ‘chew zones’ provide a durable, designated area for dogs who love to gnaw and nibble. Rowdies are also filled with IntelliLoft, West Paw’s exclusive eco-fiber, made from recycled plastic which washes clean, is non-toxic and third-party certified safe. Rowdies are covered by the Love It Guarantee for a one-time replacement or refund per household. Visit PATS Sandown stand T17.
Collarways 01747 830021

Different Dog is bringing the first home-cooked, frozen dog food to the UK retail market. The food is hand-cooked in Different Dog’s kitchen in Shropshire, using fresh, locally sourced, human-grade ingredients. All meals are made in small batches, nutritionally balanced by its vet and pet nutritionist, ‘packed full of flavour and rapidly frozen to lock in the goodness’. Recipes are grain-free and contain at least 60% fresh British meat, seasonal fruit and veg, with no nasties. ‘As well as being full of fresh, natural goodness, the food is tail-waggingly tasty!’ Visit PATS Sandown Stand S8 to learn more.
Different Dog 01743 384562

Brambles Pet and Wildlife offers wildlife food that is ‘highly nutritious and palatable, and doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like mealworms, peanuts, sunflower hearts, sugar, dried fruit or high fat’. An approved supplier to RSPB, it works closely with wildlife rescues who ‘love our food and ethos’. Products include Crunchy Hedgehog Food 900g (RRP £4.79), 2kg (£8.59); Meaty Hedgehog Food 400g (£1.29); Floating Swan & Duck Food 1.75kg (£7.99) & 12.55kg (£27.99).
Brambles Pet and Wildlife 07736 402498

Award-winning Pet Munchies are launching at PATS a superior premium, healthy, gourmet dental stick made using 100% natural quality, human-grade ingredients. Duck & Sweet Potato Dental Sticks are designed to satisfy a dog’s natural instinct to chew and can help reduce tartar and plaque for healthy teeth and gums. Grain and gluten free, they are ‘a great source of dietary fibre, and dogs love the taste of duck and sweet potato’. Rich in antioxidants minerals and vitamins, they can help promote a healthy skin and coat. “Full of natural goodness, essential for optimal health, makes this chew exceptional.”  Visit PATS Sandown Stand J3 to learn more.
pet munchies

Henry Wag has launched the new Micro-Fibre Glove-Towel for cleaning and drying pets. The design allows added control of pets while offering highly absorbent and dirt-catching properties, making cleaning and grooming easier.
The Henry Wag range is aimed at owners with an active lifestyle and offers products to help maintain health and promote best practice in pet care. “The Glove-Towel enables easy cleaning of pets after muddy exercise, so removing barriers to a more active life.” The Henry Wag range of towels is available through 3P Enterprise with an RRP £7.99.
3p Enterprise 01594 810990 email

Caldex’s market-leading polyresin aquarium range sees 29 new arrivals, all of which are available now, with a choice to suit all tastes, age groups and budgets. Each line is ‘beautifully detailed with a level of finish that is quite stunning’, says Caldex. Hand painted with non-toxic paints, these would be a welcome addition to any tank environment, large or small. Pictured here are the Winched Pails on a Tree stump (retailing from £13.99) and the Blue Coral (RRP £25.99).
Caldex 01422 240084 email

Following the successful launch of Yakers dog chews in April 2017, Kennelpak has launched its new Yakers Crunchy Bite range, available in Bars, Bites and Strips. Like the original Yakers dog chew, this delicious new range is made in the Himalayas using traditional methods from a mix of yak and cow’s milk. The difference is in the ‘crunch’. Each snack has ‘the perfect balance that’s not too hard and not too soft’. They’re also rich in protein and calcium, preservative and gluten free and can help fight plaque and tartar.
Kennelpak 0115 939 9077

Pet Munchies has launched a new premium, gourmet, crunchy treat which is made with 100% natural, human-grade beef liver, delicately hand-baked to perfection. Beef Liver Crunch is ‘a great source of protein, vitamins, good fatty acids and many other minerals and nutrients which helps maintain good health’. The single-source protein treat is grain and gluten free, and contains no artificial colours or flavours. Now available at all good wholesalers.
Pet Munchies

GHS Direct offers High Level Disinfectant Wipes for use in high to low-risk areas. The wipes can eliminate 99.9% of all known bacteria, viruses, yeast and fungi, and can decontaminate hard-surfaced areas including surgical equipment, tools, metals, plastics, rubbers and glass. They are effective against ‘specific disease-causing organisms’ and can be used for general disinfectant cleaning. Multi-functional, they will cut through grease, grime and dirt, and are convenient and portable to use in their large counter-top tubs. “Our wipes are non-woven, strong, absorbent, lint and taint free”.
GHS Direct 01268 513210

This month sees the launch of a new cat recipe by Eden Pet Foods – Country Cuisine for Cats. Using Suffolk duck, grass-reared lamb, rabbit and venison, 85% of the composition comes from these high-quality human-grade meats. Country Cuisine for Cats is completely free from grain, cereals, chemical preservatives and additives. Available in 400g, 1.5kg and 4kg bags, they sit alongside the company’s existing Original Cuisine recipe and offer a great addition to shelves to start 2018.
Eden Pet Foods 01782 322409

Pet Munchies has received the K9 magazine award for Best Product 2017 for its new Chicken & Sweet Potato Dental Sticks, a super premium, gourmet dental stick made using 100% natural, human-grade chicken and sweet potato. Designed to satisfy a dog’s instinct to chew, the treats can help reduce tartar and plaque for healthy teeth and gums. They are grain and gluten free, a source of dietary fibre, and rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins to help promote healthy skin and coat. “Full of natural goodness that is essential for optimal health, makes this chew exceptional.” Available from all good wholesalers.
Pet Munchies

LOC8TOR has launched what it says is the ‘smallest and most accurate locating device’ for finding cats. Attaching to a cat’s collar, the Tabcat uses radio frequency technology and is accurate enough to find where cats might be hiding in the house or in neighbouring gardens and streets. It weighs 6g and has a range of up to 120m, boasting an accuracy of 2.5cm.
tabcat 0208 207 0880 email

Doggy’s Cuppa is a range of herbal teas for dogs formulated by a veterinary surgeon. Its brews aim to boost health and the immune system, to energise or calm, to support digestion or to detox, and there are even special brews for ageing, obese and working dogs. Doggy’s Cuppa can be served as a cold drink, poured over food or sprinkled dry as a spice. Its herbal blends contain no added flavours or preservatives and are caffeine free. “We add nothing your doggie does not need. All ingredients are of the best quality and we think your four-legged friend will know this!”
Doggy's Cuppa 074 5902 6751 email

Caldex has introduced a stunning array of non-toxic silicon Aqua Lumo aquarium plants. There are 12 superior-quality items to choose from, all of which really do ‘shine’ under tank illumination, as seen in these images. Supplied in individual, clear, shelf-ready, box-display packaging, the range is completely safe for all freshwater tank environments. Retail prices range from £4.39 to £11.59.
Classic Pet Products 01422 240084

PetSafe Brand has launched an addition to its popular pet door range, the PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap (RRP £79.99). Easy to install, it gives cats easy access to the outside world while keeping out troublesome unwanted cats and other animals. It works by reading a cat’s unique microchip ID and doesn’t require an additional collar or accessory. Suitable for cats up to 8kg, it can be easily programmed for up to 40 microchipped cats, making it ideal for both single and multi-cat homes.
PetSafe +353 (0) 76 892 0427 email
New to the UK market, the Yumi Smart Bowl features an in-built weighing scale for easy measuring of a pet’s recommended food allowance, based on its size, age and activity level. The electronic scale allows owners to choose between grams and pounds, and measures up to 2kg per serving with a memory capacity of up to 9.99kg. The scale displays actual weight of food in the bowl, accumulated food weight and the total amount of food per day. Sold in an attractive display box, which details the product’s features and benefits. Available as a slow feeder from Classic Pet Products, with RRPs from £39.99-44.99.
Classic Pet Products

Pet Munchies has launched Chicken & Sweet Potato Dental Sticks, a super premium, healthy, gourmet dental stick made using 100% natural, human-grade chicken and sweet potato – ‘dogs love the taste of chicken and sweet potato’. Designed to satisfy a dog’s instinct to chew, the treats can help reduce tartar and plaque for healthy teeth and gums. They are grain and gluten free, a source of dietary fibre, and rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins to help promote healthy skin and coat. “Full of natural goodness that is essential for optimal health, makes this chew exceptional.” Available from all good wholesalers.
Pet Munchies

Ancol Pet Products has introduced Scandinavian-inspired Nordic Coats to keep dogs warm this winter. Available in two colours with a Nordic knitted belly strap, handy harness hole, fleece lining, reflective edging and furry hood, the Nordic Coat provides protection from cold weather plus added visibility in low light. Matching Nordic Jumpers are also available, allowing owners to add layers to their dogs to keep them warm while maintaining a stylish look. 
Ancol Pet Products email

The Little Zoo Trekker Cage is suitable for rodents and small animals including rats, chinchillas, ferrets, degus and gerbils. The Trekker cage features a pull-out lower tray and a grill, while its innovative design has two large front doors for easy cleaning. Giving ample space for the animals to explore is imperative, which is why this new design features four levels with three ladders, as well as a hammock.
sky pet products 0844 693 1844 email

Johnson’s has reformulated its range of three aerosol pump sprays. Velvet Coat Conditioning Spray is a coat conditioner that replenishes natural oils, leaving a glossy sheen and a soft, velvet finish. It helps to prevent matting. Manuka Honey Conditioning Spray is a gentle conditioning spray that promotes shine and softness on dull coats, helps to detangle and moisten coats and has natural, antibacterial properties. Groom Conditioning Spray (150ml) is a non-oily coat conditioner that freshens, cleans and brightens the coat and acts against pet odours. The 150ml sprays have an RRP of £3.99, trade price £13.29 (pack of 6). 
johnson's veterinary products 0121 378 1684 email

Award-winning Pet Munchies has introduced super-value 150g packs to complement its range of premium gourmet training treats. Used and recommended by world champions, all made with 100% natural human-grade real meat and fish. A spokesman said: “These high-quality tasty bites are naturally low in fat, made from the finest ingredients, and make the perfect training aid. Dogs love the taste.” The three varieties are Chicken, Sushi, and Liver & Chicken. Available to order from all good wholesalers. The RRP is £4.25.
pet munchies

Forthglade is launching a limited-edition grain-free Cranberry & Parsnip Christmas Treat. The heart-shaped 100% natural treats include turkey, cranberry and parsnip along with Omega 3, botanicals and prebiotics. Forthglade Functional Treats come in 150g pouches, with a £2.99 RRP, and are also available in packs of seven. Forthglade’s natural Christmas dinner for dogs will also be available to stock this Christmas. The recipe includes a minimum meat content of 75% turkey, teamed with cranberries and parsnips. The Christmas Dinner meals retail at £1.35 per 395g tray. Available in cases of seven trays.
forthglade 01837 83322 email

Pet food brand Canagan has released a range of wet food pouches for cats. With 80% meat or fish and an array of minerals, the new range offers a complete grain-free meal for kittens, adults and senior or sterilised cats. The pouches are available in a range of chicken-based flavours including combinations with salmon and herring, with an additional kitten variety. Each single pouch will be priced at just over £1 while multipacks will retail at £7.99 for eight pouches. Canagan is part of the Symply group.
canagan 01494 775222 email

M+C has added two new treats to its ­existing VetIQ puppy treat range. VetIQ Healthy Calming Treats can help calm and soothe puppies naturally to reduce anxiety during stressful situations such as settling into a new home, training, travel, separation anxiety and noise phobias. VetIQ Intestinal Aid treats help maintain natural control of all areas of intestinal hygiene and aid nutrient absorption in the gut while being gentle on the puppy’s stomach and digestive system. RRP £1.99, trade price (six units) £6.66.
mark and chappell 01582 583888 email

British brand The Dog Trouser Company has launched dog trousers, designed to keep dogs, cars and homes clean after muddy and wet walks. Available in sizes XXS to L, the trousers are made from lightweight, breathable, waterproof, windproof, rip-proof material.
Each ‘leg’ has a Velcro strap for a snug fit around a dog’s ankles to stop the fabric riding up and the over-body straps are soft and adjustable for comfort. A reflective safety strip is on the back for visibility in the dark and the trousers come in red and camo grey.
THE dog trouser company 01276 856382 email

Collarways has added a new range of cat toys to its portfolio which are manufactured by US-based Ethical Products, under the Spot brand. The range benefits from clear branding that groups toys into the categories of Hunt, Chew, Kick and Scratch, so owners can choose according to their cat’s preference of game. There is also a range of Glow In The Dark toys ‘so fun can be had 24/7’. “With feathers aplenty, there is a toy for every pampered puss and for all budgets, from a simple catnip fish to the amazingly fun remote control mouse.” RRPs start at £2.49. collarways 01747 832050  email

My Family is offering a selection of more than 500 pet ID tags from the ‘tags of love’ range based in Italy, from the basic aluminium tag up to the Glam Swarovski range representing 104 different breeds. Prices range from £2.85 to £12.30, with no capital outlay, and My Family supplies engraved tags direct to your customer or back to your shop for customer collection. Prices include second-class postage, and orders received by 3pm are despatched the same day. A catalogue display will be provided to retailers along with samples and order forms free of charge.
My family uk tags 07936 658337 email

Pet Munchies has launched Chicken & Sweet Potato Dental Sticks, a super premium, healthy, gourmet dental stick made using 100% natural, human-grade chicken and sweet potato – ‘dogs love the taste of chicken and sweet potato’. Designed to satisfy a dog’s instinct to chew, the treats can help reduce tartar and plaque for healthy teeth and gums. They are grain and gluten free, a source of dietary fibre, and rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins to help promote healthy skin and coat. “Full of natural goodness that is essential for optimal health, makes this chew exceptional.” Shortlisted for the prestigious PetQuip Product of the Year Award.
pet munchies

Overby Farm offers­ a complete range of pet supplements for cats and dogs in soft chew and chewable tablet formats. Products include calming, digestive, urinary tract, grooming and skin and coat aids. The brand has been around for more than 25 years and is a top pet supplement brand in North America, where it is produced. Overby Farm, which is launching into the UK at PATS Telford this month, is looking for distributors and resellers in Europe.
OVERBY FARM 01892 839989 email

The Clipit Suit  from Blades Services is now available in purple with pink edging.
Totally hair resistant, lightweight and breathable, the Clipit Suit has been worn by experienced grooms, dog groomers and vets, who say it makes an ‘extraordinary difference’ to their lives when clipping and working around animals.
The Clipit Suit  is also available in black with a burgundy edging and navy with silver edging. Sizes range from XS–XXXL and the retail price is £49.50.
BLADES SERVICES 01635 299966 email

Animology has added to its award-winning product range by launching dual-sided cat cleaning wipes – Feline Fresh. The wipes are high-performance, dual-sided cat cleaning wipes soaked in an advanced no-rinse cat shampoo and have been developed to provide an easy cleaning solution for cats. The wipes have a textured side to scrub and loosen dirt while the other has a smooth texture for gentler wiping. Each wipe contains a mild and gentle formula comprising aloe vera extract, vitamins and built-in conditioners. Twenty wipes retail at £4.
Animology 01772 786864 email

Ancol has added a new Hi-Vis coat to its popular Stormguard Range, designed for night-time walks and the more safety-conscious owner this winter. The All Weather coat has a chest protector with an adjustable Velcro strap, which gives additional flexibility, and is
now fitted with a harness hole as standard. The Stormguard range is also available in red, navy and chocolate along with pink,
which is also new for 2017 – so you’re guaranteed to have something for everyone! RRP £15.25.
ANCOL PET PRODUCTS 01922 402428 email  

Well-established giftware company Vanessa Bee Designs has expanded its range to include new designs for dog lovers. The new range consists initially of six designs, each of which is available as a mug, coaster and fridge magnet. “These would make great impulse buys in the run-up to Christmas, and with RRPs starting from just £2.50, they should fly off the shelves! The company offers free display stands and low minimum orders, so it’s very easy to give them a try and make a really eye-catching display.”
Vanessa bee designs 01768 771447 email

Johnson’s has added to its range of insect control products with the Tick Remover, designed and made in the UK. The easy-to-clean plastic remover incorporates two sizes of hooked twisters, one at each end, to allow for different sizes of ticks. The selected hook is then inserted under the tick from the side and two or three rotations of the twister removes the tick easily and completely, so that no part is left under the pet’s skin which can cause infection. The Tick Remover comes in clam-shell packaging, for maximum in-store display and impact. RRP £1.99 inc VAT, trade £6.63 per pack of six.

Measom Freer & Co is a UK manufacturer and stockist of plastic pet packaging, producing bottles for shampoos, leather care, cleaning and antiseptic solutions. Sizes range from 2.5ml to 1 litre with a range of closures to fit, including nozzle caps and spray pumps. Various jars are available plus small clear boxes. Measuring scoops and hand scoops are also available in all sizes plus rigid tubes from 5 to 25ml. Small to large orders welcome, with
next-day delivery. Contact the sales team for samples.
MEASOM FREER  0116 2881588 email

Johnson’s has repackaged its Fishy’s treats and reduced its trade prices and RRPs. The new packaging comes in shelf-ready outer boxes of eight, with a perforated tear-off section giving a prominent, striking display. The RRPs for Fishy’s Fish Chunks (100g) and Fishy’s Dog Biscuits (150g) have been reduced from £3.59to £2.99 for the same contents, thanks to cost savings in packaging and production. The treats are made in Britain, in a DEFRA-approved factory, from fresh fish sourced responsibly in Grimsby with full traceability.They are hypoallergenic, wheat and gluten free, with no preservatives and additives, and contain Omega 3 and 6 fish oils. Trade price £13.75.
Johnson’s Veterinary Products 0121 378 1684,

Ancol offers products to help keep pets cool this summer. The ‘cool’ mat comes in three sizes and can help reduce the body temperature of a dog by up to seven degrees. The mat’s central core draws heat from the dog and turns from a solid to a liquid, keeping a dog cool for several hours, which it says is more efficient than traditional gel mats. A spokesman said: “This technology is relatively new to the pet industry but has been used by medical professionals for many years to control temperatures in humans.” Each mat is individually packed in its own display box, which protects the product and outlines its benefits.
ANCOL 01922 402428,

Caldex has launched a range of 19 polyresin aquarium ornaments of which three have a London theme and arerepresentations of popular attractions – The London Eye Ferris wheel, Big Ben and Tower Bridge. A spokesman said: “Each line is beautifully detailed with a level of finish that is quite stunning. Hand-painted with non-toxic paints, these would be a welcome addition to any tank environment, large or small.” All are available now and retail prices range from £13.49 for the Ferris wheel, £13.99 for Big Ben and £14.49 for the Tower Bridge.
CALDEX 01422 240084,

3P Enterprise has brought out a range of Microfibre Pet Towels that use advanced microfibre technology to remove dirt easily and lock it away. The towels absorb more water and dry more quickly than regular towels.A spokesman said: “Cleanliness and hygiene are vital when providing high levels of care for your pet. Removing water and dirt reduces the risk of infection and protects interior furnishings.” The range consists of two towels – 100 x 70cm (RRP £8.99) and 150 x 100cm (RRP £14.99) – and a cleaning glove (RRP £6.99). Available to order via Trust Pet Products.
3P ENTERPRISE 01594 810990,

Award-winning Pet Munchies has launched Large Super Value packs to complement its ‘exciting range of premium gourmet treats’. Chicken and Duck Strips are all made using 100% natural human-grade meat and so are single-source high-protein treats. Being naturally low in fat and salt with nothing artificial – and wheat, cereal and gluten free – makes these treats exceptional, says Pet Munchies. A spokesman said: “There is no better way to let your dog have a superior healthy treat, that is made with the finest natural ingredients.” Available to order from all good wholesalers, RRP £8.75
Pet Munchies

Johnson’s has added two products to its range of small animal treats – Fruity Bowls and Veggie Bowls – for rabbits and guinea pigs. Fruity Bowls are natural, healthy treats with wheat, maize, bananas, raisins and apricots. Veggie Bowls are natural treats which include wheat, maize, peas and carrots. The treats can be given as part of a healthy, balanced diet and provide added variety to their diet. The company says giving treats also offers stimulation, exercise and enjoyment, ‘helping to banish boredom and encourage health and fitness’. Both come in 180g packets with an RRP of £1.99.
Johnson’s Veterinary Products 0121 378 1684

Award-winning Pet Munchies has introduced super-value 150g packs to complement its range of premium gourmet training treats. Used and recommended by world champions, all made with 100% natural human-grade real meat and fish. A spokesman said: “These high-quality tasty bites are naturally low in fat, made from the finest ingredients, and make the perfect training aid. Dogs love the taste.” The three varieties are Chicken, Sushi, and Liver & Chicken. Available to order from all good wholesalers. The RRP is £4.25.
Pet Munchies

Following the relaunch last year of Johnson’s improved Cage Bird Tonic, the company is now relaunching the reformulated Moultone for all caged birds. Moultone has been popular with pet owners and breeders for 70 years.
The improved formulation includes a multi-vitamin tonic and is beneficial to birds when in the moult. Moultone helps to restore vitality, aid feather growth, promote and maintain good health, fine plumage and aid resistance to ailments.
Available in 15ml, RRP £2.29.
Johnson's Veterinary Products 0121 378 1684

Strikeback says its Flea Killing Fogger XL is the latest addition to the UK’s ‘number one dedicated household pest control range’ and is the ‘perfect way to achieve an immediate control of fleas’.
Once activated, an insecticidal fog fills the room and kills fleas that come into contact with it. The XL Fogger is three times larger than the standard Strikeback Flea Killing Fogger, so a single product can kill fleas in much larger spaces, perfect for open-plan homes and apartments.
Strikeback Flea Killing Foggers can also control ants, bed bugs, flies, cockroaches, dust mites, moths and wasps. Strikeback is a Group55 brand.

Caldex has introduced 19 new polyresin aquarium ornaments including – due to popular demand – the ‘exciting relaunch of some old favourites’.
All items are hand-made and hand-painted, and Caldex says the exquisitely detailed finish on each product has enabled the Classic ornament range to consistently maintain its market-leading position for more than 25 years. Retail prices range from £9.99 to £99.99, accommodating all levels of spend.
Caldex 01422 240084

The Ancol Extreme range features leads and collars coated with silicone for superior resistance to whatever life throws at them.
Water-proof, weather-proof and resilient to dirt and odours, Ancol Extreme products look like new after a quick wipe – no washing or drying is necessary.
Designed for versatility with explorers in mind, the Ancol Extreme Lead is extra long and allows a dog greater freedom. It has a neoprene handle for added comfort on long walks. The Ancol Extreme Lead  can also be used as a belt lead, allowing owners to go hands-free while keeping their dog secure: perfect for joggers, trekkers and ramblers.
Ancol 01922 402428

Ancol is showcasing its Ergo Grooming Glove, designed for both dry and wet use. Whether massaging in one of Ancol’s luxury shampoos or simply giving a massage to remove loose hair, this product helps bonding between dog and owner. Ancol says the glove cleans and massages to promote healthy skin and coat, encourage circulation and remove loose hair. The glove is made from soft rubber that moulds around the hand, and has flexible rubber pimples on both sides so it can be worn on either the left or right hand. Ancol has a wide range of grooming products including shampoos and colognes.
Ancol 01922 402428

Johnson’s has introduced FOX SHAM-POO!. The company says dogs love to roll in anything sticky, slimy and foul smelling. One of the worst to remove is fox poo. Johnson’s FOX SHAM-POO! uses a special formula to help to remove unpleasant smells and stains. It cleanses and contains a deodorising ingredient that binds and eliminates odours. It is pH balanced and contains pro-vitamin B5 to condition the coat, leaving a fresh fragrance. Suitable for all dogs over eight weeks old. FOX SHAM-POO! is attractively packaged for on-shelf impact, in easy-to-hold bottles with one-handed flip-top caps. In 200ml packaging, with an RRP of £3.79.
Johnson's Veterinary Products 0121 378 1684

Award-winning Pet Munchies has introduced two new varieties to complement its premium gourmet training treats range. Scrumptious duck and venison training treats are made using 100% natural human-grade meat or fish. The selection comprises gourmet chicken, duck, venison, sushi and liver with chicken. The company says these high-quality treats are used and recommended by world and Crufts’ champions. Pet Munchies is available from all good wholesalers.
Pet Munchies