Young Animal Lover Opens Pet Shop



Young animal lover opens pet shop
7th August 2018

By Karen Pickwick

An animal-loving 20-year-old has created her perfect job – running her own pet business.

Lucy Martin-Hall’s shop – Leo Libra Pet Supplies – has opened in Dundas Market, in Middlesborough selling food, treats, leads, collars, harnesses, toys, food balls, drinking bottles, bedding for small animals and carry boxes – for dogs, cats, small animals, pet birds, wild birds and fish.

Lucy, who studied Animal Management at Askham Bryan College, also offers customers advice on how best to look after their animals, according to a report from

Her expertise is based on her studies and her own experience – she has had pets from an early age and currently looks after two dogs, a guinea pig, a degu, fish and a giant 10-year-old snail called Ellwood.

Lucy has benefited from a business creation and growth scheme, where new businesses can rent an Enterprise Unit for as little as £60 per week all in.

“It’s something I always wanted to do and when I heard about the Dundas Market’s Enterprise Scheme I thought I would give it a go,” she told the website. “It’s meant that my start-up costs weren’t too high and I could get the business running while people get used to it. I really like it here in the market. It’s a nice atmosphere and everybody’s friendly.”

Dundas Market manager David Harris has supported her in a number of ways. “He’s always checking if there’s anything I need and he’s also helped to get the business known via online and Facebook, as well as through other people in the market,” said Lucy.

And David added: “It’s always satisfying to be able to help people like Lucy fulfil her dream,” says David. “The first few months of any business can be really tough and that’s why we provide the assistance to help them get under way by minimising their risk and their costs.”