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You nosey pup!
17th December 2018

By Robert Ellis

A five-week-old blue merle collie is the odd one out among his six siblings as he was born with not one but TWO noses.

Pua, the puppy named after a pig in Disney film Moana, has quickly become part of the family with lots of love and attention from owner Jessica Wheatley, who has been breeding puppies for 14 years.

The mother-of-four told ITN she was in shock when the family noticed a small line between his nostrils, which indicated that he had been born with two noses. Due to the fact that Pua cannot suckle, however, this special addition to the family receives a bit more attention, and family members take it in turn to bottle-feed him every two hours.

The deformity is considered desirable in some cultures, with some breeds, including double-nosed Andean tiger hounds, bred to have two noses.