News You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks



You can teach an old dog new tricks
18th October 2017

By Sandra Pearce

A North Yorkshire veterinary practice is proving you can teach an old dog new tricks after launching pioneering clinics for golden oldies.

The Mount Veterinary Group, in Malton, is helping elderly dogs rediscover their zest for life, thanks to new clinics run by veterinary nurse Jane Owen.

Jane has launched new osteoarthritis clinics at the practice in Middlecave Road to help senior pets improve their mobility, reduce pain, improve diet and devise a personal exercise plan.

More and more dogs are suffering from osteoarthritis because pets are simply living longer, so the clinics are also helping to raise awareness of the condition.

The one-to-one therapy includes massage and movement, as well as educating owners about changing living environment to help their dog and helping pets to become pain-free.

Jane said: “Osteoarthritis affects a lot of older dogs and traditional treatment has been geared around pain relief.

“Our new clinics are taking a much more rounded approach and looking at all sorts of way to improve the wellbeing of dogs through massage and movement exercises, feed supplements, possible weight loss and exercise plan.

“Often owners simply think their pet is getting old, but there is a lot that can be done for dogs with osteoarthritis. It is important to improve quality of life, especially as pets are generally living longer.”