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Windscreen viper
21st April 2020

By Robert Ellis

A five-foot snake had to be rescued from a car after escaping while travelling with its owners.

Allan, a pet corn snake, got out of his tank as he was travelling with owner Ellie Bond from Nottingham to Oldham to spend the Christmas break with family. After discovering Allan was missing, Ellie searched the car with her partner, Lewis Newton.

When there was no sign of the snake, the couple began pulling apart the car – they first removed the seats and when Lewis pulled away the casing near the gearstick, they found the reptilian escapee wedged tight, reported the Daily Mail.

Ellie, 25, said: “We tried using butter to help lubricate the area, but he still couldn’t move.”

After an RSPCA inspector arrived at the scene, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service had to be called to cut him free.

While inspector Angela Paxton-Taylor held Allan with a damp towel to ensure the temperature of the metal around the animal did not get too hot, the firefighters cut through a small piece of metal, to allow him to be lifted free.

Angela said: “A few scales were missing and he was very cold, but we were able to warm him up and he is doing well.”