News Wilsons Expands Into Raw Frozen



Wilsons expands into raw frozen
15th August 2019

By Robert Ellis

Wilsons Pet Food is to launch a raw frozen range of dog food at PATS Telford.

The new meals were created as an ‘equally nutritious’ range of meals for owners who like to feed wet food but also as the ‘perfect’ accompaniment to cold pressed food for dogs who like a mix of both wet and dry.

“Raw is the perfect addition to a dog’s usual cold pressed meals as the food breaks down at the same rate, meaning no upset tummies,” said Wilsons marketing manager Nicola Husdell.

The complete food features added vitamins and minerals, with Ingredients sourced from local produce as much as possible. They contain seasonal products throughout the year, including pheasant and venison, local to Wilsons’ factories.

Flavours include Beef Hotpot, Salmon Medley, Pork Casserole, Lamb Tagine, Chicken and Vegetables and Turkey Dinner. Each meal will be available in 500g resealable pouches.