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Why women live longer…
29th July 2021

By Karen Pickwick

A man had a lucky escape after he filmed himself handling and even licking a ‘slimy’ creature he stumbled across on the beach – completely ignorant of the danger it posed.

The clip shows a sea animal washed up on the beach, with a transparent balloon-like float and long strands of tentacles coming off the bottom.

TikTok user Alexa_reed2 says: “Look guys, a jellyfish is still here,” while prodding at it with his finger, commenting on how cold and slimy it is. He pinches it between his fingers and says: “Yes, it’s a jellyfish, look how big it is. And it’s still moving, oh my god, I’m going to lick it.”

But what he seemingly didn’t know was that the creature was actually a Portuguese man o’war, which has been known to kill humans.

Although it’s rare for humans to be killed by the venom, the sting can cause shocking welts on exposed skin, leaving victims in ‘excruciating pain’, the Mirror reports.

The post was replied to by Mndiaye_97, who shares informative videos about nature and warned others not to copy what they had seen, saying: “This is why women live longer than men, s*** like this.”