News Wholesaler Reassures Retailers And Offers Advice



Wholesaler reassures retailers and offers advice
24th March 2020

By Karen Pickwick

Specialist wholesaler Peregrine Livefoods has reassured its customers that it will continue operating to the best of its ability in the face of the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdown of the country.

In an email to the trade, managing director Chris Jones says: “While many of you will worry about what this means for your business, we want to ensure you we are classified as ‘essential’ and will continue operating to the best of our ability. We are here to support you as best as we can.”
Given the Prime Minister’s statement regarding restriction of movement, Peregrine ‘highly advises’ its retail customers to write an official letter for staff, confirming their position in the company and their requirement to attend their place of work. 
Chris says: “The letter should be specific to their employment status and also your status as a pet shop, and thereby excluded from a business required to close. This may become important should your staff be stopped and questioned by authorities.
“Operating in these circumstances clearly poses risks, being on the front line it will be essential that you observe the ‘social distancing’ measures and strict hygiene advice.
“This means you should strictly operate a one-in-one-out policy and not allow gatherings within your stores. The law states people should be maintaining two-metres distance between each other, and that social gatherings of more than two persons are not permitted.
“While these regulations can be difficult to adhere to, we strongly recommend you adhere as best as you possibly can. Should your local authorities or police notice large crowds gathered closely together, they may seek to force closure of your store.”
Essex-based Peregrine says it will continue to operate as normal, ‘supplying the needs of hundreds of thousands of pets up and down the country’.
“Many of our staff will be working from home, while many others will be taking care of our livefoods and live animals and assisting to despatch them to you as quickly as possible,” Chris says.
We don’t expect to see any disruption to service, but we ask that you continue to send your order over as early as possible and when possible via the website or email.”