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Who’s not a pretty boy, then?
14th November 2018

By Robert Ellis

TV viewers watching coverage of Hurricane Florence were mystified when a reporter failed to mention a parrot perched on a resident’s shoulder.

CNN viewers were apparently more concerned about the bird than the South Carolina weather, with twitter comments such as “Interview the bird!”

Correspondent Nick Valencia was speaking to Myrtle Beach resident Jim Darling, asking him about the preparations he had made for the hurricane and why he had decided to stay. But there was only one thing on everyone’s mind…

According to the Daily Mail, when CNN panned back to anchor Brooke Baldwin, she gently ticked him off for not mentioning the parrot, named Maximus. “You hadn’t prepared us for the parrot,” she said.

The shy bird gave the occasional glance to the interviewer, but seemed unmoved by his moment of fame.