Who Do You Want To Sleep With



Who do you want to sleep with?
8th March 2018

By Karen Pickwick
More than half (52%) of British pet owners allow their pets to share their bed with them, new research by flea and tick treatment brand Frontline Plus has revealed.
It also seems that many of us even prefer our pets to our partners: one in five (18%) would rather share a bed with their four-legged friends than their significant other, rising to nearly a quarter (23%) of women, compared with one in 10 (10%) men.
Key figures include :
 95% of pet owners are not aware that a single flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day, which fall off their pet into the home, before hatching out and causing infestations
 Despite the fact that more than half (54%) of our pets have had fleas, one in 10 (9%) pet owners still don’t feel they need to apply treatment
 Of those who do not apply flea treatment, 39% don’t think their pet will get fleas and 12% think their home is too clean to get fleas.
Of those who do treat their pets, only half (48%) say they use a treatment that tackles flea eggs as well as fleas despite 95% of a flea problem lying in their home in the form of eggs and other premature life stages.
Worryingly, some pet owners wouldn’t even know if their pet had fleas, with 15% admitting they wouldn’t be able to recognise a flea if they saw one on their pet and more than half (57%) not knowing what a flea egg looks like.
TV vet Marc Abraham will be joining Frontline Plus on its stand at Crufts this week, where he will be taking part in an exclusive Q&A on Saturday to answer any questions pet owners have around the issue of fleas, flea eggs and general pet health.
John Toole, head of marketing for Frontline, said: “Fleas can cause real distress to both pets and their owners. Using treatment to prevent fleas and their eggs is a great way to avoid this, as it can take months to get rid of a flea infestation once it has developed, with the majority of the problem lurking within the home in the form of flea eggs and other premature life stages. We want to make sure pet owners are prepared before spring, as this is when the issue of fleas starts to intensify.”
Pet and pharmacy retailers across the UK are promoting numerous offers on Frontline Plus during March and April.