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Where even the homeless pets go
1st May 2019

By Robert Ellis

A vlogger took an elderly dog with three legs from a rescue centre on a shopping spree to cheer it up.

YouTuber Rocky Kanacka took King to a PetCo in Los Angeles, California, and bought the dog everything he touched, reported the Metro.

Rocky said he was inspired by a video by a fellow vlogger who treated her pet to every-thing it wanted and decided to do the same for a homeless dog.
He explained: “Not only has he never been able to pick something out for him at a pet store, he’s never had anyone that goes to get him dog treats, or takes him to the park.”

King, who was abandoned and then hit by a car, appeared a little apprehensive at first but soon got into the swing of things, picking out food, toys, treats and bones that ended up totalling $492 (£376).

Among the shopping was a cat tree and dog Nerf launcher.

The attention drawn has since resulted in King being taken in by new owners.