When Your Own Product Comes In Handy



When your own product comes in handy!
7th November 2018

By Karen Pickwick

One of Johnson’s Veterinary Products’ area sales managers was glad to have one of his own products to hand when he found a large, engorged tick on his pet cat.
Johnson’s Tick Remover is suitable for use with dogs, cats, horses and other animals and has been designed and manufactured in the UK.

The easy-to-clean plastic remover has two sizes of hooked twisters, one at each end, so the appropriate size of hook can be used depending on the size of tick. The hook is inserted under the tick from the side and a couple of rotations of the twister removes the tick quickly, easily and completely, Johnson’s says, so that no part of the tick is left under the pet’s skin, which can cause infection. After removal of ticks, it is advisable to wipe the skin of the affected areas with an antiseptic product and wash the twister.

“It is important to remove ticks as soon as possible. Check daily for infestation after exercise in long grass, wooded or moorland areas, and then remove any ticks which may have attached themselves, which is easily done with a Johnson’s Tick Remover,” a spokesman said.

The sales manager was horrified to find the large tick firmly attached to his special pet, but delighted that it completely removed, without leaving any part of still attached to the cat – ‘complete success reported by a satisfied user’!

The Johnson’s Tick Remover has an RRP of £1.99.