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When three isn’t a crowd
17th October 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

A trio of dogs have helped each other and their owner in different ways.

From guiding their blind best friend, to helping with the confidence of a rehomed pup, collie-cross Storm, whippet-cross Ellie and border collie Jetstream are best friends.

Storm was adopted by Sian Murphy, now a dog trainer from Cwmcarn, Wales, when Sian was 15 years old to help with her confidence issues while growing up. The pup also suffered from a lack of confidence and the pair instantly connected.

However, Storm’s best trait is his care and guidance of his best friend, Ellie, whom Sian inherited two years ago, unaware that she was partially blind in one eye. Soon she became completely blind and required constant care. Storm has become Ellie’s guide – allowing her to lean on him as they walk and reassuring her with a cuddle should there be any loud noises.

The final addition was Jetstream. Having been kept in a small flat with little training or socialisation, Jetstream’s start to life made him fearful.

Jetstream suffers from a fear of people, other dogs, cars and the outdoors, and the only time he feels confident is in the company of his ‘brother and sister’, Storm and Ellie.