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Whatever next… Happy Feet?
26th January 2021

By Justine Thompson

Penguins at the London Aquarium have been enjoying festive films in a bid to help them prepare for visitors post-lockdown.

Zoos and aquariums have been closed in both UK lockdowns but were allowed to reopen in early December.

Up and down the country Sea Life Centres and others have been preparing fish, marine and other aquatic animals for the sudden surprise of having spectators once more.

And for the gentoo penguins at the London Aquarium this meant a screening of the Christmas film, Elf.

“It was great to see how much our gentoo penguins enjoyed the Christmas movies we put on for them,” Leah Pettitt told the Mail Online.

“We know that they watch and listen to our visitors just as much as the visitors enjoy watching the penguins.”