What Sort Of Day Are You Having



What sort of day are you having?
5th July 2018

By Karen Pickwick
White Cross Vets has become the first veterinary group in the UK to introduce a ‘happy or not’ scheme to continually monitor how its 220-strong team are feeling.
The group is trialling happy or not terminals, which are commonly seen in airports, before rolling them out across all 19 of its practices that feature four buttons that team members can press to rate their day. 
The buttons are dark green and smiley, light green and less smiley, light red and frowny and dark red and very frowny. 
Ed Newbould, head of team engagement and development at White Cross Vets, explained: “Our happy or not terminals are just like those you see in airports and in large retail businesses such as Ikea. However, rather than using them to rate client experience, we’ve turned it into a team-member facing tool.
“It’s already proving to be successful because nobody can resist rating their experience as they’re passing by, so it provides us with lots of data and feedback on team member wellbeing, every single day. This is extremely valuable in terms of sample size and looking for patterns in experiences, which emerge after just a few weeks.  This might reveal which days of the week are best or worst for people and what times of day.  We can then look at ways of addressing any issues that arise. 
“Crucially, it’s proving to be a popular engagement tool that gives our team a daily voice, as opposed to our bi-monthly happiness surveys, which rely on how an individual’s day is going. Plus, often by the time the results are in, they’re already old news and not everyone completes them, whereas everyone participates in the 20 second smiley survey and enjoys doing it.”
Earlier this year White Cross Vets was named as one of the UK’s best employers and a truly extraordinary place to work after securing a place in the ‘Sunday Times Best Small Companies to Work For’ league table for the sixth year in a row.