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What personality type is your cat?
19th February 2021

By Justine Thompson

Data from 3,700 cat owners has led researchers to classify felines into five distinct personality types.

The study commissioned by sustainable cat litter company Natusan brought its experts together with leading animal behaviourist Professor Peter Neville to uncover the mysteries of cat personality.

The five categories were named Nervous Nala, Outgoing Oliver, Bossy Bella, Spontaneous Simba and Agreeable Alfie, with each being assigned common traits.

Nervous Nala cats, for example, were of a delicate disposition and usually the most shy of the personality types.

Outgoing Olivers on the other hand were much more extrovert and often noisier than other cats, while Bossy Bellas were assertive and easily identifiable as the controlling cat in the household.

Spontaneous Simba cats tended to have a lot of energy and were prone to scatty, impulsive and hyper-active phases. Finally, Agreeable Alfie was the ‘coolest’ of all the cats, usual chilled and sociable, often as a result of proper socialisation as a kitten.

“Understanding your cat’s personality traits and recognising their idiosyncrasies are essential ingredients in maintaining their health and wellbeing,” said Peter.
“Even in the same household, and from the same litter, our furry friends can be like chalk and cheese when it comes to their individual behaviours and preferences.”

Tips on caring for cats of each personality type are available on, together with a cat personality test.