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What’s your dog’s favourite TV show?
16th February 2021

By Karen Pickwick

Nine out of 10 UK dog owners are watching more TV and streaming more content since the pandemic began, according to new data. has just released a report that reveals where our dogs fit into that downtime – and it turns out, the show doesn't go on without them, with about 47% of owners admitting to waiting for their dog to get into the room before watching a show.

More than three-quarters of Brits said they watched TV with their dogs very often or always – and dogs  also ranked No.1 when people were asked who they prefer to watch TV or movies with, 36% of pet parents saying their dog tops the list, over their partner, friends or children.

Here are some additional findings:
- Nearly half (46%) of pet parents say their dog has a favorite TV show
- UK dog owners listed ‘Simpsons’, ‘EastEnders’, and ‘Coronation Street’ as topping the list of favorite shows among our furry family members
- 66% of owners admit to leaving their TV or streaming device on for their dog even when they’re not around
- Nearly 80% of dog parents say that their furry family member actively watches or reacts to what’s happening on the screen including barking at or thinking animals on the screen are real
- The majority (65%) try to accommodate their dog’s comfort while binge-watching TV and films by letting them cozy up on the couch, hog the blankets or even lie on top of them
- The majority (56%) of owners say their dog typically gets snacks while watching TV, with biscuits, bones and dog treats topping the list.