Waterlife Relaunches Pioneering Sea Salt



Waterlife relaunches pioneering sea salt
1st March 2018

By Sandra Pearce
Waterlife has relaunched its Ultramarine seasalt, which has been manufactured since the 1960s.
A spokesman said: “In fact, it was the first salt in which the Percula clownfish was bred in a closed-circuit system in the 1970s by G.F. Cox.
“Ultramarine has continued to evolve and using the latest science-based techniques, has just been reformulated.
“Fine homogenous particle size ensure even distribution of components giving greater uniformity. This means each batch matches the desired component specifications.  In addition to greater uniformity of the finished product, the reduced particle size ensures quicker solubility.”
Ultramarine contains all relevant main elements and micronutrients in the optimal ratio for making natural seawater, and is enriched with strontium, boron, fluorine, lithium, bromine and iodine. It is available in 10kg (RRP £34.98) and 25kg (£67.99) buckets.