Warning Over Strangle Bangle



Warning over ‘strangle’ bangle
9th March 2018

By Karen Pickwick
A charity has issued a warning to pet owners not to ‘decorate’ their animals with accessories or jewellery after veterinary staff had to cut a bangle from a cat’s neck. 
RSPCA Inspector Herchy Boal was visiting a property in the West Midlands on another matter when she happened across black and white 11-month-old cat CC.
“The owner admitted to me that he’d put the metal bangle around her neck when she was a kitten as he thought it was pretty,” Herchy said. “But, as CC grew and her head got bigger, it became clear that the brass bangle could no longer be removed.”
CC was taken to the RSPCA’s Newbrook Farm Animal Hospital, in Birmingham, where she was anaesthetised so vets could cut the bangle off.
“As CC continued to grow, the bangle would have cut into her flesh and become very, very sore,” Herchy explained. “I spoke to CC’s owner and he soon realised what a silly thing it was to do and was very apologetic for the error in judgement. 
“We’d advise owners never to dress their pets up with decorative accessories or jewellery. Not only can they cut into their skin and cause injury, but they can also be potentially dangerous. 
“We advise cat owners use quick-release collars, which snap open if caught in something. Other types of collar, or a bangle such as this, could be lethal to a cat if they got it hooked on something.”
CC was neutered and microchipped by the RSPCA before being returned to her owner.