Wallabies And Wombats In Care


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Wallabies and wombats in care
10th December 2017

By Lloyd Lugsden

Linda Tabone is a foster mum with a difference – the orphans she looks after are wombats.

She will stay up all night if necessary to make sure they are warm, fed and sleeping. One wombat, Crystal, weighed just 1lb 5oz when she came into Linda’s care five months ago after her mother was killed by a car.

Linda is a volunteer at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary in Tasmania, where she’s cared for more than 60 wallaby joeys and 40 wombat joeys in the last six years, reported the Daily Mirror.

Linda said: “I put them in a warm, homemade pouch I’ve sewn out of fleece fabric. It makes them feel like they’re safely tucked up in mum’s pouch.”

Linda and the Bonorong team know when wombats are ready to be released back into the wild because they turn into wild wombats, which are naturally aggressive and dangerous.