Wagg Responds To Wag Launch In The Us



Wagg responds to Wag launch in the US
15th May 2018

By Sandra Pearce
Amazon has launched its own brand of dry dog food, Wag, in the US.
Inspired Pet Nutrition, home of the long-established UK pet food brand Wagg, says it intends ‘to have a conversation’ with the online retail giant to discuss the retailer’s plans.
Sales and marketing director Tom Page told pbwnews: “Not surprisingly, we will be doing everything we can to ensure that Amazon does not sell Wag dog or cat food in the UK. We will have a conversation with them, and we will protect our brand name and intellectual property.”
The Wagg brand is listed on Amazon’s UK site and also has an Amazon Dash Button to enable the instant online re-ordering of its products through the marketplace.
Tom said that while IPN cannot stop Amazon from selling Wag in the US, if the retailer attempted to sell it in the UK, that would be ‘a different proposition’. 
“Wagg is the biggest-selling dry dog food in the UK. We’ll see what they are planning,” he said, adding that if it came to it, a ‘small Yorkshire family company’ would take on one of the biggest companies in the world.
According to Bloomberg, Amazon intends to expand the selection to include other pet supplies. The brand is currently available only to Amazon Prime subscribers in the US.
Amazon Prime members pay monthly or annual fees in exchange for fast delivery as well as video and music streaming.
Bloomberg said that dog food was a difficult item to sell profitably online because it was heavy and expensive to ship. “It appeals to Amazon as a product pet owners purchase frequently, keeping the online marketplace top of mind during buying decisions,” it wrote.
US pet owners will spend $72.1bn (£53bn) on animals, care and supplies this year, with about $30bn (£22bn) on pet food, according to the American Pet Products Association.
Amazon says the pet product category has grown by 45% since 2015, based on the percentage of adults who bought pet products via online retail channels over the preceding quarter. In 2016, Amazon.com sold $2bn worth of products in its pet category, a 40% rise from the previous year.