News Vitalis Now Available In Recyclable Packaging



Vitalis now available in recyclable packaging
18th August 2020

By Justine Thompson

Aquatic nutrition company Vitalis is looking to its eco credentials with the introduction of fully recyclable pots utilising an over 50% reduction in plastic.

The reinvigorated fish food range will now come in white polypropylene packaging, which is far more easily recyclable across the globe. The pots also stack inside each other prior to filling, meaning they take up less space in transit so reducing the carbon footprint.

In addition, the new pots offer increased capacity, which means there will be more food per pot and the price per gram is lowered.

World Feeds, which makes Vitalis, says the move coincides with a major evolution for the company as it looks forward to a brighter post-covid future. The Yorkshire-based factory is undergoing the final stages of a major redevelopment.

World Feeds said: “The new production site will enable us to improve efficiency and greatly increase our output as we continue to cater to hundreds of thousands of fish in home and public aquariums all around the world.”