News Vital Pet Group To Display Products At Pats And Glee



Vital Pet Group to display products at PATS and Glee
23rd August 2019

By Karen Pickwick

Vital Pet Group will be showcasing its products at both PATS Telford and GLEE.

A spokesman said: “Vital Pet Group has a long history of attendance at PATS with an increasingly high-profile presence at the event in recent years. It is the first time it will attend GLEE.

“We will be bringing a blend of innovative products to both shows with a focus on the three major trends in retail for the next 12 to 18 months; namely entertaining the customer, well-being and reduction in plastics.”

At PATS, Vital will showcase its new autumn-winter ranges and preview the ‘most innovative products and suppliers’ that will feature on its website over the coming months.

With relationships formed over many years or trading, the Vital team can advise retailers on best-selling lines and what products generate repeat purchase. An in-house team is also available to support retailers with their promotional calendar, ensuring retailers stock the right products at the right time and at the right price.

At GLEE, Vital will show its IClean Dog Wash and PetKit.


The spokesman added: “Also at GLEE there will be support for outlets looking to make a start with pet products, with advice on putting together a core range that reflects trends in the marketplace.

“For more established outlets, there will be some recent product innovation to review and some suggestions about how retailers can appeal to customers by creating in-store theatre. There will be a focus on products with visual impact and those that specifically fit with the giftware sector to ensure everyone’s needs are met.”

Marketing manager Paul Walker said it’s important that specialist retailers differentiate their offer.

He said: “By stocking appealing products, backed by expert knowledge, retailers are offering their customers something they can’t always access in main-stream retail. Outlets need to compete on merchandising, in-store theatre and the customer experience and we think some of these products will help deliver that and ensure our customers create destination stores.

“We even have a section in our website dedicated just to new products so it’s easy to see where the new opportunities are and to help retailers select those that are the best fit for their local area and demographic.”

Retailers can find out the latest news and updates on activity at the trade shows at

Find Vital at:
GLEE: September 10-12, Hall 19, Stand Q14-R15
PATS Telford: September 22-23, Stand A50