News Vital Expands Frozen Range With Nutriment



Vital expands frozen range with Nutriment
13th January 2021

By Karen Pickwick

Vital Pet Group is now stocking the range of frozen raw pet food from Nutriment.

The wholesaler says that, with ‘a number of strong drivers affecting the market, these products fit both with the natural category and with trends on humanisation of pets’.

“Many pet owners want to feed raw, and frozen products offer a strong incentive to shop local – especially if pet owners cannot be at home to accept an online order,” a spokesman said. “With eye-catching manufacturer freezer deals and a stock replenishment service, this is a simple way to create an additional category and incremental profit.”

Sean Kelly, head of supply chain at Vital, added: “Nutriment is known for its philosophy of creating biologically appropriate raw food (BARF) and the products are free from grains, fillers and artificial ingredients. This makes this pet food ideal for owners who are keen to feed natural, or interested in the ancestral feeding approach.”


Nutriment has developed its frozen pet food products with canine nutritionists and is a PFMA member company, meaning that its full range meets stringent industry standards. Nutriment products are designed to be easily digestible, containing meat, vegetables and superfoods.

“If it’s been some time since you’ve checked out frozen, you’ll probably notice a big shift in focus towards premium products that are great for pet health, and also offer retailers plenty of scope to build trust with a repeat, loyal customer-base.”

Much of the Nutriment range has steered away from pieces of raw meat or whole legs that bring to mind the animal of origin, towards minced and chunked options that are more acceptable to pet owners in urban settings, broadening the appeal.

The Nutriment range is available now from Vital at a special launch offer on Turkey formula of buy three get one free until January 29. RRPs range from £1.80- £5.50.
Stockists can also benefit from 150kg of free stock when buying a chest or standing freezer.