News Videos Help Pet And Poultry Owners



Videos help pet and poultry owners
22nd July 2021

By Karen Pickwick

Marriage’s Feed has created two additional educational video series following its wild bird education videos last year.

In the new series, Marriage’s offers guides to owners of chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs. With more than 25 videos created, both series are for the Marriage’s Feed range, providing information about feeding best practice and animal health.

‘Poultry Posts’ aims to educate chicken keepers about the signs of poor health and how to keep their poultry in good condition with the right nutrition and ‘Small Animal Snippets’ focuses on rabbits and guinea pigs, giving behaviour information and feeding tips.

From its heritage of six generations in milling wheat and supplying animal feeds, Marriage’s shares its knowledge and years of experience of helping to enrich animals’ diets. The videos show animals in their natural habitat, with managing director Sam Marriage sharing the company’s guidance on key topics.

Marriages offers a comprehensive range of pet foods and small holding feeds, with ‘animal wellbeing’ at the heart of its values.


The new comprehensive ‘Poultry Posts’ guide gives advice on how to identify poor health in chickens, as well as when to seek help from a vet. There is also guidance on how to keep chickens entertained, reducing stress and boredom, and providing the best environment for them to thrive.

Selective feeding is a common issue with rabbits and guinea pigs, so ‘Small Animal Snippets’ aims to address issues such as this, helping educate consumers on feeding the right foods and the best treats to keep their diet interesting. Other topics include guinea pig housing issues, why rabbits sometimes stop eating and preparing the home for a house rabbit.

Both series are now being rolled out gradually on to social media channels and are on the Marriage’s Feed YouTube channel. However, Marriage’s retailers can now gain full access to the entire library, before it is released.


“These are the perfect tool to support retail sales, with many prospective pet owners unsure about certain topics in-regards to looking after chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs,” said Sam Marriage. “These can also be utilised on retailers’ websites and social media platforms, engaging customers and providing new and educational content on their sites.

“Episodes such as ‘How to keep chickens entertained’ and ‘Does my guinea pig need a friend?’ cover misconceptions people may have… In turn, retailers can use these episodes to help build confidence and find the right solution to problems their customers are facing with their pets.”

Go to the Marriages Feeds YouTube channel to see the videos available to the general public or, if you would like to gain exclusive access to the full series, contact