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Vets play ‘hook a duck’
19th January 2022

By Karen Pickwick

A British bulldog had emergency surgery after swallowing a child’s rubber duck.

A team from Pride Veterinary Centre in Derby saved the day for one-year-old Ronnie with a take on the old ‘hook a duck’ fairground game.

Using video images, they were able to pull the bright yellow toy out intact after the bizarre incident at the family home in Nottingham.

Now owner Joe Fisher, 38, is framing the original X-rays and has kept the duck as a reminder of his naughty pup’s early morning snack.

Despite Ronnie seemingly showing no ill effects, Joe realised he needed immediate help and phoned Pride Veterinary Centre in Derby.

“We get a lot of cases of dogs having eaten things they shouldn’t, but this was really unusual,” said Debs Smith, a senior vet at Pride Veterinary Centre. “We’ve never come across one who has swallowed a whole rubber duck before…

“It really was like playing ‘hook a duck’ and after about half an hour we got the loop around it and pulled it out.”

Happily, Ronnie was soon back to his old self after the procedure and Joe was able to collect him from the surgery later that afternoon.

Ronnie the Bulldog is treated by vets at Pride in Derby after swallowing a rubber duck. Pictures: My Family Vets