News Vetexchange Launches Into Pet Market



VetExchange launches into pet market
14th October 2021

By Karen Pickwick

VetExchange has launched its first product to the pet market through its sister company, PicaDoo.

The companies’ first line of picadoo pick a poop wallets are now on sale, offering dog owners an easy-to-handle, lightweight way to pick up dog waste without using their hands through a plastic bag (be it degradable, biodegradable or compostable).

 “Essentially, picadoo is a double-ended wallet that allows the waste to be captured without any touch, feel or danger to the bag tearing and then deposited into a suitable receptor,” a spokesman said.

“It is simple in its operation, effective in all conditions (tarmac, grass, long grass, sand etc) and a smart way for dog owners to collect their doggy pals’ pooh. Place the picadoo over the waste, release the walls, lightly clamp the waste, twist and lock the waste into place. No mess, no fuss, no smell no other collector like it on the market.”

With a unique, patented design, picaDoo is aimed at pet owners who find collecting dog waste uncomfortable with and to provide those that do with a ‘more aesthetically pleasing’ method.

“We have a number of video’s within our website to present the best way to use the picadoo so that everyone can now enjoy a cleaner, safer way to collect their doggy doo doo.”