News Vet S Kitchen Owner Gains 4m Funding



Vet’s Kitchen owner gains £4m funding
27th July 2021

By Justine Thompson

Independent pet health company Pets’ Kitchen Ltd has secured a £4m growth capital investment from Mobeus Equity Partners to roll out its innovative veterinary model, Vet’s Klinic.

From its pioneering practice in Swindon, Vet’s Klinic says it offers quality pet care at affordable prices. Its distinctive customer experience combines aspects such as a glass-fronted treatment area, an industry-leading booking system, real-time video and photo updates to pets’ medical records and a large-scale team of veterinary experts.
As a result, since opening in 2012, it has become a Super Klinic; the largest single site, first-opinion practice in Swindon.

The business is seeing strong, growing demand for its services, as pet ownership in the UK increased during the pandemic, with 3.2m households adopting a pet since March 2020.

To meet demand, the funding will be used to roll out a further four Super Klinics along the M4 corridor, creating a regional group of practices to deliver the same standout pet and client care.


Laura Shears, Pets’ Kitchen MD, said: “With Mobeus’s partnership, we are really excited to bring our expert veterinary services, cutting-edge technology and transparent approach to a much wider group of pets and their owners.”  

The company also owns premium pet food brand, Vet’s Kitchen, which is developed using insights gained from its in-house veterinary practice.

The Vet’s Kitchen range, which includes complete food, treats and supplements, combines the expertise of the Klinic veterinary team with the highest quality ingredients to create naturally nutritious food for cats and dogs. The importance of veterinary know-how at the core of the business has led to the recent rebranding of Vet’s Kitchen to more clearly communicate the health benefits associated with each recipe in the range.

“We are committed to improving the long-term health and well-being of pets,” said Laura. “We believe that many of the pet problems we encounter in the Klinic could be prevented or alleviated with better nutrition.”