Tv Series Follows Charity Vets



TV series follows charity vets
3rd August 2018

By Karen Pickwick
The realities of day-to-day life in two of the UK’s busiest pet hospitals is being highlighted in a new TV series starting on Channel 4 tomorrow (Saturday).
Cameras spent six months behind the scenes at vet charity PDSA’s two Liverpool pet hospital sites to create the new series, ‘The People’s Vet’.
The 20-part series captures all the drama as the charity’s vet teams deal with hundreds of cases every day – ranging from routine check-ups to life-and-death emergencies.
Series executive producer Sarah Murch said: “The PDSA has, for 100 years, treated British pets when their owners can’t afford private vet treatment. We deliberately chose two of their busiest city hospitals to see the day-to-day realities faced by their veterinary teams, working to treat sick pets and helping their owners. It was very moving to see the importance of pets in the clients’ lives and their gratitude for the treatment they received.”
The charity runs 48 pet hospitals throughout the UK, providing low-cost and free veterinary treatment for pets of eligible clients, most of whom are on means-tested benefits. The charity also promotes preventive pet health and educates owners on pet care matters.
‘The People’s Vet’ appears at 4.30pm every Saturday from August 4.