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Trixie reveals latest products
28th November 2019

By Robert Ellis

Trixie has unveiled its latest line of pet products and accessories.

The maritime-themed Be Nordic range has two new additions – the Lighthouse, a squeaky toy made of a robust mix of fabrics; and the plush Walrus Brunold, to encourage play with sound and rustling foil. Sales of both products will support maritime protection projects.

The Cat Activity Cotton Pawing Blanket is designed to keep cats ‘physically active and mentally challenged’ as treats can be placed between the two layers and the cat has to paw them out.

Other new products include a range of scratching posts for dogs and cats, silicone dog dirt bag holder, a Snake ’n’ Snack treat holder toy, a variety of protective socks, first aid kits for cats and dogs and a range of games and puzzles.