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13th November 2018

By Robert Ellis

Songwriter John McLaughlin, best known for writing hit songs for artists such as Rod Stewart and Cliff Richard, has teamed up with the Scottish SPCA to create a music album aimed at relaxing dogs.

All the tracks on the album, Paws, Play, Relax, are based on the results of research with scientists at the University of Glasgow.

The research shows that music can help dogs to relax when they are stressed and anxious, leading to lower levels of stress hormones, better cardiovascular control and more chilled behaviour. According to the SSPCA, tests on music genres showed that the dogs seemed to be particularly calmed by reggae and soft rock.

John said: “ I’m a huge animal lover so was happy to assist in any way I could to help dogs and the charity.

“It wasn’t easy making music that will be enjoyed by owners as much as it will by their pets, but it was worthwhile and I can’t wait to see the reaction from dogs
all over the world.”