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Too close for comfort
16th July 2019

By Robert Ellis

A lost kitten was found hiding in a sofa at a waste-recycling centre in Slough, Berkshire, just as it was about to be incinerated!

The cat ‘poked his head up out of the cushions’ while heavy machinery was moving the sofa, a spokesman for Slough Borough Council said.

Owner Lauren Jones said the six-month-old kitten, named Tux, was missing for 11 days after the unwanted sofa was collected from her home.

Waste officer Thomas McGrory said a crew member was using large machinery in one of the transfer
sheds when the cat jumped up over the vehicle’s shovel.

“It’s a miracle it survived as each day, tonnes of waste is taken to be incinerated,” Thomas said.

Lauren was reunited with her pet after a council appeal, reported the BBC News.

She said Tux had a broken leg and Lauren was trying to raise funds for an operation through an online appeal.