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Tiger gets his bite back
21st September 2021

By Karen Pickwick

A tiger with toothache has had its fractured canine tooth fixed in a marathon operation.

Skah, a seven-year-old Bengal tiger, was found to be suffering from the painful problem during a routine check at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park.

After lockdown delays, European specialist dental vet Gerhard Putter and a crack team of fellow vets travelled from all
over the country to ease the ache.

Now, thanks to Gerhard and the other experts, big cat Skah happily has his bite back.
“It can be difficult even in cats and dogs to assess pain, but I can’t see how this tiger would not have had toothache,” said Gerhard, from Specialist Dental Vet.

The crack team put together for the complex procedure included two anesthetists from Knowsley Safari Park in Merseyside and a heart specialist from London, who did ultrasound scans and an ECG. Three other vets were also involved including exotic animal specialist Sarah Pellett, from Animates, as well as vet nurse Hannah Morgan, from Byre Vets, both in Peterborough.

Gerhard is one of a handful of veterinary dental specialists in Europe and the UK, he has previously operated on tigers as well as lions, bears, leopards and hyenas – among other creatures.

Specialist dental vet Gerhard Putter helps the tiger with his toothache. Picture: IVC Evidensia