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Three-legged Minty is a star moggy
9th November 2021

By Karen Pickwick

A three-legged moggy who helps a six-year-old boy with severe learning difficulties and medical conditions has been named National Cat of the Year 2021.

Minty, from Holywell in Wales, beat hundreds of other entries to be named overall winner in the nation’s biggest celebration of pet cats, organised by Cats Protection.

The nine-year-old puss was recognised in honour of the support he gives to Connor Raven, who has severe learning difficulties and a range of medical conditions, including ataxic cerebral palsy, which affect his physical, mental and emotional development. Minty helps Connor cope with daily life, from keeping him settled at meal-times to providing a calming presence at bedtime.

Remarkably, the caring puss – who has only three legs following a road accident – even helped Connor learn to climb the stairs, a huge achievement given his developmental issues.

Connor’s mum, Siobhan Cobb, 31, said: “Minty demonstrates how clever, affectionate and dependable cats can be. We can always rely on him to make everything better, and he is the best friend that Connor needs and deserves.”

Minty was recognised in honour of the support he gives to Connor Raven