Thousands Of Owners Don T Worm Dogs



Thousands of owners donít worm dogs
7th August 2017

By Sandra Pearce

Thousands of dog owners could be putting themselves and their children at risk of blindness because they ‘don’t see the point’ in getting their pooch regularly wormed.

A new survey of 1,000 dog owners, on behalf of nationwide veterinary chain The Vet, found one in seven did not regularly worm their animal.

Of those, 43% said it was because they thought their pet was ‘highly unlikely to get worms’, and 24% said there was ‘no point’ in the treatment.

Eight per cent said they gave up when the dog refused to eat a tablet, and 19% believe their dog’s immune system would be strong enough on its own.

That’s despite the fact that one of the most common worms found in dogs – the roundworm or Toxocara canis – is easily passed from canine to humans.

Jessica Frame, CEO of The Vet, said it’s vital owners worm their pets because infestations can often linger without any symptoms.