This Tinkerbell Couldn T Fly


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This Tinkerbell couldn’t fly
15th December 2017

By Lloyd Lugsden

Emergency services swung into action when a cat became stranded on a roof.

The RSPCA and Shropshire Fire and Rescue Services rescued Tinkerbell from the roof in Donnington after she had been stuck for two days.

Animal collection officer Shaun Howden realised the rescue might be quite challenging so he asked the fire services if they could lend a hand.

Wellington station watch manager Craig Jackson said: “We used a nine-metre ladder along with a roof ladder. Firefighter Andy Keen climbed the ladder with a harness to secure himself to the ladder. He was able to coax the cat into her carrier with some food.

“We have started calling Andy the ‘cat whisperer’ now as the cat came straight into the box and didn’t need much persuading.”